Chapter 6 – Level 0
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It was already noon when Hana woke up.  After folding the blanket, she put her violet gothic dress and walked down in the cashier on the first floor. 

Looking around the dining hall, she was searching for the presence of Risa and Lefina.

(Sigh. Of course. They are not here it was noon already)

Hana wants to thank them, at least for helping her before she leaves. She surrenders her key to the keeper and left the inn.

After wandering for three hours and talking to different people, Hana has a rough idea in the outline of the city. From what she understood, Tarc City is one of the three biggest cities near the royal capital. 

There are four ways to enter the city. You can enter through the north, east, south, or west gate.  She remembered the important places like the market, plaza, and the south gate where she comes from. 

Remembering what the gatekeeper said to her, she went to the south gate to verify her status. Walking alone in the south street with her violet gothic dress, she was getting a lot of attention from her surroundings.

Finally, upon noticing the big gate from far away, one can see that there were a lot of people and carriages that are going in and out. It was common for a big city to transport goods every day and the adventurers performing monster extermination near the gates.

And then after walking for another five minutes, she finally arrives at the end of the gate. Noticing the gatekeepers who were wearing full plate armor in the side lanes, she realized that those gatekeepers were not just some nobody third rate hooligans.

They were proud soldiers who were assigned to protect the city from any intruders. It was far from what she knows from reading light novels back in Japan.

In Hana's image base from light novels, gatekeepers were some rotten and lazy soldiers who were assigned to that job because of their incompetence.


"Good afternoon, I came here to verify my status."

"Oh, you must be the young miss they were talking about yesterday."


Hana tilted her head from the confusion.


"Never mind that, come here and place your hand on the crystal ball."


Following the man in the room, there was a crystal ball along with a paper presented in the table. Then after showing it to Hana, he left away from the room.


"I will be waiting here on the other side of the door, please, call me when you are done."


After confirming that she was alone in the room, Hana touched the crystal ball. Suddenly she heard an unfamiliar voice from her head.

「... Confirming identity... no history of the goddess system...

「Goddess System installing...... Goddess System installed


Name: Shirai Hana - Level 0

Title: None

HP: 121

MP: 0

STR: 15

AGI: 17


[email protected]%#???


「Appraisal LV EX

「Swordmanship LV 0




Is that it?

No No No Definitely not, let's wait for the time being...




Nothing happened.

(What the heckk!!)


"Young miss, are you done? I'm going in"


The soldier entered inside when he noticed the girl making a depressed face.


"I-it's not done yet, I think... I mean, the paper beside the crystal was still a blank?"

"Nn. That's good, that means you are cleared. That paper only shows if you have any criminal records or evil titles in your status."

"I-I see."


Feeling dejected, Hana left the south gate with heavy footsteps. From what she remembered from Kevin, everyone was classified by a level in determining their strength and mana where level one was the lowest, and level five is the highest.

He didn't mention to her about level 0, but it's not hard to describe it, especially after looking at her status where the mp was 0.

The next one is her「Skill Bonus

There were the 「Appraisal LV EXand 「Swordsmanship LV 0.

The「Appraisalis a skill that allows her to assess her opponent's status and 「Swordsmanshipallows her to be versed in the art of the sword.

In her world, almost all of the people who play games and read light novels knew these skills. And now these basic skills are what she has.

Her plan of becoming an adventurer was now out of reach for her. The money that was given to her by Risa will not last forever, and she thought that she will become an adventurer, after all, it was a dream of everyone who went to another world. 

Wanting to see the adventurer's guild, she decided to go when a young girl who is running in her direction, accidentally bumped her.

They both fell on the ground at the same time. Even though it is only a young girl, Hana, a healthy eighteen-year-old girl, has a figure of a child who can't handle the impact with her small body.

Even back in Japan, many of her university friends tease and called her as a loli. Of course, Hana didn't like to be called by that. So after getting upset, her friends stopped teasing and calling her like that.

But there are still students who gossip about her when she is not there.


"Sorry, are you okay?"


After getting up from the ground, she looks at the young girl. She reached her hands towards the girl when she notices that the girl covered in wounds, and her eyes swollen from crying.

Her feet got bruises from running with her bare feet while her hands were trembling from fear. 


"You're covered in wounds! How did you get that, we need to see Risa, and maybe she can help you!"


No matter how you see, it was clear that the girl was getting abused. The young girl tried to stands up and apologized to her when two men approached them, coming from the direction where to young girl came from.


"We finally caught you! Oh, miss, thank you for finding my daughter."


One of the men step up, and he claimed that the young girl in front of Hana was her daughter. Judging from their looks, the man who claimed to be the father in front of her was not ordinary. 

Wearing shabby clothes and a dark hood with a robe that preventing her to see their face and to her suspicion, she remembered that she has the perfect skill for the job. 



Name: Ryley - Level 2

Affiliation: Void Organization 

Title: 「Assassin」「Torturer」「Human Killer

HP: 5,856

MP: 3,375

STR: 1,532

AGI: 7,055




「Swordmanship LV 5」「Assassination LV 7」「Stealth LV 3」「Shadow Step LV 5


Name: Crevo - Level 4

Affiliation: Void Organization 

Title: 「Assassin」「Ally Killer」「Human Slaugther」「Merciless」「Reincarnator

HP: 514,651

MP: 454,126

STR: 201,321

AGI: 847,546


「Assassination Combat


「Swordmanship LV 5」「Assassination LV 10」「Stealth LV 9」「Shadow Step LV 8」「Poison Resistance LV 9」「Physical Resistance LV 5」「Pain Resistance LV 3」「Night Vision LV 6」「Poison Resistance LV 10」「Fear Resistance LV 6」「Appraisal LV 3


Hana was scared for her first time in her life after coming here to another world. It was not because of the man in front of her. It was the one in the back of the man.

Just from the stats, the man in front of him was nothing but a mob compared to the man in the back. The killing intent of the man in the back was so intense that Hana wants to run as fast as possible, but there is a disturbing word that caught Hana's attention.

It was his title 「Reincarnator」.

She wants to confirm if that person came from the earth, but she couldn't bring it to ask the question. Besides the title of 「Reincarnatorthere were titles that make her hesitate to speak. 

Feeling the suspicious eyes of the Hana, the guy at the back put his hands on the dagger under his robe, and before he made the move, the young girl who covered in wounds, leave on Hana side and went to theirs. 

The young girl gently smiles at her, but beneath that gentle smile, there were fear and sorrow that she feels in the young girl. At that moment, Hana understood what is happening in the girl.

She knows that she can't do anything to save the life of the young girl in front of her. There was a big gap between abilities. It was her first time regretting that she doesn't have any cheat abilities to save even one girl.


"Onee-chan thank you... Bye-bye"


The girl was smiling at her, saying those words while tears were dripping from her eyes. At that moment, Hana realizes that she almost made a grave mistake by letting the girl go with those men.

At that moment, she resolves herself from the worst possible outcome.


"Wait! Leave her alone!"