The scum system- Side Story 2
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After system 0 left the black space, he returned to the world of the systems. A place that housed all the millions of systems broken up into different countries like in any good world.

The prime council with all 22 systems along with the grand system lived in the core of this world called the prime country, overseeing the rest of the world.

It was also called the capital and in the middle of said capital was a gigantic palace high above everything else with stairs that looked like it reached to heaven.

System 0 transformed into his human form, a tall, handsome male with black hair and piercing golden eyes that could not deter from his slightly curved lips, seemingly mocking everyone but which also gave him an aloof and dazzling vibe.

With his slender legs, he casually strolled up the stairs not bothered by its length. The blue, sunny sky and the little breeze made him even more charming to the point it almost glorified his casual walk up to the heavenly palace.

System 0 was really beloved and endorsed by the universe. As he reached the gates of the palace, only a fingertip of his was necessary to make the heavy iron gates open before him and let him enter.

Through the glorious halls of the palace, system 0 walked until he stood before another heavy and grand door. With a sigh, system 0 pushed the doors open and approached the glass vitrine in the middle of the hall on a pedestal.

Laid inside the vitrine was a tender youth with beautiful features and a face that seemed easy to tease. System 0 trailed the glass along the outlines of the male laying like a dead snow white and his face showed a sad yet gentle smile.

"Soon, when you wake up again, I'll come back until then I'll live in the new world. So hurry up and come back to me."

System 0 remained for a while before he got up and left. On his way across the capital, another male with eccentric features and fashion style ran up to system 0.

"Hey 0, hey, hey, you went to see OC again? How long will he be in the slumber? Ah, poor your maiden heart, you haven't feasted on him enough yet and now he-"

Zero grabbed the eccentric male's cheeks and pressed them together with his mocking smile trademark he said, "You want me to send you to specimen#340271's world? You want to become a ***? Tell me, Light."

"Ahahaha, I'm sorry, sorry? Don't be mad, don't be," Light rubbed his cheeks and cheerfully followed Zero, "What you gonna do now? What you gonna do?"

"I'll go to my host's world, this poor author can't live without his dedicated and amazing system sigh," even though Zero said this, he was smiling mockingly.

"Im soooo jealous! Frozen Milk sounds like so much fun! Jealous, jealous!"

"Ok, shut up. I'm leaving now," with that Zero's body disappeared and


"Host, system's back, you missed me?"

"FUCK!" Frozen Milk cursed and quickly scrambled himself together laying sprawled on the bathroom floor.

His system snickered before bursting into laughter, "Host never fails to entertain system."

"Shut the fuck up! Go away! Shoo! Shoo! What did you come back for? I thought you leaving would be forever! The damn amazing freedom I felt not having to share my mind with you crooked thing!" Frozen Milk put on his clothes and leapt silently in the majestic bathroom.

He finally, finally thought he was like a bird, a beautiful eagle soaring in the sky, free from the fangs of vicious hunters who wanted to rip off every feather of his.

And what were Frozen Milk's feathers? His natural talent of aversion! Fuck! Take this you stupid system crawling back to me! I bet you were lonely!

"Host, system might be lonely but the system would never resort to this lowly and degrading act of craving one's physical contact. Doesn't the host have his characters to relieve himself?"

Frozen Milk's feisty face turned into a shocked emoticon and he held his butt and his 'thing'. It was either him being the panda or the bamboo stick and he wanted neither of them!

Ok, maybe he wanted to feel some of it but instead of some veggie hogus bogus, he rather wanted to be a predator!

"So a kitten..."

"Fuck, stop reading my mind!"

"Host, I'm one with your consciousness."

Frozen Milk felt instantly violated. This... this system was too shameful! No pride left for Frozen Milk!

"Host, I thought you would've a trauma of bathroom floors. Who knew host would stick his beloved, abused meat into the floor's hole."

"Go and bury yourself into a hole! What hole? There's no hole! I ain't see no hole here," Frozen Milk ripped off some toilet paper and really inauspiciously covered the ground.

"You've been away for so long, it seems you've gotten an eye surgery! Ha, have the other systems giving you black and blue eyes as punishment for abusing your amazing host?"

"Actually, they were fighting with system over who gets to abuse you, host. Host should be glad, the system won ownersh- righ- I mean, won my rightful stay with host."

