It has always been you- Alternative Ending (Final)
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Note: This is an alternative ending. You can view it as an ending if you like it or if you don't like it, then it doesn't count. It's canon depending if you like the single ML route or the harem route.


There was a long sigh and a long peaceful moment. This was the day Frozen Milk has looked forward to the most. It was a chapter in a book that would be called the beginning.

Why? Frozen Milk didn't know. Maybe because it'd be akin to a title like 'Beginning of a peaceful day' 'Beginning of Frozen Milk's rest without his harem' 'The beginning of the end that soon would arrive because of his harem' all of them obviously pointed towards one direction.

Yet Frozen Milk missed the point but that was ok. Because Frozen Milk finally could take a break. From what? Of course from his leeching characters and blood-no, brain-sucking system!

What did Frozen Milk do in order to achieve this super-ultra-rare-golden opportunity? Anticipation, please. Drumroll, please! Dun Dun Dun.

Yep, Frozen Milk himself didn't know how but it was very pleasing and wonderfully relaxing.

Frozen Milk's characters were all of a sudden invited to a banquet yet Frozen Milk feigned sickness and remained at home. This brilliantly large mansion he could have all to himself.

What about the system? Hahahaha.... Hehehe... Muahahahaha

Frozen Milk couldn't contain his joy.

Surprisingly his system had to do something, it said someone was about to awake and his system had to be there.

Probably just another victim for his system to abuse and toy with.

Frozen Milk would be grateful if his system nested itself in that person's brain and left Frozen Milk. But for some reason, Frozen Milk didn't want to admit, he'd feel lonely.

Frozen Milk poured himself wine. The dark red was particularly eye-catching.

The system had been with Frozen Milk since the beginning. Frozen Milk couldn't deny saying that he was glad he had a presence to comfort him when he was thrown into the unknown depths of transmigration.

Frozen Milk thought about everything that has happened and suddenly became nostalgic...a weird feeling swelled up. It was this cursed feeling that only privileged people could have. Only people that had others in their lives would feel this emotion.

This yearning to see someone. It was missing someone.

Frozen Milk did miss his loud and noisy characters. Frozen Milk had to admit that after his transmigration Frozen Milk's life was everything other than lonely. Even though his characters' intentions were questionable, Frozen Milk was still happy to have them.

In this life, Frozen Milk got to experience what happiness was. The lonely boy who was abandoned and then turned into scum because the only attention he'd receive were from his blackened readers, finally knew what living meant.

Frozen Milk twirled the wine glass sitting on his bed.


The wine spilt all over Frozen Milk. A huge shock has gripped Frozen Milk when he saw his door being kicked open.

Frozen Milk stared at the culprit and sweat ran down his back, "Prota?"

Frozen Milk cautiously asked and lightly gulped. Prota didn't seem to be in his right state.

But then Prota gave his usual happy and naïve smile, "Frozen Milk!"

And Frozen Milk thought he just hallucinated Prota's expression a second ago.

Of course, Prota wouldn't be able to make such a pained expres-

Frozen Milk was reminded of the competition and meeting Vil for the first time. The bloody sight of Prota still made Frozen Milk's heart ache.

At that time, Frozen Milk would've gladly sacrificed everything for Prota. Just to keep his precious smile.

As Prota approached Frozen Milk, Frozen Milk watched Prota with a complicated gaze.

Now that Frozen Milk thought about it. Forsaking his life for someone wasn't typical for him or most people. Especially forsaking both worlds.

Frozen Milk should've realised sooner but his feelings towards Prota were really ...weren't normal or easy.

When Prota showed affection, Frozen Milk's heart would-

"Frozen Milk," Prota sat next to Frozen Milk on the bed and took away the wine glass, "You shouldn't drink so much."

Apart from the light contact their fingers made, Prota refrained from touching Frozen Milk. Frozen Milk felt weird, usually, Prota'd be all clingy and fight to be intimate with Frozen Milk. It really was weird and somehow Frozen Milk felt disappointed.

"Shouldn't you be with the others?" Frozen Milk wondered why Prota was here.

"I wanted to be alone with you. Truly alone."

Now that sounded like his protagonist.

Having Prota so close, Frozen Milk once again could feel Prota's pheromones trying to seduce him. His damned protagonist was really too damn good-looking. Damn. It was 3 slaps on each cheek.

