The whirlpool ‘load’- Bonus Chapter 3
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Warning: This has explicit smut scenes, if you don't like that, please don't continue to read.


It was Wednesday. One of the many romantic dates, yet Glimpse Water was also a male and his desires were pent up as his kisses with Frozen Milk lingered longer than they should.

Today was one of those days. Having someone you crave right in front of you, unable to go further, made Glimpse Water's mind turn and crash into walls. He knew Frozen Milk still saw him as a brat and tonight Glimpse Water would reverse these expectations.

"How do you feel?" Glimpse Water massaged Frozen Milk's shoulders and watched the supple skin of Frozen Milk that was riddled with hickies. Glimpse Water's eyes narrowed with a dark glint, those two main characters really had their fun with Frozen Milk while Glimpse Water lagged behind.

The warm water of the whirlpool pleasantly flowed around their lower bodies and the night sky was filled with countless beautiful stars. They were currently still inside the mansion in the half where no one could hear or disturb them.

"Mhm, it's good," Frozen Milk appreciated Glimpse Water's hard work as he was able to properly pinpoint the sore spots and knead them.

His damn protagonist and villain worked Frozen Milk to the core during the nights. Frozen Milk slightly flinched and his inside tingled as he felt the wet and soft fingers of Glimpse Water trace around his shoulders like light feathers gracing his skin.

Frozen Milk thought it was just Glimpse Water's massaging technique but he didn't know that Glimpse Water harboured dark and lustful thoughts as he traced those eyesores of hickies. He wanted to push Frozen Milk down and-

Wait, why couldn't he do it? The others were able to do it, so why not Glimpse Water?

Glimpse Water's fingers stopped, instead they pushed Frozen Milk towards the railing of the whirlpool and pressed himself on top of Frozen Milk. His heated length against Frozen Milk's butt. Those damned swimming shorts were in the way.

"Glimpse, wha-" yet Frozen Milk couldn't speak further as Glimpse Water's fingers invaded his mouth and played with his tongue.

The softness wrapped around the wetness.

"Father," Glimpse Water's infatuated tone made Frozen Milk tense up. Oh no, now even his author couldn't keep it to himself.

Frozen Milk moaned as Glimpse Water's fingers left his mouth and trailed down his neck as Glimpse Water bit the despicable hickies wanting to leave his own.

"Ah, Glimpse Water... Not so..." but Glimpse Water sucked on the places he bit, licked them as he grinded his bulge against Frozen Milk's buns.

"Father," Glimpse Water continued to lay kisses on Frozen Milk's back as one of his hands played with Frozen Milk's buds on his chest, while the other slowly trailed into Frozen Milk's shorts.

"Glimpse... Water..." Frozen Milk gripped the railing and his mind started to become numb.

Frozen Milk was already sensitive but now that his body has tasted ecstasy many times, Frozen Milk yearned for it more than ever and Glimpse Water's heat that poured into him turned him on even more.

Frozen Milk's last thought before he plunged and fully gave in to his desires was that it was ok to also do it with Glimpse Water, after all, he did it with the others. Only thing was, Frozen Milk was embarrassed that Glimpse Water still called him father but it wouldn't be Glimpse Water if he didn't call him that.

The warm water added pleasure as Glimpse Water's hand stopped teasing Frozen Milk and grabbed his already hard length.

"Hgn..." Frozen Milk whimpered as Glimpse Water started to stroke him while he continued to bite him.

"Father, is this good?" Glimpse Water's murmur sounded like a boy asking his dad if he was doing a good job. What kind of a good job did he? Jerking him off!

But Frozen Milk's brain was too muddled and filled with electrifying sensations running through his body, so only a moan came out as an answer but Glimpse Water wasn't satisfied.

He panted heavily as he rubbed himself against Frozen Milk, "Father... look at you. You're so lewd. Getting off to your son."

Glimpse Water could clearly feel his own hard member while his hand felt Frozen Milk's and he was in joy seeing Frozen Milk reacting to him so only more dirty words came out that could bury Frozen Milk in shame.

"Father, I wanted you so badly. You know? I've secretly also wanted to push you down and topple your expectations. Father this brat fully has grown, so he can please you."

"Ngh...ah..." hearing Frozen Milk's seductive moans tempted Glimpse Water and toyed with his restricted desires to the point that Glimpse Water couldn't take it anymore.

He wanted more. He wanted them to directly touch.

"Father, you're so naughty. What to do if father is bad? Don't worry, this son here will punish you thoroughly."

In an instant, Glimpse Water turned Frozen Milk around and seeing the hazy look on Frozen Milk, Glimpse Water couldn't restrain himself anymore.

His lips crashed with Frozen Milk's, his tongue invaded Frozen Milk's mouth, then he twirled their tongues to a battle full of lust until oxygen ran out and they had to grasp for air before Glimpse Water went in again for an even more passionate kiss.

No matter how much he kissed Frozen Milk, touched him, saw him, it just wasn't enough. What should Glimpse Water do?

It just wasn't enough at all. He wanted more! He wanted it so desperately, he was about to completely ravage Frozen Milk.

But at the last second, he was able to hold himself back. Instead, he deepened his kiss, left no opportunity out to explore Frozen Milk's mouth to the fullest, while denying any chances for Frozen Milk to get away.

All the while, his hand quickly and in a hurry took off Frozen Milk's shorts before he removed his own. Then grabbing Frozen Milk's butt he pressed them together so that both of their dicks clashed with each other and Glimpse Water started to rub their parts together but it wasn't enough.

Glimpse Water hungrily kissed Frozen Milk. While Frozen Milk was long too intoxicated to register anything other than the ecstasy that flowed through his veins, he heard low murmurs that pleased his ears, felt all of his sensitive parts covered before he shot his eyes open as Glimpse Water grabbed both of their lengths and started rubbing them together.

"Ah... Glimpse Water...mhmm... good," Frozen Milk couldn't help but let out, it really felt too good, having both of their hot members stroked against each other, pulsating, twitching and going off underneath the water.

"Good, father? It's good? Heh," Glimpse Water briefly stopped before going in with full speed. His lips collided against Frozen Milk's as he took Frozen Milk's legs to wrap around his back, jerking them off while his lips desperately wanted more of Frozen Milk.

All of their senses, all of their places were touched, mingled with each other, burned for each other. Under the starry night, in the cold beneath the warm currents of water, lewd and wet sounds were masked while the moans and groans continued for a long while until nothing but their devastating thirst, hunger and pleasure was left.