Chapter 4 – Blood Manipulation
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Right now Hana is in front of the city gate again, she remembers that her first try to get inside the city was a failure, but now it was different, after all, she got a wall... cough... She got Kevin in her back.

(Fufufu I'm back again, now let see if they can prevent me from entering the city!)


"Here, ten silver coins."


Hana proudly hands out the ten silver coins to the guard while puffing her chest feeling, satisfied.


"You can go now, remember those people who don't have a city pass need to pay every week, and if you can't pay, it's not our fault if you will get arrested."

"There was such a thing as that?!"

"And tomorrow, please come here so we can check your status."


"Yes, everyone who is new in the city required to be checked, so that we will know if you have criminal records.

"Well, that sounds reasonable, okay, I got it, I will come back tomorrow."


After the talk between the guard and Hana, she also parted with Kevin.


"Hana, are you sure you don't want to stay in the same inn together?"

"Nah, I'm fine by myself. Thank you for everything."

"No matter what you said, you're still a child. You need a guardian."

"How rude! I am eighteen years old, you know I'm a proper adult, by the way, Kevin, how old are you?"

"...For real?!... Sixteen years old."



Realizing the gap from their age, Hana regains her composure and confidence that was shattered, after getting here in this world.


"Heh. Don't worry. ~O-n-e-e-s-a-n can take care of herself from here."


She chooses to demonstrate her adult side, Kevin, who can't argue anymore, feel his defeat. Not knowing to Hana, Kevin's chest was throbbing fast the moment he thought that Hana was not a kid anymore, and she's around the age where she could marry.

Remembering the first time that Kevin met Hana in the river where her proportion can be seen, he instantly became conscious of it, the girl charming lips, her modest breast, her slender legs.

If Hana knew what Kevin is thinking right now, she will go and run away from this city at this moment. Thirty minutes later... The onee-san who said that she can take care of herself was now lost in the city.


The night sky was aglow with the bright city lights. The pale crescent moon shone like a silver claw in the night sky means that the night only just began.

A girl who is carrying a basket is walking straight ahead in the dark, narrow alley while humming while hopping around. She was a beauty having midnight black hair and slender waist wearing light leather armor that exposes her stomach together with her leather short that shows her bare legs.

Judging from her attitude alone, she was in a good mood. But she was a little different. She has ears like a cat and a tail. Her eyes were shaped like an almond, though, they are much wider and sort of turn up a little at the outer edges.

The girl that just came back from the market started to move to the corner alley. Because of how long she was living in this city, she almost knew every corner here knowing the most efficient shortcut to take to reach her destination.

The only problem was that in every corner of the cities, there is always darkness lurking behind the shadow. The lady who was walking on the corner of the city was finally in the last narrow corner, but before reaching her destination, a group of men blocked her path.

Two of the men are wearing copper breastplate armor, while the other two are leather armor. All of them have a sword in their waist. It was too much of a coincidence meeting them in the alley, making them more suspicious.

Usually, people who are well-equip are not supposed to be here in the alley meaning, that they are not some hooligans. No matter where you look at it, it was impossible for them to obtain such types of equipment in the alley.

The only conclusion that the girl thought is that the men in front of her have a backer. As the girl expecting this kind of thing to happen, she continues to walk towards the alley.


"Miss, do you want to have a good time with us?"

"Kekeke don't worry, I will bring you to heaven."

"Ara, if you tell me who is your patron, maybe this onee-san will make you feel good."


Three out of them step forward, unsheathing their swords and pointing it out towards the girl while last one of them was in the back.

(Battle formation?! They even know such a thing, looks like I hit the jackpot this time)

Seeing the reaction of the girl in front of them, they misunderstood it thought that the girl was afraid of them. Judging from their formation, the three in the front are close-range combat while the last will be the support.

The girl took the basket on the side and took out her two daggers that were on her thigh.