"Actually I wanted to talk to you," Prota's eyes seemed like they held the whole universe and his tone was serious, unlike any other time Prota spoke before, "It's important."

"Say it," Frozen Milk didn't mean to sound so overbearing but Prota gently smiled. It was a smile that could melt even lava and make it 100 degrees hotter from blushing.

"Frozen Milk. I want to be honest and I want you to be honest with me too."

For some reason, Frozen Milk had a bad foreboding. Didn't this sound like a farewell? Was Prota going to leave? At this thought, Frozen Milk couldn't help but flinch.

Yet Prota's smile only deepened and turned even more gentle, as if everything Prota wanted was right in front of him, as if the meaning of his life was found a long time ago, as if none of the worlds could compare to the treasure before him.

Prota had to say it. If not, he really didn't think he could go on. Even if the answer was negative, the truth painful, Prota wanted the answer he seemed to have been searching for a long time.

"Of course, I'll always be honest with you," Frozen Milk wasn't lying.

To his characters, Frozen Milk tried to be as honest as possible. Especially in the face of Prota Frozen Milk couldn't spit out a single lie. His happy and naïve, innocent and bright, loving and protective protagonist, as much as possible, Frozen Milk wanted Prota to remain this way. To be himself.

"Thank you, Frozen Milk."

These words cause Frozen Milk to tremble greatly.

Was this really a farewell? Unknown to Frozen Milk tears formed in his eyes.

Prota noticed Frozen Milk's shaken form and widened his eyes. No, did he say something wrong?

Prota panicked and touched Frozen Milk's hand tenderly caressing it. Frozen Milk laughed. Prota was still Prota.

"Tell me," whatever it was, Frozen Milk was ready for it.

Prota intertwined his fingers with Frozen Milk and then with all the stars dancing in his eyes, with his most beautiful smile, Prota said, "I like you Frozen Milk."

A second passed.



"It's not a simple like, it's love. It's a romantic like. I love you, Frozen Milk. From the bottom of my heart, I want to give you the best and make you the happiest in the world."

Prota's heart beat like crazy, he anticipatingly stared at Frozen Milk's wide eyes.

Out of everything, Frozen Milk never thought Prota would confess. Certainly, it was obvious, Prota's affection. But love. Was it really love?

Frozen Milk was even more shaken. W-What should he do? In front of Prota's earnest eyes, Frozen Milk...

"Frozen Milk, you can be honest with me. You can reject me, that's fine. If you give me a chance, I'll wait for you," surprisingly Prota was really mature.

Frozen Milk thought Prota was still Prota. But from the day they've met until now, Prota has also changed.

"However, if you accept me, then please accept this kiss," Prota was even more nervous.

He couldn't bear it if Frozen Milk pulled away but he already resolved himself to do this. There was no escaping anymore.

No matter the answer, Prota would take it. As Prota's face got closer and closer-

Closer and closer towards Frozen Milk's lips, Frozen Milk remembered that Prota has done a lot of lewd things with Frozen Milk but never kissed him.

Was Prota a romantic to this extent? Then the answer Frozen Milk would give him-

Finally, Prota's lips came to a halt.

The softness of Frozen Milk's lips caused sparks to fly in the air and unbelievable joy to spread.

Soft and delicious. Frozen Milk's lips, Prota would claim them his forever.


Hey guys, please read all of this!

(the next chapter will be a character description)

like mentioned above this is an alternative ending. If you've rooted for Prota to be the ML, then here you go. They live happily ever after with, cough, still the rest of the harem chasing after Frozen Milk.

If you prefer the harem ending, then disregard this and dance in the bliss of Frozen Milk's soft peach's misfortune having to be divided by 6 suitors.

Now onto the important stuff: THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for all of your support and love for this book. I'm really happy you enjoyed it and I was really touched to see your comments and your thoughts about this story.

I have a confession to make: This is actually my first 'proper' novel or rather light novel(?) I've written with my own characters, plot, world and story. Before then I have always only written fanfiction...cough...cough

So, to see this is well-received, it makes me really happy! I can't thank you all enough! And with this the book comes to an end. Thank you for being on this journey with me and I hope I'll see you in another book of mine!