Chapter 2 – No pass, No entry
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Hana slowly regains her consciousness.

It looks like she has strange dreams when she notices that she was sleeping under the tree.

In front of her eyes was a forest beyond her reach.

While in her back was a big wall where judging from its height, it was tall as a fourth-floor building.


(Sighed… It was real after all)


“Seriously teleporting me near the gate outside the city! Can you just teleport me inside instead?! First, I should go to the city.”


Getting up from her beauty rest, Hana walks to the gate of the town.

Well, Eris drops her very close to the town to the point where she only needs at least twenty steps reaching the gate.

If you are wondering how close it is, then we could say that Hana dropped to the first tree you can find outside the town.

While guarding the gates, the guards saw a girl not far away from their position walking.

Upon reaching the gate, Hana was very excited upon entering her first town in another world.

The guards who were patrolling near the gate saw the figure of a girl.

Her long white hair was shining under the sunlight having an exceptional beauty.

The girl didn’t betray their expectations with her silky white hair and her crimson eyes together with her modest chest together with her strange clothing, which makes them wondered if she were a noble.

She was walking very fast when suddenly, the two guards who are in duty blocks her way.


“Stop, Can I see your city pass, please?”

“…… I-I don’t have…”

“Then kindly pay ten silver coins for a pass”



It was at this time that she knew she made a wrong judgment.

 Right, she forgot many things before she got her.

Upon going to a different country, even on earth, there was one thing that was important for you to survive...

… It was money.

Money is important.

It helps us get some of the life intangibles such as freedom or independence, the opportunity to make the most of our skills and talents, the ability to choose our own course in life, financial security.

Yes, it was important that she felt that she missed a very good chance in her life.

Eris was an administrator, and she can give a lot of money to her.

She also realizes that she didn’t even manage to ask what ability she possesses.


“You don’t have silver coins? Sorry young miss you can’t enter the city without a city pass. Without a recommendation from nobles or adventurers, we can’t give any special treatment.”



Hana was walking back to the trees where she came from, and dead eyes can be seen from her.

(I-I'm done for…)

Not only money, but she also didn’t even know what ability she has.

She was sure that she has an ability after all her mother is an administrator and can control time.

 Also, Eris told her that she also has an ability, but the problem is, how can she use it.

Besides, her biggest problem right now is how she will go to eat and where is she going to stay for tonight.


“Sigh. I am getting hungry now. Maybe I should prioritize my stomach first, you can’t work with an empty stomach after all.”


Luckily, there is a river not far away from the city.

 Seeing the clear crystal river from far, Hana decided to go to the river first.

Having no materials to make a fish rod, Hana decided to go directly to the river to catch some fish.

Luckily the river was shallow, which reaches the water in her thighs.

The river was so clear that makes it possible for the appearance of Hana to reflect through the water.


“W-w-what… did my appearance change?!”


Her black hair that reaches her neck and her black eyes were gone, what is she seeing in the reflection was a long white hair that reaches her thin waist and her crimson eyes like a ruby.

Beside it, there were no other changes from her height and weight.

… Yes, there were no other changes….

(Why my chest didn’t change at all! It will not hurt me a bit if my chest grows even a little, you know!!!)

It was already noon, and still, Hana didn’t catch a single fish.

Practically in the first place, it was impossible for Hana, who without any experience when it comes to this kind of thing to catch a single fish.

For Hana, it was her first crisis in this world.

She doesn’t have any money to buy food, let alone go inside the city, but for other travelers who went, and passes by, it was different.

A beautiful lady with a delicate figure is soaking her body in the river while running around.

The travelers can’t resist their temptation to look in the figure of the girl in front of their eyes, proportions, and body lines can be seen, which makes her irresistible.

They didn’t dare to intervene in her time, and thus they conclude that she was a noble who ran away from home and enjoying her time in the river.

It was a rare seen just from her appearance alone where she looks like a Goddess who descends from above.

But the reality is cruel.

 When you look closely towards the girl, what you will see is a girl catching her breath while running around chasing the fish, but no one knows the truth, no one dares to approach the girl when she was having fun alone.


“Ha… ha...… did…this…happen… I… can’t do this anymore”


Hana, who was catching her breath and can’t stand anymore finally gave up and fell from where she stands.

 Having no energy left, she was floating in the river relaxing her whole body.


The boy was swinging his sword with his all might left, right, up, down.

There was neither formation nor pattern in his movement and was swinging his sword randomly like an amateur.

He tried to close the distance between him and two wolves.

Swinging his sword randomly, it was crude swordplay having many gaps in it, and when the wolves notice those gaps, they quickly grab the chance to bite the boy in front of them.

But what the wolves didn’t know, it was a feint attack to lure the two wolves in that place.


“<Fire Magic: Fire enhancement>”


Suddenly the sword was covered in fire.

Then confirm that his sword was enhanced and covered by his fire magic before he swings it towards the wolves in one go.

It was his last stamina.

 He was betting everything in this last magic to finish the two ferocious wolves in front of him.

He gripped the hilt while swinging the sword at their heads.

Not betraying his efforts, the headless wolves were defeated lying on the ground.


“Sigh… T-that was close.”


(How did this happen?!)

He is only a newbie adventurer that started not long ago.

Receiving a quest to gather some medicinal herbs in the forest, he easily accepts it, not knowing the other details.

It was when I gathered the herbs when the wolves show up, Normally a newbie adventurer facing two wolves alone was dangerous and not advisable, and it was thanks to his magic that he was able to survive.

Being extra-ordinary by having the talent for fire magic, he decided to go to the city to earn some money and to help his village.

His dreams of becoming a magic knight shattered when he went to the capital, where discrimination between social status, bribery, and corruption exists.

Even having an exceptional talent for fire magic, because of his origin, he wasn’t accepted.

Not wanting to disappoint his village, he lied to them that he was a magic knight.

After getting a rest he went to collect the materials from the wolf such as fangs and pelts.

Even though it was not in the scope of his quest, which is gathering medicinal herb, by reporting the incident and collecting the wolf fangs, and pelts the guild is willing to add more rewards by buying the materials to compensate for it.

While walking out to the forest, he spots the usual river where he always goes to relax before entering the city.

Having still time before past noon, he decided to eat his lunch near the river before reporting his quest to the guild when he saw a girl floating in the middle of the river.