The cliche of cold CEO and scum- cough- white lotus FL- Epilogue 2
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After Frozen Milk disappeared from the online novel world, the ultimate cliché romance books of Mr Ambassador, who took the top spot, rested there.

The throne was built from Frozen Milk's trashy books and then handed to Mr Ambassador's cringy ones.

But the empty hole left behind by Frozen Milk's sudden disappearance pained Mr A and his heart yearned to have Frozen Milk roam around the forums and turn his readers even blacker.

Mr A was a true fan of Frozen Milk's. A closet fan who watched every step of Frozen Milk. In other words, he was a stalker.

Then one day after Mr A discovered the 'Where's Frozen Milk' forum thread, Mr A suddenly died a magical and mysterious death.

How did Mr A die? All he could remember was that he thought about Frozen Milk so much, his brain couldn't keep up and PLOP.

He fell dead to the ground in his luxurious mansion with ten Porsche becoming ownerless.

Mr A was actually a rich CEO who wrote cliche FL CEO romance novels. Yes, it was Mr A's hidden guilty pleasure.

And this was how Mr A's stories, about making Frozen Milk the FL in his CEO stories while he was the overbearing CEO, started!

After Mr A died, he found himself in a wet dream. Everywhere his eyes fell, there was only water. A city of water, surrounded by water. Everything was water.

Mr A didn't even need the cheerful voice of the system inside his head to tell him where he was.

"Another one fell through!" Mr A shouted.

How could he not know with one glance that he was in his favourite author's latest book?

"Is this a dream?"

"No, rich host, this is true! It's a transmigration!"

"You mean just like in Frozen Milk's works?"

"Exactly, rich host! You are too clever!"

Mr A cried tears of joy. Who knew that one day he could indulge himself in this pleasure?

"Since, the rich host is so clever. Mighty me will give you a few beginner's tips and tricks, and astoundingly good help! A- Your beloved author- Frozen Milk also transmigrated into this novel!"

Mr A fell to his knees. The tears didn't stop. This was where Frozen Milk went to? He was in the same world as Frozen Milk? How could this be? How could he be so blessed?

In the midst of his joyful realisation, Mr A forgot he originally already was in the same world as Frozen Milk.

"Rich host, there is even better news! The one who wanted you to transmigrate was Frozen Milk himself!"

This system seemed to be better but the truth was it was as rotten as all the other systems.

Misfortune, drama and suffering was the core of enjoyment for the systems. However, since Frozen Milk's system was a system of the council, this little system couldn't offend him, but it was ok because Frozen Milk's system gave the green light for the little system to reveal this.

When Mr A heard that Frozen Milk personally wanted him here, oh no misunderstood, played by the system, Mr A was ready to charge through this world to see how Frozen Milk looked like in person.

"Rich host, please wait. You cannot see your beloved author just now. Rich host has to finish a few missions but don't worry! Since rich host is rich, all the money from your world will be converted into the currency here! Rich host can blast through the missions!"

Frozen Milk would've invaded the worlds of systems to beat every single one into oblivion if he knew what fucking cheat Mr A received. How was this fair? How come Frozen Milk got a trash system while Mr A enjoyed luxury?

Ah, Frozen Milk- the spirits of the system chanted- please understand us, it's only to help you receive your next harem member faster. We're all on your side!

Fuck you all! Fuck the grand system! Fuck your next system! Fuck your world! Go and fuck you *** bastard and *****! I don't need you to help me collect fucking harem members, you ***.

"Did I just get a vision?" Mr A thought he had a divine vision about Frozen Milk but his system quickly deleted his memory, "No, rich host was mistaken! Please do the missions!"

The system sweated. If Mr A knew how Frozen Milk was in reality, the system was afraid Mr A would stop being infatuated with Frozen Milk. Although this could never happen. Shouldn't happen.

"Alright," Mr A channelled his CEO aura.

His handsome looks couldn't compare to Vil's or Prota's but the skill 'Overbearing and charming ML CEO' was triggered and Mr A had an undeniable charm to everyone. They all lined up to become his FL.

The truth was there were private attributes and skills to be obtained by levelling up by the systems. Mr A received so many perks while Frozen Milk was still stuck at level 0.5, never being able to use any cheats the system could provide.

But in the end, Frozen Milk didn't even need any. He was already too OP- his OP harem was his skill. Ready to be deployed with just one word!

Mr A's sleek appearance and elegant bearing had everyone in awe as he walked through the water capital. Instantly, he captured the attention of the first mission's target.

The daughter of the mayor. Yes, it was going very easy for Mr A. The daughter tripped in front of Mr A and pretended to be hurt and vulnerable to trigger the manly protective side of Mr A the CEO.

Mr A already knew of this cliche. It was the white lotus skill. Deadly towards cold and overbearing MLs who only melted at the FL's clumsy behaviour while none of the other women could even make the CEO bat an eye.

Mr A wrote so many romance books and each of them had this damned scene. So, Mr A was already a pro in this aspect.

He carried the daughter with his strong arms making her fall for him while he pretended she was Frozen Milk.

The truth came out. All these romance books were written for Frozen Milk. Because in all of these books, Frozen Milk was the FL and Mr A the CEO.

The truth would be too frightening for Frozen Milk to accept.