Chapter 68: Ryuchi Cave
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'Hm? So this is Ryuchi Cave?' - Eiji was looking at his surroundings.

When he returned with Garaga as an stowaway, Garaga didn't notice him and instantly rushed off somewhere deeper into the cave and started to rampage, like he always does when he is pissed.

Unfortunately he is most of the time pissed.

But this time he was more pissed than usual!

First of all he was summoned by a human - he hates humans to the core!

Secondly he retreated when he sensed the amount of chakra Jiraiya had!

Anyway, since he rushed instantly off, Garaga's aggression problems weren't something Eiji needed to concern himself with right now.

Honestly, Eiji was surprised that his spontaneous idea succeed and that he would get with this kind of method to Ryuchy Cave.

However, the downside of this 'transportation' method was, that he had no idea where he currently was and where he needed to go.

'Hmm, let's try to look for snakes which are a bit more chill....maybe they can show me the way to the White Snake Sage...'


"Tsk, this Garaga is loud again. But not only that, he even brought someone with him." - The White Snake Sage was resting on her throne, with her giant snake body while smoking out of a giant pipe.

When she finished her sentence, three woman who were dressed in long robes appeared seemingly out of thin air.

Despite their human appearances, they were in truth snakes as well.

One of them asked the sage: "Brought someone with him? How dare he! Master, can we please get rid of Garaga already? He is nothing but trouble!"

"Just let him do how he pleases for now. The part of the cave he resides and rampages, isn't of any concern to me. More importantly, deal with the human he brought with him. Even though he was brought here and didn't wander into Ryuchi Cave on his own, do your duty: if he fails the trails, you can eat him!"

"Yes, Master White Snake Sage!"


Eiji walked and walked but the cave was just to huge!

And because he was naked, he started to freeze!

'I hope I don't catch a cold...would be bad to fight Gaara with a cold...wait who cares about a cold, when I might starve to death in this shitty cave!'

While he was absentminded, he suddenly saw some lights in the distance.

'Looks like this is the right direction...'

He got motivated again and walked towards it with a faster pace.

When he got nearer, he saw the source of the lights.

It was a grand palace.


'Do they think I'm stupid? This looks suspicious as hell!! Well, I don't really have any other option than to go there...'

Suddenly the entrance opened and a woman in a long white robe with a tiara on her head walked out and bowed towards him: "Welcome to Ryuchi Cave. You must be tired, so why don't you go re-"


'WHY IS HE NAKED??!!Even though it's said that everyone who comes to Ryuchi Cave is crazy for power and gives everything up...but giving even your clothes up?' - Tagorihime decided to just ignore it and continued with a smile.

"(Fake cough), you must be tired, so why don't you go rest in here? We have prepared a banquet for you and we can give you some clothes as well."

Eiji wasn't blessed enough in this life, to be born into a body with a decent brain, so he was sometimes slow and forgetful.

But because he not only had this life's experiences, but also his former life's, he could most of the time make up for being born stupid with his added life experiences!

He hadn't that much experience that you could consider him wise, but over the years he came up with 3 golden life rules.

The first one was: If you end up in an awkward spot, just show so much confidence that no one questions you!

Confidence, even when faked, is a powerful tool.

For example: you can just walk straight into a hotel and eat at the morning buffet. As long as you look confident, no one will question you and you get a free meal.

Anyway, Eiji was using his first rule and walked confidently while being completely naked, like it's the most natural and logical thing for him to be naked right now.

Tagorihime opened the door for him and guided him to a couch and a table: "Here you can rest and eat, dear guest. Also -" she napped her fingers and clothes appeared out of thin air on the table in front of him. " - you must be feeling cold, so why don't you - " "-NO!"

She was confused and asked with a smile: "Excuse me? Is there a problem?"

"Yes there is! I came into this shitty cave to hunt snakes. You see, snake leather is one of the most trendy things right now in our village..."

'ARGHHH THIS SHITTY BRAT!!! HOW CAN HE DISRESPECT US SNAKES HERE??!!...Calm down. I just need to keep going with the trial and when he fails I'll eat him.'


Meanwhile Eiji was in Ryuchi Cave, in Konoha there was a really angry Temari waiting for someone.


During the preliminaries, Eiji secretly gave her a letter which said, that he had some important information concerning the Kazekage, but he could tell her only in secret. Then he wrote the time and location.

Originally it was his plan to trade the information that the Kazekage will be or was already killed and that if she wants more information, she should help him save Hayate first.

Unexpectedly Hayate died before that, so he had no reason anymore to meet up with her and possible change the future for no reason.

But the more important reason was, that he actually just completely forgot.


Don't try the hotel thing!

I mean you can...but don't hold me accountable for anything which might happen!