Chapter 5 – Meeting New Friends
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[Spade Inn] one of the most comfortable inns in Tarc City.

They boast of having a good, and quality service to the guests and delicious foods that can compete not only in the Tarc City itself but also in the royal capital of the Kingdom.

Just being able to lodge here means that they are not ordinary people.

As it lives to its reputation, inside the inn there was a waiting room where it serves as a place so that the guest can relax to their fullest.

It was a very big room that can hold a large number of guests.

In the waiting room, some attendants serve tea and snacks, and there are also playing cards to prevent the guest from getting bored.

Inside the waiting room, while everyone is relaxing, there is a figure of a beautiful girl having short pointed ears meaning that she was a half-elf. 

The girl in her late teens, wearing a sleeve dress has a tense expression showing from her face suddenly change when the person she is waiting show in front of the door.


"Guild Master! You're back, thank goodness."

"Yo, Lefina-chan what's up?"


Lefina, who is her assistant, is looking at her with her suspicious eyes.


"So, where have you gone this time?!"

"Don't look at me like that, I just went to the market to buy some apples and then I got attacked by some perverts that's why I'm late."

"Huh, you? Who the hell has the guts to attack one of the five strongest ability-user in the Kingdom have they gone nuts?!"


Lefina was surprised by what the guild master told her, despite the guild master's age, she was a genius and the youngest person in the history of the Elchea Kingdom to master and have a deep understanding of her ability. 

The guild master was known as「Crimson Princess」because of the characteristic of her ability <Blood Manipulation>. 

It was a very strong ability that allows her to create, shape, and manipulate the blood of oneself, others, or from their surroundings.


"Can you give me another plate of meat stew please~"


After eating a lot of delicious food, Hana was satisfied, and her vitality was restored. 

It was all started when she got lost in the city while looking for a place to stay.

 While walking for so long with an empty stomach Hana who doesn't have any energy left, collapsed on the ground.

The girl who saved her was now on the opposite side of the table together with the other girl.

(A cat girl and an elf! Ahhhh I want to pat and touch heir hair and ears!)

She almost lost control of herself from speaking her desires.


"Are you done eating?"


To the unexpected question of the catgirl, Hana recovers from her delusion.


"Ah, y-yes... Sorry for causing you trouble and thank you for the food I'll repay you when I earn some money."

"Ahaha don't worry about it, by the way, my name is Risa I am the guild master of adventurers, and the girl here in my side is Lefina, my assistant. Can I ask your name?"


She remembered earlier when she told her full name to Kevin, he suddenly prostrates to the ground, and now just imagining the people to do the same thing, Hana's fragile heart can not the embarrassment from it.


"Please to meet you Risa-san, Lefina-san, my name is Hana, and once again, thank you for helping me earlier. "

"No need to use honorifics, you can just call me Risa. So Hana, can you tell us how did you get in that kind of situation?"


Hana told them the same story that she told Kevin earlier.


"I see, so you don't remember anything, huh. Then how about you stay here tonight? I'll stay in Lefina-chan's room, and you can stay in my room and also here I'll give you 15 gold coins. Maybe you're already tired so you can rest now, your room is on the third-floor room 301 next to us."


Just as Risa said, Hana was exhausted because of things that happened to her earlier. 

She gladly accepts Risa's offer and went to her room, and from there what awaits her was a large room with so much furniture and a big bed, in the corner, there were a mini table and two chairs. 

On the wall, there was a painting of a girl she was very familiar with.

It was Eris, the goddess who runs away from the world that she was supposed to be looking for.

Hana strips her clothes, leaving only her undergarments intact, exposing every part of her body, and then she jumps on the large bed in front of her.

Yes, she was one of those people who can only sleep after stripping their clothes. 


It was already midnight, and there were two people drinking wine while sitting on the table.


"So Risa, why did you give some gold coins to Hana? Isn't it too much?"


Despite the difference in status, Risa was a close friend of Lefina and the same for Risa.

But when it comes to their work, both of them address and properly respect each other. 


"Eh, what's wrong with that? I have the responsibility to help the people in their needs."


Lefina was staring at Risa, she knows Risa better than anyone, therefore, she knows that in normal circumstances, Risa will not go as far as giving Hana 15 gold coins or let alone give her room. 

But Risa is not also that kind of person who leaves people in distress, so Risa will let Hana stay in another inn, give her some silver coins and advice.


"And the real reason?"

"Hahaha, I can't really hide anything from to you, do I?"


Risa smiled wryly, seeing the intense gaze of Lefina.


"Hana is not an ordinary person."

"What do you mean?"

"You know that every person is categorized depending on their mana and ability right?

Level 1 - people possessing very little talent and mana, most of them are commoners.

Level 2 - people possess a normal amount of mana and have a little knowledge of their ability. 

Level 3 - people who have talents and possess a decent amount of mana. Numbering 1 in 5,000 to 1 in 10,000 and those who achieve this level can earn a good income and reputation. They also have a good chance of unlocking the full power of their ability.

Level 4 - people who have reached the pinnacle of their abilities and have a large amount of mana. They already unlock the full potential of their ability.

Level 5 - people who are loved by the mana by having a very large quantity of mana. People who have mastered their awakened ability to the fullest. Only the people who have unique abilities can reach this level.

In Level 5, having a great amount of mana can do nothing. What decides the battle are strategies and how unique and powerful their abilities are. A Level 3 - fire can overwhelm a Level 1 - water because of the difference in mana. But when two Level 5  fire and water magic clash, the winner will definitely be the water unless the fire has a strategy to overcome its weakness."

"So what's the connection of it to Hana?"

"After reaching the pinnacle of their power, Level 5 can sense the flow of mana from their surroundings, and they can measure the amount of mana a person has. But it was different in Hana's case. The mana in her surroundings is like a raging storm, it was abnormal. It likes the mana in her surroundings was clashing with some unknown that powerful enough to fight the natural flow of mana."

"If that's the case, isn't it bad?"


Risa, who was grinning while drinking wine, was in a very good mood right now, maybe because she finds Hana to be interesting.


"Fufufu, we will find it tomorrow."