Chapter 100: Akatsuki atacks!
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Chisato opened her eyes.


She didn't believe what she saw and closed her eyes again.

Then opened them.

All the bandits were laying on the ground unconsciously, while the two youngsters were eating as nothing happened.

With her mouth wide open in complete disbelieve she just continued to stare at the scene.

Eiji noticed her gaze and turned to her: "What's wrong? Are they your friends or what? I'm telling you outright, I won't pay for their treatment. This was self-defense."

It finally dawned upon her that the group, which terrorized her and the village for so long was defeated.

She broke down into tears while letting the sake bottles drop down on the floor, where they smashed into countless pieces.

"Uhm...did I say something wrong? Hey, Sasuke! You are a lady's boy. Read her mind and tell me what's wrong with her!"


"Tsk, ignoring me again? Whatever...hey you! I'm sorry?"

"S-sorry? No..." - Chisato got up and bowed.

"Thank you...these bandits plagued our village for such a long time...and finally..."

"Oh, it's that? You are welcome then. If you are grateful, how about letting our meal be on the house..."

"NO! This isn't enough repayment. Please, let me repay you no matter what!" - she was in front of him and stared directly into his eyes.

"You are really making this awkward, you know? There is really nothing I need of you..."

"Then let me follow you! You two are wanderers, right? I will do my utmost to help you in any way possible. I can cook, I can wash clothes..."

While she rambled on, Eiji looked at Sasuke with a look that seemed to ask for help.

"Isn't that fine? Didn't you say how we need more manpower anyway?"

"No, actually yes, but this wasn't the kind of manpower I meant!"

"Then it's decided! Let me inform the village chief to take the group into custody and let me pack some stuff before we leave!" - she happily clapped her hands.

'This really isn't the manpower I meant...'


Present time.

Two silhouettes could be seen in the desert on the way to Sunagakure.

"So...the ones Orochimaru manipulated are ahead...yeah. It seems for some reason he leaked our information and turned into a traitor...yeah."

"We don't know what he's like after using that jutsu either. Is it alright just with that bag?"

"My jutsus are all I came up with my favorite number, No. 18...yeah. Because our opponent is the "one tail"...yeah."

From afar on a huge sand wall, Sunagakure nins were stationed there.

"What's that? Looks like red clouds on black cloaks...that's! Captain Yuura!"

"Don't worry, it will be over soon." - a dark light flashed in Captain Yuura's eyes.


"Sasori...didn't you say you planted your servant there? Why are the guards all alive and alert? Your servant must have failed...yeah."

"Not a problem, just more work. Let me handle it since you need to save your clay for the one tail."


At the Kazekage Office.

"Lord Kazekage! It looks like the information was true...the Akatuski attacked and Captain Yuura betrayed us!"

"Since it was information from the Shiki Ryuu, we expected it to be true...still, to think he would betray us..." - Baki

"This doesn't matter right now! Gaara, what will you do?" - Kankuro

"I'll engage them outside the village, where I won't need to worry about the village."


"So this is the infamous Akatsuki? The ones who said to be on pair with Orochimaru? Looks like fun, can I join?"

Eiji and Ukon were watching from afar, how Sasori slaughtered the Suna-nins.

"No, this Suna's problem. We are here just to gather information." - Eiji had his arms behind his back and with the expensive kimono and his hair cut short and in clean and hairstyle, he certainly looked like an important person.

"Besides...only Sasuke could take the two one at the same time."

"Tsk, this damn Sasuke. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him...." - Ukon started to chew on his hand while continuing to mutter.

While they were conversing, Gaara suddenly appeared on a sand cloud with his arms crossed.

"Looks like I won't be able to infiltrate now...yeah." - Deidara