Chapter 51
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AN: Here is one chapter. I am at present COVID positive. I wrote this as my fever went down. Still have severe cough and lung infections though. So don't know when the next one will be. 



(Jedi Temple Crypt)
(POV Ahsoka)

“One with the force they are. And our job it is to remember that we too will in time, pass on. Luminous beings are we. But temporary vessels our bodies are. And we shall all find ourselves here in time. A moment of silence I ask to remember and to move on. Live for the living Jedi we must. Live through us forever they will” master Yoda was giving a heartfelt eulogy. And a somber reminder that no matter how powerful, death comes for all equally.

Master Yoda then taps his walking stick initiating the burial of the fallen. The bodies slowly lower into the crypt and the doors seal.

We spend a few minutes more paying respects before dispersing.

Me and master Anakin depart accompanied by Tal and Admiral Tarkin.

“So, what happens to Letta now?” I asked

“The bomber has been moved,” said Admiral Tarkin.

“Moved? Where? Why should she be moved?” I asked in surprise.

“The Republic military has taken her into custody” replied Tarkin.

“But why? This is a Jedi matter, isn’t it?” I asked in frustration.

“Clones were killed. So that makes this a military matter. The Jedi were attacked. Which is equivalent to an attack on the senate” he explained.

“Admiral Tarkin is right. Leta isn’t a Jedi. It isn’t our position to be judge and jury for a republic citizen” said Anakin supporting Tarkin.

“If Leta is guilty. She is guilty and should be dealt with!” I sneered.

“Revenge is not the Jedi way,” said Anakin.

“The evidence is clear Ahsoka. Nothing will ever change. Just go with the flow” said Tal awkwardly rubbing his arm.

“The chancellor feels strongly the Jedi be removed from as many military matters as possible,” says Tarkin before slowly turning and pointing “You yourself said the Jedi are peacekeepers and not soldiers”

“I hope chancellor Palpatine knows what he is doing,” I said with a frown.

“He seldom does thinks without a strategy” sneered Tarkin.

The turbo lift soon arrives.

“I have other things to attend to. Master Anakin, Ahsoka” said Tal giving a small bow before leaving.

“Go talk with your friend,” said Anakin. I nodded and ran after Tal.

“want to walk together?” I asked him. He just nods.

“Every time I think about this, I feel conflicted. It’s hard not to let feelings turn into attachment ad pain. Sometimes I wonder if the path Barriss and the others took was the right one” I said.

“I have wondered the same thing. I sometimes wonder if I should have gone with them. Have you ever thought that our emotions were never meant to be ignored” asked Tal

“Our struggle as Jedi is to move past them, at least that’s what my master would say,” I answered him the best way I can.

“You make it sound all so easy,” he said.

“It isn’t easy. It never is” I said.

Just then my comlink beeped. I answered it “Ahsoka, we are needed in the war room. It seems the separatists have mounted another attack,” said Anakin over coms.

“Coming master” I replied before cutting the call.

“Go don’t keep your master waiting,” said Tal. I ran towards the war room.

(Military base of Planetary defense forces)

The meeting was progressing smoothly. But suddenly I was asked for by Leta herself. The prison was built into a military fortress. One of many across the planet. I passed the security check and was guided towards Leta’s cell Commander Fox and two of his guards.

“What do you want Letta?” I asked her as I entered her cell.

“I was told if I ever needed help you were the Jedi to contact,” said Leta. Before staring at the guards behind me.

“Give us a minute please,” I asked the clones to wait outside. Once they left, I turned my attention back to Leta “You don’t have much time Letta. So, I suggest you get whatever you have to say of your chest” I said to her.

“The idea of feeding Jakhar Nano-droids was not mine,” she said.

“Why are you saying this now? Why didn’t you reveal this before?” I asked.

“Because my life is in danger. The person behind this will be able to get to me unless you know the truth” she said.

“Hmm…. What’s the truth?” I asked.

“A Jedi showed me how to create the bomb and how to put the nano droids in,” she said.

“Why would a Jedi do this?” I asked.

“There are some factions of citizens like myself who believe the Jedi are not what they used to be. The Jedi have become warmongers. They have become military weapons and they are killing when they should be keeping the peace. One of these Jedi agreed with us. One of you wanted to make a statement and was willing to attack your own order to do it” Letta explained passionately.

“Who?” I asked.

“If you protect me, I will tell you. Because it has become obvious to me that I have been set up” she said with a worried voice.

“Leta you have to tell me who is behind this” I demanded.

“It’s…... Cuugh …. Guugh” she started getting force choked by someone.

The guards soon came running in. One of the troopers checks Leta’s vitals.

“Commander, she is… dead,” said the trooper.

“I don’t know what happened” I tried explaining.

“I can’t say I blame you, commander Tano. But all the same, you are under arrest” said commander Fox.

“Oh no … no… I didn’t do this” I again tried pleading my case. But to no avail. I was locked up.

Time slowly passes as my mind is in turmoil. But I don’t get to lament in my thoughts for long. For Admiral Tarkin came to visit.

“Admiral Tarkin I don’t know what happened. I went into the room to talk to Leta and she said she was afraid of a Jedi” I tried explaining.

He just stares me down and thrown Leta’s hat into the cell and says “You don’t have to tell me anything commander Tano”

“I don’t?” I asked.

