Chapter 66: First summoning attempt
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"So you want me to teach you the Summoning Jutsu for snakes? I thought you would want me to do somethings dodgy considering your personality..." - Anko

"Do you really think I would force a woman to do such things? Anyway, how about it. Will you do it?" - Eiji

"So you want to learn a it for revenge?"

" protect..."

" boring. I thought you would want to avenge your sen-"

"Don't get me wrong. If I have the chance I will absolutely avenge him. But I'm not one of those retards, who will neglecteverything else for their revenge, while other people important to me die in the process."

"Hmm, well whatever. In my opinion I can teach you far better jutsus that this, so why do you want to learn the summoning jutsu specifically?"

"So I can have an endless supply of snake meat on my journeys."

"Alright, I see you don't want to tell me. Well, I don't really care and it isn't to complicated, so teaching it won't take to much time. Wait outside while I pay off and I'll start teaching you it."

"Right now?"

"You have a problem with that? To be honest I want to get over with it as fast as possible."

"Aren't you a bit to cold to me, after all we went through together? Even after our night together, where you saw my d-"

The fist hit him faster than he could finish his sentence, and he flew right through the wall.

Anko smiled towards the shopkeeper: "Sorry for that, this should be enough to pay for the damage and my orders, right?"


"Hmm, you learned to use the respective signs with only one hand pretty fast. I'm actually really impressive kid. Anyway, let's make you form a contract now."

Anko used a bunch of signs and then stopped, when tattoos appeared on her arm.

Then the tattoos retracted and transformed into a snake, which suddenly jumped at Eiji's right arm and bit him.

Eiji didn't expected that, and shouted perplexed." Wait what are you - ARGHH!!!"

The pain didn't last long and tattoos started to appear on his right arm.

"You just have to sign on this spot here with your blood and it's done." - she pointed at the spot of his tattoo, where there was a vacant space.

"Geez, tell me next time in advance, when you do something like that..." - he drew his sword and lightly cut his finger with the blade, so blood flowed out and he signed with his name.

"So that's it. Now you just have to use the jutsu to summon something. But do that somewhere in the woods, in case you somehow summon Manda or Garaga. Then it's only you who gets eaten and not some innocent village folks."

"Wait, you wont stay for my first summoning attempt?"

"Honestly, in the off chance that you summon one of those two, I don't want to deal with them. Anyway, I fulfilled my promise, so good luck and see ya! I hope to never meet you again!"

With that she just disappeared like that.

'She is really cold towards me, right? Anyway, what she said makes sense. I should go somewhere without people.'


In the Konoha woods, Jiraiya was overseeing Naruto's poor attempts at mastering the Summoning Jutsu.

At least Naruto was now able to summon a tadpole, which is some progress in his opinion.


Hey! Take a closer look!! He's got back legs, see?!" - Naruto

"WHO CARES IF HE HAS LE...hmm? What's that?" - Jiraiya saw something big  destroy all kinds of trees and wildlife while rushing towards their direction, so he squinted his eyes to focus.

It was a big red snake, with only one eye!

'A snake here? Don't tell this isn't Manda, so this can't be Orochmaru's doing...'

After observing for a bit longer, he could see that this snake was chasing someone: a delinquent with a sword ran away from it while yelling something at the snake.

The delinquent seemed to notice Jiraiya and Naruto and picked up his pace to run straight towards them.

"WHAT IS THIS LOUD NOISE!!! I CANT CONCENTRATE LIKE THAT!!!" - Naruto stopped his training to lock towards the origin of this loud noise, while nearby women who bathed in the stream panicked and ran away.

"Naruto, listen. This snake is dangerous and we need to save this delinquent..." - Jiraiya

Naruto could now also see the person being chased: "Hm? Oh, that's just Eiji. Just let him be. It's better to not get involved with him, or he drags you into dumb situations. So it's better if I just continue with my training..."

'Eiji? Who's that?' - Jiraiya


Three things.

Firstly: Something to clarify for people who might be confused by it the time. Naruto's training is over the 15th day in this chapter, because searching for Kabuto took time and Hayate's funeral also wasn't held immediately. Then Eiji also "wasted" time sitting at the grave.

Secondly: I was honestly a bit scared of uploading yesterday's chapter, because it's the chapter which makes or breaks the future plot. So if Eiji's goal of trying save Hiruzen didn't feel authentic or felt non-logical, it would be pretty bad and I would need to redo it until I succeed. But it looks like it it turned out okay, which I'm really relieved and happy about.

Thirdly: I commissioned some art for this fanfic, but I wasn't successful, so I will be looking at some other places and hopefully find some artist who is willing to draw it.