Chapter 109: Guy vs Sasori part 1
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When Sasori saw Guy charging at him, he opened his mouth and a barrage of needles shot out.

Guy instinctively knew that those needles were dangerous and jumped sideways.

'Those needles arent shaped to do lethal damage, so this means they are poisoned...if my enemy is a poison-user, I can't get hit...I didn't use him in a long time, but better be safe than sorry!' - Guy retreated into the distance to give himself some time.

"Summoning Jutsu!" - With that, Guy summoned Ningame.

"A tortoise? Your pet looks as stupid as yourself..." - Sasori ridiculed him.

"It's been a long time, Guy..." - Ningame

"I know, but can we do the catch up later? My enemy is a poison user, and I need you to help me close the distance." - Guy

Ningame starred at Sasori before nodding.

Then he suddenly retreated into his shell and Guy positioned himself behind him.


On another battlefield.

"...koff...are you two alright?" - Chiyo has used her "puppet-arms" to summon a chakra shield, which shielded Naruto and Sakura.

Of course, this was only possible since Deidara's explosion was mainly focused on Eiji and not Naruto since he needed to catch Naruto alive.


"So you decided to just hide behind your pet? It looked like you had some fighting spirit, but if that's how you want to do things..." - Sasori knew that needles or his tail wouldn't be able to damage Ningame's shell, so he decided to just breathe poisonous gas into the battlefield.

'Since this is a cave, he will need to escape this moment I'll strike...' - Sasori continued to breathe the gas, and soon most of the battlefield was cover in a purple mist.

But before the gas could reach Guy, Ningame suddenly started to rotate and Guy was ridding on him.

"HOAAARHH!!!" - Guy shouted while Ningame shot with an unbelievable speed, moving seemingly randomly across the walls and ceiling of the cave.

On his way, Ningame left a trail of destruction behind: boulders and walls destroyed, purple mist completely dispersed and the ceiling crumbled down!

'What's up with this ridiculous speed?! I need to use another pup-' - while Sasori was planning his next move, Guy suddenly jumped from Ningame and was instantly above Sasori.

Guy hit Sasori with a perfect and powerful kick!


Hiruko was destroyed, but the "real" Sasori used the slight moment of confusion to retreat.

This time, instead of the crooked and old voice from his puppet Hiruko, now Sasori speaks with his youthful voice: "Really...the most stupid looking ones are always the ones who surprise the most...when I add you to my collection I will fix your appearances though..."

"Looks like this is the real one, Guy. Be careful, I have the feeling he's starting to get serious." - Ningame

"I know but since he is a puppeteer, our tactic will be the same: Get into close-range where he is weak!" - Guy got himself ready.

"Still...for destroying Hiruko so seemingly easy, I will show you now my favorite one..." - Sasori summoned the Third Kazekage.

"This is..." - Guy had a shocked face.

"You know him?" - Ningame

"Oh, even stupid-looking brutes can recognize-" - Sasori was interrupted by Guy.

"Who's that?" - Guy

"..." - Sasori

"..." - Ningame

After recollecting himself, Sasori did a fake cough, before saying: "Anyway, let us begin!"


At another battlefield.

'Shit...even with my regenerative ability, if I didn't react in the last second, I would have been done...' - Eiji was panting and standing in a huge crater with an arm missing while most of his clothes were blown to pieces.

He looked around: the forest more or less disappeared, Naruto and Sakura looked being fine since they were guarded by Chiyo's chakra shields.

'Those tiny chakra-shields were probably only able to block this explosion because this piece of shit mainly targeted me...makes sense though since he needs to capture Naruto alive...but more importantly why did he attack me? I always made sure to show a completely neutral stance towards Akatsuki...did they decide that Shiki Ryuu's growing influence would become problematic for their future plan? ' - while contemplating he looked towards the perpetrator.

Deidara was flying nonchalantly on his tone-bird: "Hmm...didn't think you would be able to survive a surprise C3...well, looks like I'll have even more fun...yeah."


Having to write the same chapter again was truly unmotivating...anyway, I feel like I rushed this chapter a bit, so if it feels too rushed please tell me and I'll redo it.

The next chapter will be around the weekend, so somewhere between Friday and Monday. After that, next week will be the last week before exams so I can't promise anything.