The puppy turns into a big, ‘big’ wolf- Bonus Chapter 2
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Warning: This has explicit smut scenes, if you don't like that, please don't continue to read.


The first night when Prota almost bedded Frozen Milk. Their desires were still fulfilled and Prota was able to vent out his frustrations.

"Frozen Milk," a soft murmur glided like velvet across Frozen Milk's naked skin as he laid panting on his bed. The curtains around the bed were drawn and the lights were out even though Prota desperately wanted to see Frozen Milk's face.

Prota traced along Frozen Milk's face, his wet eyes, the fluttering eyelashes, the small nose, the tempting lips, the tender cheeks while his lips moved along Frozen Milk's neck down to his chest and nippled on the rosy buds.

"Nghn..." Frozen Milk grabbed the bedsheets as his chest felt the wet and slippery tongue of Prota and left behind a tingling feeling that circled around Frozen Milk's whole body.

Frozen Milk felt so good that his hands moved from the bedsheets to Prota's fluffy hair and gripped it.

Both Prota and Frozen Milk were naked except for their underwear keeping apart their bulge from their burning desires of each other. Frozen Milk's mind was more and more blurry and numb as Prota's other hand played with the other bud before Prota's tongue travelled down to Frozen Milk's stomach.

"Frozen Milk..." Prota's hot breath tickled Frozen Milk and the hot, sexual atmosphere wrapped around them before both hands of Prota grabbed Frozen Milk's thin waist and his mouth planted light kisses on the inner side of Frozen Milk's thigh, dangerously close to his yearning member that wanted to be played with.

"Prota," Frozen Milk's consciousness dipped in and out of reality and ecstasy. Just a simple touch of Prota could make Frozen Milk tremble with desperation and longing.

Each of Prota's fingers, each of his kisses were like feathers carrying a scent of aphrodisiac turning Frozen Milk naughty for Prota.

"Frozen Milk..." Prota whispered Frozen Milk's name again and again as if he wanted to etch it into his very flesh, his bones, his heart, emptying out his blood so that only Frozen Milk's name circled in his veins to keep Prota alive.

Frozen Milk was everything to Prota. More and more. More than that. No love. No lust. No desire could explain how much Prota wanted Frozen Milk. Not even Prota himself.

"I want you," this low and raw whisper was very erotic as Prota pushed Frozen Milk by his waist to let their private parts clash, grind and mingle with each other, while Prota kissed, licked and sucked on Frozen Milk's neck.

Prota's eyes burned with passion as each of Frozen Milk's moans echoed in his ears urging him to please Frozen Milk more.

Frozen Milk's eyes fluttered open as Prota's naughty hands moved up and down alongside his body while Prota relentlessly, at an insanely fast pace, grinded against Frozen Milk but for some reason, even though it tore all of Frozen Milk's reasons apart, he wanted more.

"Prota...ah....hmm... Prota...more...more please," Frozen Milk threw all shame away. He just wanted Prota to make him feel even better. Frozen Milk was at his limit as Prota's big, hot thing wetted and slid over Frozen Milk's.

"More? Frozen Milk you want more?" Prota whispered next to Frozen Milk's ear and bit it.

"Frozen Milk, do you know how happy you make me? How happy I am to hear it?" Prota kissed Frozen Milk's cheeks, his eyes, his nose and hovered over Frozen Milk's lips. Prota let out a low groan as he sped up even more.

His hot breath mingled with Frozen Milk. Prota desperately wanted to kiss Frozen Milk so much but refrained himself.

Right now, they were engaged in sexual acts, Prota was sure there were no romantic feelings involved from Frozen Milk's side. A bit disappointed, Prota buried his head in the crook of Frozen Milk's shoulder and growled.

He wanted to kiss him when Frozen Milk returned his feelings. Prota was a helpless romantic but couldn't keep his burning desire for Frozen Milk back. Prota just couldn't keep it in anymore, everything of Frozen Milk he wanted it all.

"Frozen Milk, you know?" Prota mumbled while he was still moaning, "I like you so much."

"Nhnn...what?" yet Frozen Milk couldn't hear it as he was too enamoured in pleasure.

"It's nothing," Prota kissed Frozen Milk's chin, "I'm sorry but I can't hold it in anymore."

These words woke Frozen Milk up. No! His 5000-harem-protagonist's big, thick and furious thing was about to enter!

"Haha," seeing Frozen Milk suddenly freeze, Prota stopped moving and took Frozen Milk's hands and kissed each of his fingers, "Don't worry, I won't put it in if you don't give me permission. Trust me."

Frozen Milk calmed down and to Prota's surprise slung his arm around Prota's neck and bumped their noses, "Mhm, I trust you, so please hurry."

Prota's eyes widened and his barrier he formed around his heart finally snapped. Frozen Milk also wanted him, "Then, I won't hold back."

In an instant, Frozen Milk was turned around, his knees on the bed, his butt up in the air while Frozen Milk anticipatingly grabbed the sheets again. To do this with his protagonist... Why did it feel so good dang right?

Frozen Milk felt Prota's fingers strip him of his underwear before they started to rub Frozen Milk's thing, "Nghn...ah..., no, Prota... don't... it's dirty...."

Frozen Milk panted then he felt Prota's body over his while Prota continued to rub him, "Don't worry, it's not," Prota whispered in Frozen Milk's ear, "But babe don't come yet."

Prota's surprisingly soft fingers moved faster and then stopped just when Frozen Milk was about to come. Prota wanted to get Frozen Milk wet enough.

Then Prota's hands found themselves around Frozen Milk's waist. It felt so good to place them there as if Frozen Milk's waist was made just for Prota to grab.

"Ahhh..." Frozen Milk couldn't help but let out a loud moan as he felt Prota's pulsating large thing rubbing against his. Oh no, Frozen Milk was glad he couldn't see it, just from feeling it almost made Frozen Milk faint.

"Frozen Milk close your legs, as tight as possible," Prota moved Frozen Milk's waist as he started to thrust into Frozen Milk. At first slow and gentle. It wasn't as good as being completely inside Frozen Milk but this would be sufficient for now.

Then Prota couldn't stop and he fiercely thrust, pounded between Frozen Milk legs. In and out. In and out.

With each in, the thrust was more ferocious than the last. The bed creaked beneath their wild mating and Frozen Milk's legs were already weak and numb only from pseudo doing it. Frozen Milk's body was already exhausted.

The power of his harem protagonist who would bed 1000 women in one night, now all focused their sex drive onto one person. Frozen Milk had to endure it all as a single person!

Between the loud moans, groans and lewd sounds, the fierce thrusting and wild kisses that rained down on Frozen Milk's body, Prota mumbled over and over again words to Frozen Milk who was too intoxicated to hear, "Frozen Milk. I like you so much. I like you so much. So much. Say you want me too. Frozen Milk, say that I make you feel good."

"Nghn..." Frozen Milk came several times but Prota hasn't even come once.

Frozen Milk started to fear for his body for the rest of the night even up until the next morning.