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My pod door slid open, and I laid there for a moment. I eventually pulled the sensors from my body and climbed my way out of the pod. I was happy I had opted to not wear anything while in the pod and had a towel with me.


I toss the towel with the other dirty laundry and wrap myself in a clean towel. I grab some clothes and walk downstairs for my post-game showers. I feel like I will have those a lot.


I am washing my self, and my hand wanders down to my crotch. I was expecting to feel my penis but was met with a mound of trimmed hair instead.


“I guess I really do like having one. Its got me wanting it in real life now.”


I could only give out a depressed sigh, the game is slowly changing me. I feel scared, but at the same time, I can feel the excitement. I have two very loving girlfriends now, and I think I may have fallen harder for them than I originally wanted. This was going to be fun to bring up to Alex.


I step out of the shower and dry myself off. The bathroom also doubles as our laundry room, so I had my clothes sitting on the dryer. I slip on my underwear, followed by some short exercise shorts and a tank top.


I make my way to the living room and plop my self down on the couch. Moments later, I see Yuki walking downstairs with a towel and some clothes in her hand.


“Hey, mom. Just going to grab a quick shower.”


“All right then. Have fun.”

I responded as I turned the TV on.


I flipped through a few channels before I came across a news segment about Rebirth Online.


Newscaster: “Welcome back to New America News Network. Our top story today is the new VR game Rebirth Online. The release of this game has sent waves worldwide. From its lifelike virtual intelligent characters to its realistic environments. With Exodus Technologies’ newest patch, we will be introducing news coverage from inside the game.”


I turn off the TV and walk over to the computer and turn it on. I should probably look and see what the new changes are. Finding the patch notes isn’t that hard as it was on the front page.



Patch Notes:


Streaming is now available. Due to the time dilation in our game, we realized that streaming was not possible. We had adjusted the time dilation to a 1:1 ratio. 1 hour in-game is now equal to 1 hour in real-time. Some special events may use an adjusted time dilation, and streaming will be restricted to record rather than live. Please note that streaming is restricted in certain locations.


A new companion is now available to all players. The companion, called a soul spark (or spark for short), will now act as your interface for things such as viewing stats, inventory, resurrection, etc. It can develop its own personality based on how you raise it. There are skins available for purchase in our in-game store. Spark will be the interface used for streamers when it comes to broadcasting live gameplay.


We have changed the way stats are calculated. This was done to make numbers more manageable to players.


All towns now have wayfare obelisks. These stones will allow easy travel between cities as well as provide new resurrection points. Once you activate an obelisk, fast travel will be available from the map. Fast travel will require the use of 1 way stone, which can be purchased from the in-game store.


In response to player demand, you no longer need to be in close proximity to add a player to the friends list. You are now also able to use the chat function with no restrictions. Chat functions are disabled in PvP events to prevent metagaming.


Due to player feedback, service merchants such as blacksmith and tailors will no longer phase-out. They will only provide items up to rare quality. Higher quality items will fall on the players to acquire or craft.


Your character name is no longer your account ID. Upon login, you will be required to create an account ID and be given 1 free character rename token. Your account ID will track everything related to your account such as friend invites and guild invites. Account ID will carry over into other games.


Rebirth restriction applied. You must now wait 7 days in real-time or reach level 300 to rebirth again.


General bug fixes, skill fixes, and quest fixes have been implemented.



I was happy to see some of the changes done to the game. I could now add Yuki and Alex as friends finally. I also like the idea of being able to travel to other towns easier. Knowing I can just pop back into Darkwood city, I think I will go to the capital now.


Shortly after I finished reading the patch notes, I heard a knock at the door. I got up and answered the door. Standing at the door was Alex. She was wearing tight-fitting workout clothes and was sweating like she had just done a marathon.


“Hey Alex. Did you run here?”


“No. I was actually just out for a jog and decided to stop by. I logged out of the game early when they announced the patch.”


“Hi Aunt Alex!”


A voice echoed from behind me. I saw Yuki with a pair of shorts and an oversized t-shirt as she was drying her hair with a towel.


“Well, don’t just stand there. Come in, I was thinking of making some tea.” I said to Alex.


I walked into the tiny kitchen and put the kettle on the stove. I then rummaged around in the cupboard for some tea before grabbing a few bags.


“Did you guys read up on the new patch?” I spoke aloud to everyone while prepping the tea.


“Not yet. I was going to do that once I got out of the shower.”


“I did before I went on my jog. I have to say, I am excited about some of the new features. Now we can finally add each other as friends.”


Once the tea was made, I brought the kettle and some cups to the small dining room table. One of the things I brought back from Japan was how tea was served. I may hate Kaito, but I liked the country.


“Once we log in, we have to make our account IDs to add each other.” I say while sipping on my hot tea.


“Yeah that’s true. By the way, what race did you choose, Aunt Alex?”


“I chose elf. If I am going to get with the ladies, I figured the extra bit would be fun to have.”


I half spit out, half choke on my tea at her statement.


“Alex! Really!?”


“What? It’s true.”


I shake my head at her comment, and Yuki could be heard laughing.


“I went with a halfling. Thought it would be fun to play something small.” Yuki managed to choke out in between giggles.


“All right then miss proper. What race did you choose?”

Said Alex staring at me while giving a shit-eating grin.


Well, I guess I should just tell them. They will find out anyway once we add each other.


“I-I also chose elf.” I meekly managed to say.


There was silence around the table as Yuki and Alex both stared at me. Alex was the first one to break the silence.


“Wait? You serious?”

“Hahaha! That’s rich! Why did you choose elf? Was it because of their specialty?”


“NO! It was an accident, all right. I didn’t fully read the description.” I had mumbled the last part.


“Hey Yuki, you might have a step-mother soon.”


“That’s is surprising but funny. I doubt mom would go for other girls, though.”


The conversation is getting a bit embarrassing. I don’t know if I should tell them I am dating two girls in-game yet or not. Just like my race, they will find out sooner or later. Maybe I should do as Lenora and Emiko want me to and just come out and say it. Rip the band-aid off all at once.


“Well…um…I may have two girlfriends already.” I sheepishly rub the back of my head with nervousness.


Once again, the table is dead silent.


“Holy shit! You have two girlfriends, and did you just come out as gay?” Alex exploded as she stood up from her chair, knocking it over.


“Yeah, I guess I did”


“Way to go, sis! Damn, you got two girls. Do they know about each other?”


“Yeah we are all dating each other.”


Alex gives out a long whistle. I look over at Yuki, and I see her giving me a complicated look, as if her face doesn’t know what emotion to show.


“Mom? What is your character’s name?” She hesitantly asks.


“My character name? It’s Gwyndolyn. Why?”


I then see a surprised expression appear in her face.


“Wait, so you, me, and Emiko…”


Emiko’s mention startled me, then the gears started to turn faster and faster, and once I pieced it together, they came to a grinding halt.


“Oh no…you’re Lenora?


How was everyone's guesses? Hopefully this left you surprised.

It took me a bit to write this chapter as I had to write in a way to help me write the next one. I want things to flow as naturally as possible but still go the way I intend for them.