Chapter 1 – Administrator? No way!
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Shirai Hana is an eighteen years old girl who is living in a peaceful country called Japan.

A bright college student who can do anything.

Having silky black hair that reaches her neck, smooth and soft pale skin like snow that doesn’t even have a sign of single mole which attracts the heart of men and envy by girls.

Or it should be…

Despite having good looks, Hana was lacking in her height and chest.

Her height and chest were comparable to a middle schooler.

Making her from a beautiful mature girl into a very cute girl.

She is a diligent and hardworking child, which her family proud of, until one day…


“I am sorry Hana, your mother started a fire, and it went wild when she tried to cook dinner, and your house was on fire resulting in you to die from the excessive smoke. Which means you died because of suffocation ~Te-hee”



From the last thing that Hana remembered, she went to bed early because of her fatigue from pulling consecutive overnight to study for the final exam and from playing games until she feels the drowsiness in her eyes.

And now in front of her was a girl in her twenties.

The girl was beautiful with her silky blue long hair that reaches her waist, her smooth skin, and sapphire eyes together with her voluptuous figure.

Her overall looks won’t lose to Hana, especially those big two mountains she possessed that makes Hana wondered if the Gods were cruel to her.

Realizing that it was not the time to think such silly things, Hana removed such thoughts from her head and focused on what the girl was saying.

From what the girl is saying, it looks like Hana died while sleeping because of suffocation.

(Wait! Wait! It makes no sense at all!)

Hana was confused, but because she was a fan of many light novels and the current situation is similar to what she always read, she easily adapts, and she questioned the girl in front of her.


“I see I died huh. B-by the way I still don’t know your name, are you a G-god? Is this heaven?”

“My name is Eris. The humans and other races called us as Gods, but we prefer to call ourselves administrators. Your mother… *cough* Celestia-sama is a high ranking and a powerful God that ruled the time. She was my beloved idol…*cough* my senior whom I respect, and I also work for her. You are here in my world after Celestia-sama drops you here, and besides, you didn't die. Though your physical body was gone as long as you have your soul, you will not die”

“Then, where is my mother now?”


Seeing the confused Hana, Eris is hesitating to answer her question.


"Y-you see... C-Celestia-sama said that she is very sorry for what happened, and she will repent her sin, and she left."

“Ehhh!!! What the… (Mom... Are you for real?!)”


According to Eris, parallel worlds are worlds ruled by the administrator.

Those administrators are the ones who overlook the world and allow them to have more control or abilities than regular races. They have no particular business on what will happen to the world as long as no threat can destroy the world itself. Meaning, even if the balance of the world itself is in chaos, the administrator can freely choose if they want to help the good or evil or destroy the balance as long as the world itself is intact.


“So Hana can you look at my world for a bit, and I will try to go after Celestia-sama? Please?”


And then suddenly Eris, who called herself an administrator drop bomb to Hana just like that.


“W-what did you say?!”

“I mean, Hana is Celestia-sama’s daughter, so you also have outstanding abilities just like your mother. Besides, don't you think it's fun to travel to another world. I am always watching Celes… you and your mother for a long time and I know you read a lot of light novels. Fufufu, what do you think the things you read-only in the books are real, and you can experience it first hand.”



Eris was provoking Hana with a grin on her face, knowing Hana, surely she cannot easily resist it.


“Besides, I'm sure it will be fun, you will experience a lot of new things! ~I am begging you, please! You don’t have to do anything, you can  stay here, watch them, or you can go below and live with them.”


Seeing Eris desperately pleading for Hana, she can’t turn it down easily, especially knowing that her mother and Eris are close friends.


“Sigh… I can't even deny it, right? I guess I’ll do it. I don’t even have a choice… I don’t need to do anything, right?”

“Waaahhh thank you!!! Yes, you can just ignore them or whatever.”

“That’s cruel!... By the way, if my mom is a high ranking administrator, then what does mom doing on earth? In the first place, doesn’t she have a world that needs to look? ”

"Fufufu, you are very sharp as expected of Celestia-sama's daughter. Celestia-sama is not just some high ranking administrator. She also has a lot of influence in the whole dimension because of her unique ability, making her do things that she wants. While passing different dimensions, she accidentally stumbled on Earth, and she decided to stay there met your father. Yes, your father, the one who stole Celes... Cough... Well, after knowing that your father was cheating on Celestia-sama, she killed it on the spot together with that bitch.”

“Oi oi, you are scaring me! Calm down! Where ever I look at it, mom is just running away from her job!”


And then, five hours later, Eris and Hana became close friends, Eris, who is praising her mother while Hana, complaining about her mother to Eris and so on.


"Then it's time for me to go so Hana what will you going to do? Are you gonna stay here or you will go below and live there? Don't worry, I will pick you up after I finish my business with Celestia-sama."

"Fufufu, you should already know my answer right? Of course, I want to have fun and learn a lot of different people."

"I know you will going to say that, then see later, after a hundred years."


After their farewell, Hana was enveloped by light, while feeling the dizziness in her eyes, and then she remembered a word that she didn't expect.





W-w-waiiittt a minuteeeee...Noooo!!!!