Prologue – never drink with russians
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Have you heard of the multiverse theory?

It is said, that there are a infinite number of universes, and every one of them manifest itself in a shape of a mixture of every possible outcome – which means there may be an universe where swords and magic exist, or a universe where the roman empire did not fall.

My next question is: have u ever heard of a country called Russia?

You may wonder how these questions relate to each other, so let me tell you what happened to me and how I am in a situation right now which cant be explained by logic.

I am university student, who went to study abroad in Russia.

What my nationality was, is not important, because first of all I am no longer in this world, and secondly because there are more important things to know about me: for example I was a true meme lord – I always had the right memes for the every situation and considered myself intellectually above the mere human.

Either way because of my supreme humor and suicide jokes I got easily along with the locals in Russia.

So yesterday an acquaintance there called Igor, texted me that I should come over to him since he made some homemade vodka.

I am not really someone who drinks a lot, but I thought since I am here in russia I should definitely try some homemade stuff.

Little did I know that fuckin Igor brewed something which literally wasted me so hard, that i woke up in a different world – or rather reincarnated.

I do not how and why, but my memories suddenly returned to me when I was 3 years old and to my shock I recognized that this was not earth but still a world I knew: yes, it was the world of Naruto....

Even tho I really enjoyed Naruto when I was a kid, and read some bad chinese fanfics, truth to be told I am not happy to be isekaid here, the reason being that I am some nameless mob and secondly: