Chapter 110: Guy vs Sasori part 2
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Without a word, Sasori let the Third Kazekage charge at Guy.

"Guy, I have a bad feeling about this puppet especially..." - Ningame got ready to help Guy.

"!" - Guy made a shocked expression.

"What's wrong?" - Ningame

"This guy...his fashion sense is off!...HYAAA!!!" - Guy saw how before the puppet reached him, an arm transformed into various razor blades which Guy suspected were clad in poison, so he dodged it.

'Tsk, I'm gonna kill this clown quickly...' - Sasori kept manipulating the Third Kazekage puppet to relentlessly attack Guy.

"THIS IS NO TIME TO JOKE AROUND, GUY!" - Ningame started spinning again and Guy jumped on him, resuming their earlier tactic.

Like this, they were instantly out of the puppet's range.

"You think the same tactic will work again?" - the puppet opened his mouth and black sand came out.

"What's thi-" - before Guy could finish his sentence, the black sand transformed into an array of spears and shoot in all directions.

"GUY!!" - Ningame stopped his movement and went into his shell while staying in front to guard Guy.

"...that was close...are you alright Guy?" - Ningame

"...not scratched me and it looks like the sand is poisoned too..." - Guy could feel how he could drop down any second now.

'I have to finish it fast before the poison fully takes effect...but I already opened the 6th gate not too long ago...I don't know if my body can handle that...but I'll die either way from the poison so I'll have to try...'

"HYAAAA!!!" - with a loud shout he opened his 6th gate and instantly disappeared.

"What? - Sasori was able to just blurt one word out before he was kicked into the air by Guy.

"MORNING PEACOCK!!" - a series of punches rained down on Sasori while he was midair.

Then he crashed down.



Sasori's real body, which was, in fact, a puppet, started to crack into various pieces.

He knew that it was over since his over was damaged as well.

But he still got up.

Because he felt no pain.

" think I would lose to someone whose appearance is the complete opposite of artistic beauty...truly laughable...I couldn't even use my trump cards since I underestimated you...kukuku...hey you... what's your name?" - Sasori

"...Might Guy...what's yours" - Guy was already back to normal, but he knew he would collapse any second.

However, as a fighter having fought a worthy opponent, his honor obliged him to remember his opponent's name, even if he would die from the poison.

"Sasori of the Red Sand..." - with those words Sasori's puppet body finally broke down completely.

And Guy fell down at the same time.

"GUY!!!" - Ningame rushed to Guy, but he didn't know what to do.

Konoha or Suna was too far away, so bringing him there for treatment wouldn't work. Ningame was rarely summoned, so he also didn't know about Sakura.

But Guy used his last strength to whisper before falling unconscious: "Team Kakashi...gifted medic-nin..."

"Alright got it!" - Ningame nodded and put Guy on his back, before disappearing.


"GIVE GAARA BACK!!!" - when Naruto saw Deidara's Akatsuki coat, he erupted with fury and instantly shouted.

"At the very start, he'll be the one to shout loudly and rush at you, eh? Looks like this is the Jinchuriki..." - Deidara looked towards Naruto amused.

He didn't know who was the Jinchuriki he was looking for, so he didn't drop his C3 on the Konoha group. But he knew that Eiji was the lost Hokage, so he was instantly excluded as a Jinchuriki and Deidara tried to get rid of him before dealing with the others.

"Naruto, stop!" - Kakashi joined them now since he no longer had to deal with Ukon.

"BUT!!" - Naruto

"Calm down...don't you see that the enemy is flying? How do you intend to attack him?" - Kakashi

"I agree...fighting an enemy who can fly is quite problematic...we need to form a plan first...besides..." - Chiyo looked at Eiji.

This situation became awkward, it appeared that it's about to become a three-way fight!

All eyes were on Eiji, expecting his decision on what he would do.

Eiji looked at himself: his arm and wounds were already fully regenerated, but his clothes were still blown to pieces. But the most important thing was that his sword was blown away!

He would need to search for it first before he can use his Kenjutsu-techniques.

Eiji grinned: 'Well, in this situation there is only one choice to be made...'


Again, I was exactly 1 day later than promised...I know it's almost a meme already, but yeah...

Anyway, the Guy-Sasori matchup was a bit awkward to write, but I still wanted to do it, since I personally find Sasori underrated and he has one of the coolest designs in my opinion (not in his Hiruko form, but the others are cool as heck!). That's why I wanted to write a fight with him and not just do the canon.

Oh right, I reread the last chapter and there was an awkward passage interrupting the fight in the middle. I was sure I deleted I'll definitely need to redo this chapter.

Lastly, my exams are next week, so I'll only write new chapters after the exams. So I'll start to post on Friday and it will be daily chapters from there. Occasionally there will be days with double chapters, but I don't want to promise on which days: just treat it as a happy surprise when they come.