Finally I meet you again, my creator- Epilogue 1
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It was another day for Frozen Milk in his merry harem. It has been a month since Frozen Milk and his characters lived together in the new mansion and Frozen Milk's poor soul, body and life was divided into 6 days.

"Host," the system lazily spoke.

Frozen Milk's eye twitched. Since the days have become more peaceful, this damned fun-seeking system always caused more troubles for him.

"Can't you just leave already? Bloody hell, don't you have other victims you can leech onto? My blood's sucked dry! When I'm bleeding it's not even red anymore! It's green! Toxic green because you parasite are poison!"

There was a moment of silence before-

"Host," suddenly the system spoke with frightening seriousness.

"Y-Yes?" Frozen Milk was scared shitless. Did he finally trigger that evil system to truly enact its evil deeds onto him?

Yes, even if he wanted to shit everything out to make himself lighter, he could never become fast enough to run away from his system. In the first place, how can he run away from himself?

"Does the host want to be shocked again?"

Frozen Milk gave off a horrible high-pitched scream and attempted to run away. Indeed, Frozen Milk's speed was faster than the average but the system mocking laughter fried Frozen Milk's brain cells and he really believed he could escape the system-

while the triumphant system just made itself comfortable in Frozen Milk's head, continuing to chip away at Frozen Milk's sanity.

"System pities host, all these contenders for your ass made your brain mushy."

"Y-You! How can you say such vulgar stuff?"

If the system could show its face, it'd be blank. As blank as Frozen Milk's stupidity could reach. Wasn't Frozen Milk the one sprouting vulgar words like a hose trying to escape the holiness of thy Lord?

Yet Frozen Milk didn't stop running.

It was Sunday. A day Frozen Milk could relax without his harem trying to snatch his virginity away.

Yet this peaceful Sunday was once again spent to entertain his crooked system. Would Frozen Milk ever get the chance to be by himself and try to enjoy a single second of peace since he transmigrated here?

Simple answer: No.

So, in hopes to make this wish come true, Frozen Milk ran out of the house to the beach, and only when he saw the calming water did Frozen Milk feel at ease.

The beautiful golden rays of the sun that fell onto the gentle waves of the sea. The dazzling golden hair that swayed in the wind. The stickiness that suffocated Frozen Milk. Yes, this paradise was-

"Hold the fuck up!" Frozen Milk's eyes were glued to the sea and he like a robot mechanically moved his body, slowly wanting to escape the beach.

"Yes, yes," Frozen Milk thought out loud. He was only hallucinating. Yes, that was it. There was no way a sadist entered his vision. All just an illusion. All just a-

"Frozen Milk."

"NOOOO!" Frozen Milk prepared himself to dash away but the honey already reached his feet and stuck him to the sandy ground.

"Yes, Frozen Milk cry a bit for me. It's been a long while."

These cursed words. The trauma. It all resurfaced. Damn.

Frozen Milk completely forgot.

He sent that sadistic prince to become a monk and then they bought a piece of land in the neutral island. This was bound to happen to Frozen Milk. Sooner or later he'd be honey-trapped.

Screw that honey part! Throw it away! Frozen Milk wanted none of it!

Snicker. Snicker. This fucking system couldn't do anything but infest the empty space in Frozen Milk's head and become the brain.

Frozen Milk suspected the system did it on purpose. Made him run to the beach and meet this sadistic honey in person. Yes, Frozen Milk was sure that it was all calculated by this system who could only live if Frozen Milk was bathing, no, submerging in misfortune.

"Host gives the system too much credit," the system sounded helpless but it was as clear as Bro blinding Frozen Milk that the system was shaking its hardware. Where's the plug? Where's the axe? Lemme destroy that core!

"It was just a joke," Bro's light laughter carried to Frozen Milk's frozen body, "I've become a virtuous monk. I don't indulge in that nonsense anymore."

"Really?" Frozen Milk breathed a sigh of relief and Bro happily narrowed his eyes. His sadistic brain was rejoicing. Be more naive. Be more vulnerable.

"Yes, really," Bro's smile was so innocent and refreshing, Frozen Milk drowned in the lies and deception and bought the bullshit.

"As a monk, I've learnt the virtue of life and Frozen Milk, I've received enlightenment."

Bro stepped closer to Frozen Milk who was so perplexed he had no idea what was going on, but he felt the gentle fingers of Bro intertwining with his, "I can see you're my creator."

Bro shed a tear.






What fueled a scum like Frozen Milk was having his ego fed and Bro knew this. His enlightenment was the enlightenment on how to manipulate a simpleton like Frozen Milk to play him like a harmonica.

Yes, Bro's lips would soon be all over Frozen Milk's body and coat him with an extra layer of thickness.

"You, have you really come to know my greatness?"

"Yes, my creator!"

A new nickname was attached to Frozen Milk. This time Frozen Milk actually liked it.

The system only rolled its eyes at this absurd theatre play in front of it. But it was free and the system had enough popcorn to eat, cough Frozen Milk's brain, cough, so the system actually enjoyed this cringy act.

Of course, the system saw straight through Bro but it was more fun this way. The boring days would be over. With Bro added to the harem, the system could enjoy Frozen Milk's misfortune again. Truly a delicious feast.

"Good, good, I can tell from your honest face how genuine your words are!" Frozen Milk acted as if he was the messenger of the Lord again.

"Then my creator," Bro pulled Frozen Milk by the waist closer to him and felt the soft flesh of Frozen Milk's Bro would soon indulge himself in, "Can I just stay with my holy creator and serve you?"

Serve. Frozen Milk didn't want to have servants again but if Bro really looked up to Frozen Milk, understood how great this creator was, then why deny Bro this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

"Of course, of course! Bear witness to how your creator writes history! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"