Chapter 7 – The Reason to Protect
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Despite the grave situation, Hana looks at the girl with her unyielding eyes and confident smile.


"Don't worry, No matter what happened I'll protect you."


Saying those words without hesitation, where does Hana's confidence come from? Is it because she is confident enough to save the girl? Does she have a hidden trump card?

Or does she believes that someone will save them? The answer was rather simple...

(Do I need a reason to save any person? Seeing a cute girl who is crying in front of me is enough for me to help)


"Run! Ran away from here and, don't look back no matter what!"

 "B-but you?!"

"Don't worry about me, I'll beat these guys, and I will follow you later so run now!"


Now that the girl was nowhere to be seen, Hana plans to buy enough time for the girl. Looking at them, It looks like they don't plan to run after the girl.


"What's the big deal with this girl does she want to die? What should we do to her, Crevo?"

"We don't have much time, so kill her, and we go after the target."



The guy named Ryley had a wicked smile upon hearing the response of the Level 4 guy in the back. 


"~Then here we go ♪"


In an instant, Hana sensed an intense pain coming from her left shoulder. Hana looks where the pain is coming from, and what she saw was a knife stuck on her shoulder.

She was enduring the pain while blood was flowing from her left arm.


"Tsk, I miss."


Hana saw when the knife was thrown at her, but she wasn't able to block nor evade it.  In the first place, Hana does not have any combat experience.

Living in a peaceful country called Japan, Hana was an ordinary girl living her life as a normal college student. This is her first time feeling such intense pain in her whole life.


"Oi Oi, we are just getting started, you know? Stand up!"


From the extreme pain, one of her knees collapsed on the floor while she was supporting her left shoulder. Hana knew that this will happen the moment she decided to save the girl, but it was far from over yet. 

The man who had a visible wicked smile from his robe kicked her in her right shoulder. The impact was so strong that broke some of her ribs.

Hana was lying on the ground while crying not because of fear, but because of the pain that is surging from her right side.  The unyielding eyes and confident smile that can be seen from her was gone.

Right now, her complexion was pale as she was lying on the ground. Every time she moves or breathes a little, Hana felt the intense pain coming from her broken ribs.

Her eyes were dead while tears were flowing from it. The difference in power was very clear. Not only once, twice, but the man also kicked Hana on the ground five times.

The man didn't stop at that he also lifts Hana by grabbing her hair, and then he punched her in the abdomen twice.


"*pant... *pant... *pant... It... hurts... I can't... breathe..."


「Pain already reached the user's tolerance level...」

'The user meets the certain conditions for acquiring Pain Resistance...'

「Pain Resistance LV 0 acquired...」

「Pain Resistance increased by one level」


Out of nowhere, she heard a voice from her head, and then the pain from her broken ribs, abdomen, and right shoulder were lessened, but it was not enough to relieve the pain that she is feeling right now. 


"Ryley, what are you doing?! Stop playing and finished her quickly we still need to catch the target."

"Huh, then why you didn't catch her earlier? It was easy for you to catch her alone."

"I already did that, if not for you! Your ability is valuable for the organization, so I can't leave you alone and die here."

"Sigh. You're not fun at all, you know? Very well then."


Hana has been already half dead lying on the ground and unconscious from experiencing such pain. The man was already holding another dagger and was in the act of stabbing her.

「Unknown energy detected... Preparing for elimination... Third-party detected... Elimination Failed.........」

Hana, who was already unconscious, was now standing in front of Ryley. The mana around them was trembling and the one who realized it was Crevo.

He tried to warn Ryley, but he couldn't comprehend what is happening right now was at a loss and couldn't move.


"Ryley! get away from her right now!"


Name: Shirai Hana - Level 0

Title: None

HP: 121

MP: 0

STR: 15

AGI: 17


「Alpha Reality」


「Appraisal LV EX」

「Swordmanship LV 0」


"<Alpha Reality: Absolute Restoration>"


Hana's right shoulder and ribs healed in an instant without a single scar, and the blood that was lost also restored. 


"<Alpha Reality: Self Transcendence>"


Name: Shirai Hana - Level 0 -> Level 4 (temporary)

Title: None

HP: 121 -> 999,999 (temporary)

MP: 0 -> 999,999 (temporary) 

STR: 15 -> 999,999 (temporary)

AGI: 17 -> 999,999 (temporary)


「Alpha Reality」


「Appraisal LV EX」

「Swordmanship LV EX」(temporary)


Hana created a bronze sword in the air. 


"<Assassination Combat: Combat Perception>"


Feeling the dangerous aura in the air Crevo made the first move.

His skill combat perception allows him to instantly understand the opponent's way of thinking and fighting, allowing him to predict the moves of his opponent. 

Once he understands his enemies' strategy, he can find their flaws and weakness and take them down with little effort. 

While some users of this method do not use it as part of their primary fighting style, it is helpful in emergencies against difficult opponents where ordinary methods will not work against them. 

And naturally, it was the perfect way of fighting for him as an assassin. Even though he is Level 4 and have enough power to fight toe to toe with others, he prefers to finish them in one attack.

Using his dagger in both sides of his arm, he vanished in the air ran straight at the back of Hana, and went for the killing blow but it was parried by her without looking at him.


"Shit! I can't find any weakness in her!"


After analyzing her, he didn't find a single opportunity to overturn the situation. Hana started to move by kicking the ground, and in the next moment, she was already in front of Ryley.

She swung her bronze sword right exactly at the neck of Ryley, but Crevo barely made it on time, blocking the sword.


"Ryley run! Her target was you! I try to give you some time! Go to our designated meeting place."



Ryley, who realized what is happening, tried to get away from Hana, but it was too late.


"<Alpha Reality: Omni Slash>"


Hana swung her sword in the direction where Ryley was running away, and in the next moment, his head was already in the ground. Omni Slash allows Hana to cut through anything and everything, which absolutely nothing can defend against.

Hana already reached her limit long ago, she was only able to move thanks to her willpower alone after her last attack, and now she collapsed on the ground.


"You bitch!"


Crevo, who didn't miss this chance, decided to kill her as soon as possible. With her murderous aura, he dashed towards the unconscious girl.


"<Blood Manipulation: Blood Wave Emission>... I'm glad I made it on time!"


The one who saved Hana was no other than Risa, and beside her was a familiar girl. She was the girl Hana saved earlier.