Frozen Milk bolted out of the bathroom now harbouring bad memories and ignored his system, however, inside he breached the dam of tears of humiliation and he could feel how his damned system was drinking it all like delicious liquor poured over pitiful human emotions.

Fuck! He was just freed, freed, freed! The heavenly gracious freedom and now? Now it has come back! Even the relentless grim reaper was 1000 times better.

Frozen Milk tripped on the ground and almost smashed his skull open. The grim reaper behind him, "You said hello? You said you prefer me?"

FUCK! Leave me all alone! Fuck, what the hell is this? It was just a joke! Just a joke! What the hell are you here for? Go back to hell and enjoy torturing already dead people there! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Frozen Milk ran with the wind, no, Frozen Milk became the wind, everywhere he passed nothing was left intact. He ran and ran and ran, still feeling the ominous aura of the grim reaper he summoned.

Just because he wished for it, didn't mean it should appear, ok? Just because his stupid brain produced stupid stuff, doesn't mean it should become reality!

All of a sudden Frozen Milk stopped, wait... did this mean Frozen Milk had hidden powers? Talents? Did this mean he was... invincible?

"No host," however, the system's voice was overshadowed by Frozen Milk's self-fulfilling and arrogant cackle. System's face blanked and he once again questioned why he thought his host would've become more decent.

Having two more additions to Frozen Milk's harem was really taking a toll on Frozen Milk's mind. One pitfall after another. If Frozen Milk wasn't careful, he'd soon roll from one bed to the other.

Frozen Milk was still laughing when a brilliant idea came into his mind, if whatever he wished for would come true, like the grim reaper, then... then what about money?

Yes, yes! The beautiful gold and round shape of the coins raining down on Frozen Milk was the only skinship he wished for. It could enter all parts of his body and become one with him!

The system who could read everything Frozen Milk thought of and depicted, grimaced, "What a fool."

"I heard that!" Frozen Milk was disappointed, the money he wished for didn't drop from heaven, instead, he was still stuck with his degrading system.

"By the way host, have you decided yet?"

"Decided on what? On a method to get rid of you?"

"Host's so cruel, I'm showering all my love over you."

"Fuck, no one wants it! Your love equals many of my misfortunes!"

"That's not true host~" however the system got serious, "System meant a single person. Host certainly won't keep on having a harem for the rest of his pitiful- pivotal life."

"I said I can hear you! Pivotal doesn't even make sense!" yet Frozen Milk covered his butt and his 'thing' again.

"Of course, I won't put myself through this torture any more."

"Then does host have someone in mind?"

A special someone's face appeared in Frozen Milk's mind and he coughed it away yet the system already saw it and smirked, "A good choice."

"What about you? You're just a machine! Jealous of my life?"

"No host, never. System also has a special someone waiting."

Frozen Milk's face dropped to the ground.


Now that Frozen Milk thought about it. What was his system? And the universe he lived in? What were the other systems? They couldn't be once humans, right?

The system grinned and triumphantly said, "Host should praise system more. After all, system successfully established dominance over all the systems in the universe, even over the creator. System has reformed and changed the world of the systems. Host, how about it, the system will show its story, if the host will confess to the special person."

Frozen Milk was really tempted and curious to know about his system's past and the truth of the universe, also, sooner or later Frozen Milk would want to live with his special someone anyways.

But who knew that his glorious system was once a youth who was a bit too good with his skills and ended up figuring out the truth of the world?

Who knew that this youth really challenged the creator, reformed and changed all the systems and the old rules and established the council? Who knew that this crooked system saved the universe and many lives and he became a hero and even successfully bed his special someone?

The system that was known as the scum system turned all the other systems into scums too.

Very befitting for Frozen Milk, Zero was a hero and a scum. He's the last in the scum series. Anticipate his story!




And again, I will be releasing the system's story sometime in the future. He'll be the last in the 'Scum series' and is the one whose story I'm looking forward writing to the most!

It'll be different from Frozen Milk's and Eric's story as the system will not be suffering misfortune like the other two will but will be the one to create misfortune for others, so truly a scum. Everyone should already know how system's personality is.

And the system won't be the shou but the gong! So, system's ML is the shou! I'll probably update here too when I'm ready to publish the story. I hope you'll check it out when the time comes!