Chapter 3 – Kevin
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"Y-yo, shounen I'm hungry, can you give me some food?"

Author's note: shounen - Japanese terms for a teenage boy (here I use the word shounen because it sounds cool to me)


The boy was suddenly startled when the girl floating in the river called and talked to him.



"Yes, who else? By the way, can you help me to get up because I can't move my body or else I'm going to die from the cold."

"N-no problem."


Not wasting any second, the boy reaches her hand towards the girl and pulling her away from the river.


"... A goddess"


He spontaneously spilled those words from his mouth. It was like in the fairy tales who are known for their undefined beauties that cannot be compared to humans.


"... When I'm being complimented like that, it's quite embarrassing, you know."


Smiling with her whole face, her thin finger stretched to the side of her face in embarrassment. Towards the girl's gesture, the boy finally realized that the one in front of her was a living person, he suddenly regained his sanity.

Judging from her looks, she like at the age of around 11-13 years old.


"nom*nom*nom* for... the.. f... oo...d."

"No need to thank me, you can relax and eat all the food. Eat slowly"


After eating all the boy's lunch, Hana was very thankful to the boy in front of her. Because of him, she avoids her early death flag or so what she believes...

After establishing the mood, the boy hesitating to say something, but he swallowed his saliva, and politely asks her a question.


"C-can I ask some questions?"


Reading the sudden change in the atmosphere, Hana smiled towards the boy.


"Sure, you can ask anything."

"T-then, can I ask your name?"


Hana was a bit confused by the boy's question, even so, she answered it.


"My name is Shirai Hana... wait... If I'm correct from those light novels that I read before, the first name should be followed by the last name, so from now on, it should be Hana Shirai... Yes, My name is Hana Shirai."


After giving her name, the boy in front of her suddenly kneels towards the ground together with his head. Not following the meaning behind the action of the young boy in front of her, Hana was screaming inside and questioning herself if she did something wrong.

It's making Hana the bad person. If there were a lot of people who are watching what is happening right now, she will definitely die from embarrassment.


"Hana-sama, sorry for my rude behavior earlier and for allowing me to offer my lowly food to you."


(Please don't do that I'm dying from the embarrassment right now! And besides, if you didn't give me any food, I will die from hunger!)

Hana wants to shout those feelings from her inner self right now, but she can't. She forces herself to smile, hiding her embarrassment.


"Ah shounen, I-I think you got the wrong person? This is my first time meeting you... hahaha" (dry laugh)

"Eh, aren't you a noble or from the royalties I mean you have a last name? Only nobles or royalties have last name added to their name"

"No! no! no! I'm just your average person!"

"I-I see, then let me introduce my name. I am Kevin, an adventurer nice to meet you."


Hearing the adventurer word coming from Kevin's introduction, Hana's eyes were sparkling full of curiosity.


And so I told Kevin my circumstances but limited only like I don't remember everything that happened before I wake up in a tree near the city gate.

I know that my story sounds a little suspicious, but good thing Kevin believes it or else I can't think of any stories to cover me up. Kevin also told me a lot of things like the adventurers.

Just like from what I know from my world, adventurers were people who took job requests like defeating monsters and demons, exploring ancient ruins and dungeons, and hiring as mercenaries.

Kufufu, now I'm fired up.


"And there were also magic knights."

"Magic knights?"

"Yes, unlike here in the city, magic knights were the selected group of mage, and they become part of the kingdom military. Magic knights require one to have strong control over their skills. Eight captains are leading each squad. They said every captain of the squad is a monster. Their roles were to protect the Kingdom from various threats such as invasions from foreign countries to local crime in the Kingdom itself."

"Um, what is the difference between the magic knights and adventurers when it comes to protecting the Kingdom? Slaying monsters and demons help the Kingdom to become peaceful, right?"

"Yes, but magic knights act with the king's order or if the citizens are in trouble not like adventurer where we are free to save the citizens or run away after all almost everyone become adventurers to earn money."


Hmm... I see I see.

Just like Kevin said, adventurers are free to do things they like, but I believe there were also some circumstances where even the adventurer need to contribute to the Kingdom.

If that's the case, I wondered why Kevin became an adventurer.


"Hey Kevin, why did you become an adventurer?"

"... It's a long story."

Seeing Kevin's reaction, it looks like he remembered some unpleasant memories huh... I probably change the subject to lighten the mood.


"T-then, can you explain to me about magic? Or can you show me some magic!"


Yes, I almost forgot about magic!


"Magic? Ah, you mean skills?"


"Yes, skills or abilities are things you were born with, other skills can be obtained if the skill holder dies or in some cases, there are people who got their skills through life and death experiences and training. There are many skills in the world, and some of them were still unknown like the most powerful person in the Kingdom, the King has the <Greed Magic>, and there were rumors that he was able to awaken its full potential."

"So, in other words, the magic was only part of the skill then, what will happen if someone acquires the fire magic does that he is the only one who can use it?"

"Not really, skills are divided into different tiers. Common tiers like fire magic can be used by anyone who has the aptitude for it. What's important is not the skills itself, but their understanding of the skills and how much power they can draw to it. For example,

"<Fire Magic>"

Ohhhhh!!! A fire appears on the right arm of Kevin!

"Normally people with fire magic can do this but <Fire Magic: Scatter Shot>"


Numerous fireballs appeared in Kevin's hands one, two, three, no there were five small fireballs. So this is fire magic! So cool! It was powerful in terms of AOE damage.


It was already past noon as the sun is setting down the air also gotten chilly, it was a sign that the night is starting and still...

(I still don't have a place to stay!!! What should I do? Should I spend the night here outside the city? No! No! No! I don't want it!)


"Looks like it was already past noon, sorry for taking your time and thank you for teaching me different things Kevin let's meet again someday."

"What are you saying? You're coming with me, right?"

"Well, even if I want to, you know that I don't even have money to enter the city..."

"That's why you're going with me, how can I leave a girl here alone. I'll pay for the entrance fee."


Hana runs leaving Kevin behind. A few meters from him and then Hana, who still in front of Kevin look back at him looking into his eyes and at such timing of the coincidence, the air suddenly blew in Hana's position making her lustrous silver hair to shine in front of the sunset.


"If you say such a thing to me like that, don't blame me if I fall in love with you."


Saying such a thing while she is smiling and then...


"Of course it's a j... Eh?"


It was too late, the first love of the boy in front of her was starting to bloom not too long ago... Well, they say first love never meant to be...

(It should be a joke!!! Don't tell me he fell for such a trick. I just wanted to try acting like that because it's cool... This is bad should I say that it was a joke... No! No! Let's leave for now!)