Chapter 112: Team Konoha vs Deidara part 2
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"Sigh...Naruto and Sakura, take Kakashi and retreat. I will hold him off!" - as the oldest, Chiyo thought that since she lived her life to an old age, it would make the most sense for her that she should be the one to hold Deidara off to buy some time.

"Granny Chiyo..." - even Naruto who was full of rage calmed down and was solemn when he understood her intent.

"Lady Chiyo...there is no need to...I can hea-"

"Sakura, don't forget our objective...she is right, we need to regroup with Guy's team or else we don't stand a chance..." - Kakashi

"I'm sorry to interrupt your tragic moment, but it's about time to end it...yeah." - Deidara stopped laughing and prepared to finish it.


Meanwhile, Eiji who was watching recovered finally from his shock that Kakashi completely missed. He knew that in the original timeline Kakashi wanted to decapitate Deidara with his Kamui, but because he couldn't control it he only managed to destroy Deidara's arm. But now he didn't even hit his arm!

'I'm fucking tired of all this shit. Fate or whatever, the world keeps trying to mess with me for no reason at all. I really hate fighting: there is always a chance to die, especially since I'm not a genius and might screw up like Kakashi just did. That's why I don't want to get involved personally and used my knowledge instead. But I'm done with that. Fate or the world can do whatever it wants, I'll just destroy every obstacle with raw power...'

Eiji still haven found his sword, but he knew that he needs to step in now, or things could get really ugly. At first, he believed that nothing could happen to Naruto because of fate, but he noticed that it seemed sometimes to work and sometimes not, so he needed to save them.


"EVERYONE, LEAVE NOW!! I CAN HOLD HIM OFF FOR SOME TIME!!" - Chiyo urged them to leave, but Naruto's and Sakura's hesitation was enough for Deidara to make his move.

" was fun, but the most important thing for me is art...and art is an explosion!"

' I have to force my body to use Kamui again...I don't know if it'll work, but I don't have a choice...' - Kakashi started to strain his Mangekyo Sharingan as much as he could.


"Looks like even though I'm retired, I still have to do a Hokage's job..." - giant mass appeared between them and the explosion.

When the smoke from the explosion subsided, everyone could see Eiji on top of a giant red snake.

"YOU BASTARD!!! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU SUMMON ME?! THAT HURT, DAMN IT!!" - Garaga was pissed - though he is usually always pissed, but now he was extremely pissed! Being summoned straight into an explosion isn't pleasant, to say the least.

"Tsk, are you a sissy or what? Stop crying, it did almost no damage to you..." - Eiji looked annoyed at the loud Garaga.

"I WILL EAT YOU!!" - Garaga turned on his "partner" and threw Eiji into the air by moving his head up.

Then he opened his mouth and swallowed Eiji.


"Eh?" - Deidara

"... let's just ignore what happened and use the chance to escape!" - Kakashi urged his team.

"Garaga, did you forget our agreement already?" - somehow, contrary to everyone's expectation, Eiji appeared next to Garaga.

"Hmph!!" - Garaga knew Eiji's strength and didn't continue to attack him.

"Hmm...this snake is pretty big and it makes them able to reach me...this isn't good...yeah." - Deidara flew even higher and started to fly around them.

Hitting them with bombs was now harder since they had more time to react before they reach them, but better safe than sorry.

'What an ass...even with my sword, hitting him on that distance would be way too hard...looks like I don't have a choice...I never hoped I would need to use it since it would mean that I got myself too deeply involved, but fuck it.' - Eiji climbed at a high speed on top of Garaga's head again.

In his eye's Deidara was destined to die anyway, so might as well use him to unload his anger and frustration about this whole situation onto him.

With a serious face and a dangerous glint in his eyes, Eiji spoke to Naruto those words: "You want to be Hokage, Naruto? Let me show you the level you at least need to be, to be at least considered worthy for that title..." - Eiji raised his palm in front of his face while remembering something that happened a while ago.


Around 1 year ago.

Eiji looked at a huge crater in front of him and Sasuke.

Since Sasuke didn't have the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, he needed other ways besides the Mangekyo Sharingan techniques to use in battle, or else he would turn blind in no time.

With his knowledge, Eiji helped him develop all the techniques Sasuke would do in the original timeline himself, but with Eiji's "hints" the speed was of course faster.

Until now, it was mostly stuff like manipulating his Chidori and various snake techniques.

But right now what they looked at, was the aftermath of an S-rank jutsu Sasuke finished developing.

It was Kirin.

Truly it was a wonderous technique and Eiji couldn't help but marvel at Sasuke's ingenuity.

Because he was always beside Sasuke during the development, he knew everything about it: but that made him appreciate the genius Sasuke even more.

'Damn...those geniuses really make me envious...I wish I had a jutsu like that...'


'I'm an idiot.'

Since he knows how it works, if he wants to have a jutsu like that why not just make one?


It would have made sense that to explain the backstory of Eiji's and Garaga's agreement in this chapter, but I didn't want to forgo the hype chance for Eiji's currently strongest jutsu... I can't wait to write tomorrow's chapter. I hope you are hyped as much as I am.