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We moved around the pillar towards the benches. Making sure we were not spotted, I poke my head up to look at our surroundings.


At the back of the church was an altar with a large red demonic-looking creature. It had spikes coming out of its back and legs belonging to an animal of some kind. It was chanting is some unknown language. I shot back down behind the bench and look at Lenora.


“Holy shit! I think there is a demon over there!”


Her face showed a mixture of surprise and terror. She quickly composed herself and started thinking. I popped my head back up, hoping to get a better idea of the situation.


I see the demon move to the side, continuing its chant. After it had moved, I then saw a nude angel staked to the wall with some symbols carved into her stomach. She looked like she was in and out of consciousness.




Quest Updated!

Quest: Omens in the Dark

Quest Type: Faction

Difficulty: D-C


You have found the source of unrest within the Darkwood forest. Report back to Urlgan.

A demon is performing a profane ritual on an angel in an abandoned temple.


Optional: (New!)

Rescue the angel (1000 XP, ???)

Defeat the demon (2000 XP, ???)



Hunter School Graduation

5000 XP

600 Gold


Seeing my quest update, drop back down and look over at Lenora.


“There is an angel over there too. She is staked to the wall. My quest updated with two optional tasks. One is to save the angel, and the other is to kill the demon.”


“That sounds impossible. What rank is your quest?”


“It says D-C. I also want to try and save the angel. She looks like she is in pain.”


Lenora taps her chin for a moment deep in thought.


“Gwyn, since you have been practicing your [Sneak] more than me, you should go to the angel and get her down. I will go to the other end and draw the demon’s attention.”


“We could die, you know.”


“Well, as good a time as any to test out the respawn, I guess.”


I started to sneak along the right side of the room, and Lenora took the left side closest to the demon. I got into position and waited for Lenora. She nodded in my direction and grabbed a rock and threw it at the creature. A hollow thud echoed in the room as the rock hit the demon in the head. I saw his HP bar drop a little as a -2 popped up above his head.




He turned around towards Lenora’s direction. He stood about 250 cm, dark red skin, and black spikes sticking out in different places, including his tail. He was fully naked and judging by his crotch’s state, I think I know what he was going to do to the angel.


Lenora started to throw more rocks at him to get his attention, and in a rage, he charged towards her. Using this opportunity, I snuck over to the angel and started pulling the stakes out of her. They were in her forearms and in her ankles, and they were difficult to pull out.


I laid her on the altar and opened my inventory, looking for something to help her wounds. Seeing my actions, she placed her hand on my arm and spoke.


“Don’t bother. Its too late, I am not going to survive. You must warn everyone. The Demon Lords must not awaken. Take my core, it will help you and mark you as an ally of Celestia.”


She grabbed my hand and placed a golden glowing orb into it.


You have completed the optional quest: Rescue the Angel.

You have obtained the Core of a Solar Angel!

New mutations are available on rebirth.

You have leveled up!


The angel then glows and explodes into a bunch of floating lights. A loud roar brought me back to my senses, and I notice the demon coming towards me.


“You stupid mortal! You ruined everything. Since you have her core, you can take her place.”


Sensing his attack, I dodge backward. I quickly pull out my bow and start shooting him.


“Hey big guy! Don’t forget about me.”


Lenora charged in with her sword and started hacking at his tail. With his attention divided, I activate [Quick Shot] and fire off 5 arrows at him. He raises his hand towards me and fires several spikes at me. I try to dodge, but one of the spikes lodges in my side.


I fall over behind a bench and glance at my HP.


HP: 16/26


(Damn, that hurt.)


I stand back up to see Lenora get knocked down by his tail. I use [Snipe] and aim for his head and fire an arrow. As if he sensed something, he moved his head, but it still wasn’t enough as the arrow lodged in his eye.


*CRIT* had appeared above his head and he started to thrash around. Lenora and I took turns going in and attacking whenever one of us was in danger. This had continued for about 20 minutes.


Seeing Lenora had gotten cornered, I put away the bow and draw my sword and run to and jump on the altar. Using the altar, I jump again doing a side flip, to gain extra height. I use the spikes on the demon as a foothold. I then grab onto the neck of the creature from behind.


You have learned a new skill!

Acrobatics: [Rank E] (Passive) You are able to jump x1.5 higher. You can also perform a double jump.


Once I get onto the demon’s back, I then take my sword and stab down into its neck all the way to the handle. He then goes into a frenzy, trying to smash me into walls. Hanging on for dear life, I feel something grab my foot.


Next thing I know, I am now hanging upside down in front of him as he holds my ankle.


“Pesky little fly. I’m going to cripple you and continue my ritual.”


Saying that he swings me into a nearby bench. I use my arms to shield my head. A boom sound echoes in the church, followed by immense pain.


HP: 2/26

Status: Dazed, Broken Arms


He laughs at me as I can no longer do anything as my arms don’t want to move. I then see a flash of movement as Lenora swings down. Another roar rumbles through my head, and I notice that Lenora had cut off the demon’s manhood.


I feel myself falling. As I hit the ground, the demon lands on top of me. He gets up onto his elbow and looks down at me.


“If I can’t have you, then the angels’ won’t either.”


A blood-red orb appears in his hand, and he shoves it into my chest. I immediately feel a burning sensation and start to scream. The demon explodes, showering the entire room in blood. I can see the steam come off my body as it heats up.


You have completed the optional quest: Defeat the Demon.

You have obtained the Core of an Arch Demon!

New mutations are available on rebirth.

You have leveled up!


Arch Demon Core and Solar Angel Core have fused!

You have obtained the Core of a Daeva.

New mutations are available on rebirth.


Lenora came running up to me as I lied on the floor.


“You ok! You have like 2 HP left!”


“I am fine, but my arms are broken. Do you have the [First Aid] skill?”


“No, I don’t”


I spend the next few minutes explain it to her, and she then makes me a makeshift sling. After she learned the skill, I got a notification that my broken arms will be fixed in 30 minutes.


“Ok Gwyn, I’ll help you up.”


“Thanks. What about the goblins from earlier?


“They got scared and ran away. I must admit that the way you jumped onto that things back and stabbed him was pretty badass. Thanks for saving me there.”


“It’s no problem, you would have done the same.”


“Yeah I would. Anyway, let’s get to town now that we are done here.”


We collect anything we can from the church and start to head back into town.