"Kekeke. A cat race, huh. I can't wait to taste you!!! Ahh... I want to impregnate you so badly... I want to break you... I want to see you begging for mercy... begging for pleasure!" (hooligan 1)

"Oi Oi Oi are you sure about that? We're not gonna sell her? She will definitely fetch a high price, you know." (hooligan 2)

"Are you dumb? You can't find a rare beauty like her every day, making her our plaything is much better!" (hooligan 3)

"Calm down, before speaking up your desires, how about we capture her first." (hooligan 4)


After the four men finish their vulgar conversation in front of the girl, they started to cast their magic.


"It will hurt you a bit, Kekeke. <Fire Magic>!"

"<Water Magic>!"

"<Wind Magic: Gust>!"


A combination of three elements was coming at the girl. It was fire magic, water magic, and an enhanced version of the wind magic <Gust> with the perfect narrow place that doesn't have any path of retreat. 

That was their strategy. Always finding a straight narrow in the alley, and releasing combination magic right through the target. The only escape is to survive their combination magic, or when she tries to use some reinforce magic to jump to avoid their attack, of course, they already anticipated such thing, and that's where the support in the back will shine and hitting the target in the mid-air.

Because of this strategy, they were able to defeat a lot of strong enemies in the past, such as adventurers, and they even manage to give the magic knights a hard time to point where the magic knights need to retreat.

And now the same thing will also happen to the girl in front of them. A lot of the girls became their victims, raping them until they are satisfied or selling it somewhere, and now a beauty was in front of them, making their animalistic instinct to scream in front of the girl.

They can't wait for any second to assault the girl to the point that after the girl collapse, they will immediately violate her here in the alley.


"Two Level 1 and a Level 2 close-combat, huh. Was I very cautious? Oh well. <Blood Manipulation: Empowerment>"


The girl disappears in their sight before the combined magic reaches her. Not comprehending what happened, they tried to look for the girl, but they couldn't find her.


"~Where are you looking? I'm here."


Hearing the girl's sweet voice, the four of them look at their back where the voice is coming from, but when they tried to look back, there was no trace of the girl there.


"Just kidding, I'm here."


Hearing again her voice, they turn around seeing the girl standing from where she is before. Wearing a wicked smile, they were able to understand their situation.

From their reaction, the girl concludes that the men didn't understand what happened and so she explained it to them.


"<Blood Manipulation: Empowerment> allows me to empower and vitalized my blood making me stronger, faster, more durable, boosting my physical capabilities when I come in contact, or are near blood. Before your magic reaches me, I already evaded it and went to your back. I move fast enough to the point where you can't see me."

"I-impossible, we aren't even hurt, and there was no blood nearby!"

"Eh? I didn't say I can't use my blood, though?"


After her statement, they realized that there is a fresh wound in the hand of the girl where the blood is flowing out. Living so long in the darkness of the city where their lives are always on the line, they already met plenty of powerful individuals which they don't want to encounter again.

Because of their experiences of meeting different powerful individuals, their instinct sharpened to the point where they can detect how dangerous one person is.

And now, their instinct is telling them to run away right now if they want to live. What in front of them was a monster disguised in a girl.


"Arara, did I scare you? Well, I talked too much I should end this quickly, or else Lefina-chan will get angry again. Ouch, my wound... I should heal it first <Blood Manipulation: Healing Blood>."


Seeing the wound that disappears in an instant was enough to tell that they were just nothing in front of the girl.


"<Blood Manipulation: Blood Oxygen Manipulation>."


Three out of four collapses in an instant without not knowing what happened to them.


"Oya Oya, what do we have here. AB blood type huh. Then for your reward, this onee-san will make you feel good... <Blood Mani.....>."



After tying up those four people, the girl picks her basket and continues to walk straight ahead, and after reaching the end of the alley, she saw a girl having a lustrous white on the ground.

After checking that the girl on the ground didn't have a single scratch, the girl mustering her whole strength to stand up, grabbing the cat girl and whispered on her ears...


"P-p-please... g-give me... some... f.. o... o... d..."