Chapter 108: Art is an explosion!
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Chiyo made a horizontal movement with her arms, and a stack of kunai appeared, seemingly floating midair before they flew towards Eiji.

Eiji ducked and the line of kunais flew over him, but Sakura's fist appeared near the left side of his face. But before the fist could touch him, a snake appeared and wrapped around Sakura's arm and stopping her movement.

However, two Narutos charged at Eiji: one from behind, the other from the right side.

Eiji suddenly draws his sword, slashing the tree beneath time, which resulted in him and Sakura falling while the two Narutos missed their charge.

But while Eiji was still falling, he suddenly felt how he was pulled back by invincible threads straight into Sakura's fist.

With a loud bang, he smashed into the ground.

"Did we get him?" - Naruto asked Sakura.

"..." - Chiyo was too experienced to let her guard down.

"I certainly felt my fist hitting wasn't a shadow clone..." - Sakura

"Damn, that was a good hit...but unfortunately I'm not a masochist, so I'll have to decline from tasting your fists from now on..." - Eiji appeared on a tree and his broken nose and overall face injuries just regenerated while he was standing in a thinking pose.

'Their teamwork is certainly trouble, especially since I must be careful to not kill them...but doing things half-assed won't get me anywhere either...but I can at least cut their arms and legs off since Tsunade can just attach them later on again.' - Eiji sighed annoyed, but Chiyo saw for just a moment a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"EVERYONE DODGE!!!" - Chiyo shouted while ducking.

Eiji got into an iaijutsu pose and accelerated chakra into his sword grip. And then he drew his sword.

"Konoha Wind-Spirit Style: Summer wind..."


Every tree was cut in a huge radius, letting the sunshine through which raised the brightness of the battlefield.

"I heard rumors a while ago, that Konoha had a fallen Hokage who used kenjutsu coupled with wind and snake you are the "Lost Hokage"? I have to admit, Konoha has surely many talented individuals..." - Chiyo got ready to summon her puppets.

"I will say it again, I neither want to fight you nor am I with the Akatsuki. But if you still continue to-"

"My art is an explosion..." - a quiet voice could be heard from a distance before the battlefield was engulfed in a strong brightness.


"Damn, we lost him...him flying is cheating!! Neji, can you track him?" - Tenten was envious of Deidaras ability to just fly, while she and her teammates need to run with everything they got to catch up.

Neji activated his Byakugan to search for Deidara.

"Tenten, you just didn't train enough. If you trained to run, catching up to him would be a piece of cake!" - Lee

"...I'm a bit worried about our opponent...didn't he sense how we're chasing him, or doesn't he just ca-" Neji blurted his thoughts out while he searched, but he stopped midsentence.


They saw a huge explosion in the direction Deidara flew off.


All three made a serious face before nodding to each other and raising their running speed.


"HIAHAHAHA!!!" - Ukon was assaulting Kakashi madly with random attacks.

The craziness and randomness made it hard to read, but fortunately, Kakashi had the Sharingan to help him with that.

Unfortunately, Ukon had his curse mark level 2 activated, which made his punches and kicks extremely powerful.

Kakashi wasn't able to block such strong attacks, so he just focused on dodging.

Even though he looked like he had the disadvantage and was only dodging passively, he was confident.

The curse mark strained the user's body tremendously and coupled with the fact that Ukon was attacking madly, he would soon run out of chakra, while Kakashi was rational and conversed his chakra.

This battle was already decided!

"!" - Kakashi sensed danger and summoned an earth dome around him.

Ukon's kick landed on the earth wall, but at this moment his senses screamed which made him rational again.

He realized that Kakashi didn't summon this sturdy wall to block Ukon, but something else instead!

"Huh?" - before he realized a giant explosion catapulted him away.


Hope the fight in this chapter was interesting enough to make the wait worth it.