“No. There are recorders in every cell. Curiously the sound isn’t working on this one” said Tarkin. Showing me a holo projection of what happened in Leta’s cell. It made for the misunderstanding that I force chocked her “It seems that the Jedi she was afraid of was you”

“I did not kill that woman” I argued.

“But you were the only one there. I knew you were upset when that woman was taken into custody by the military” he said walking straight up to my face.

“That means nothing,” I said through my teeth.

“I beg to differ,” he said slowly walking away.

“It was someone else admiral. Someone I didn’t see” I continued arguing.

“That’s hard for me to believe. This is a secure facility. We don’t have anyone random just running about. And if there was someone else why did you not sense them?” he asked

I had nothing more to say. He then left my cell along with his guards.

(Time skip)

It’s been a few days since my stay in the prison cell started. I was washing my face when I notice something in front of my cell. It was an access card. Who would put it there? Hmmm.

“I knew Master would have something planned,” I said to myself as I used the force to unlock the cell. “Now let’s see what he has planned”

I start running through the corridors. I soon reach the security checkpoint. But awaited me wasn’t something I had expected. The guards had received a royal beatdown. And on the floor in front of them were my lightsabers and comlink. I scoop them up and the commlink starts beeping. As I was about to answer it commander fox walks in.

“What’s going on here?” asked the commander. He immediately hits the alarms. I have no choice but to run. And so, run I did.

As I make it to a certain corridor, I am met with three dead clones. All three cut down using lightsabers. This is starting to look even fishier. I look back to see commander fox. So, I start running again. After a few more turns I hear an all too familiar voice calling out. I stopped to catch my breath.

“Ahsoka, it’s me Anakin…... Stop running” said Anakin.

“You can’t help me, Master. Someone is setting me up” I replied.

“I believe you Ahsoka” came his reply. But it was too late to turn back now.

“But no one else will” was all I replied before starting to run away again. There was someone behind this. Someone is setting me up and not even the order believes in me.

I try and sneak my way through the base compound. It’s crawling with troops. I sit on top of a statue looking over the base trying to find a clear escape route (AN: She channels her inner Batman)

But my position was compromised soon enough. I start running towards my ship and they start shooting at me with live rounds. And even turbo lasers. Damn bastards can’t they take it easy.

The chase continued along the industrial pipelines. But they started using stunners rounds instead of live rounds. I had to use my lightsabers to block as many as possible. They soon corner me. Leaving me with only one way to escape. To cut through the pipelines.

They soon follow me into the pipelines. Can’t these bastards just give up? Why keep chasing. I eventually reach an opening overlooking a huge portal connecting the different levels. There was only one way to escape pursuit and that was down. Just as I was contemplating what to do Anakin catches up to me.

“Ahsoka! What are you doing?” he asks. Now he comes to find me.

“You didn’t even try to come and help me?!” I answered.

“They wouldn’t let me in to see you” he defended himself.

“You could have if you tried” I shouted, my emotions getting the better of me. But no one can blame me for all the shit I have been going through these past few days.

“How would have that looked Ahsoka, huh? Forcing my way in would have made you look even more guilty” I tried reasoning.

“But I am not GUILTY!” I shouted back.

“And the only way we can prove that is by going back” he replied. What kind of logic was that. Someone is setting me up. So, going back was like trying to shoot myself in the head.

“I don’t know who I can trust,” I said.

“Listen Ahsoka. I would never let anyone hurt you. Never. But you need to come back and make your case to the council” he argued.

“NO! I am not going to take the fall for something I didn’t do” I stated my position clearly.

“I am ordering you to drop your lightsaber and come with me now!” he ordered.

But then we could hear clones coming from other directions. “Please trust me,” he says begging me to go back with him.

“I trust you. But you know as well that no one else will believe me” I turn to see a peculiar transport lowering down into the portal slowly near the overlook “Anakin. Now you have to trust me” I said.

“I do trust you...” he said before I cut him off.

“I know you do. SIGH. Wish me luck” I said looking back at him before taking the leap. I landed on top of the slowly descending YV-929. As soon as I landed the ship slowly changed course by a fraction and started descending deeper. I look up to see Anakin. Rex and Fox looking down on me from the overlook I jumped from.

(Level 1350)

I finally got to jump off this ship onto a nearby ledge. I can make my escape from here. It will be hard for them to find me in these lower levels.

(Cockpit of the YV-929)

“We are tasked go to deliver the bomb samples first. Then we are asked to bring back a shipment since our hold is empty. Why can’t we just stay here and finish the mission?” asked a very Mandalorian Asajj.

“Well, they needed someone of utmost trustworthiness to deliver that. The shipments are just to add to our cover” explained Janak.

“And why didn’t we just pull that girl in here and talk some sense into her instead of giving her a piggyback ride, hmmm?” asked Asajj through narrowed eyes.

“Well, it wasn’t the time yet. Plus, how do you think she will react when the infamous Asajj Ventress drags her into a ship all shady like. Especially when she is on the run. With someone framing her. To who do you think her distraught mind will point as the culprit” countered Janak.

“SIGH. Let’s get this over with. I need a bath. We will handle things when she reaches levels under our control. Now land thus brick” said Asajj slumping into her chair.

“Yes, Ma’am. I too need a bath” said Janak with a small mock salute while chuckling lecherously. Asajj just rolls her eyes at him.

The ship soon descends to the lower depths.