The Girl Who is Loved by Mana (1)
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A girl with a vast amount of mana was born far away from the Kingdom. The day that the girl was born is the happiest moment in the life of Elyn and Ewin.

The baby girl with an angelic face was named Sirin. Ewin was only a farmer while Elyn was working some handicrafts in their home to sell in town.

Ewin and Elyn don't have any money to make their daughter live in luxury but, even so, they provided and showered Sirin with their love and compassion.

Despite being a commoner, the whole family was nothing to wish more. Sirin started to grow and helps her parents and the villagers by foraging in the forest.

Every day she will wake up early to go and get some fruits that can be found in the forest while in the afternoon, she helps her mother in making handicrafts.

Year by year, Sirin was growing and becoming more beautiful. Her lovely scarlet hair already reached her back, and her bosom was starting to develop too.

Curves were starting to appear in her clothes in the chest area that gives off her charm. It was already thirteen years since Siri was born when she first realized that she was different from others.

It was the night of her birthday party, and the whole village was invited to the celebration. Because their house is not big enough to accommodate the guests, her birthday held outside, together with the foods in the big table and torches that surround their backyards to lighten the surroundings.

On the night of her thirteenth birthday, it was also the start of the tragedy that will change her life. An ogre that was ten feet tall was on its way to their village.

It was ten feet tall, and the hands and feet of it were big enough to crush a human alone. The Ogre has the appearance of a monstrous humanoid creature, with large, powerful, and corpulent bodies.

They were known for having a voracious appetite that preys upon human beings, especially infants and children. While eating at the party, a man in his thirty decided to go out for a bit and check the fields when he saw the ten feet Ogre.

The man was covered in despair when he realizes that the Ogre was already in front of the gate.


"Ogre!!!! Run! There is an Ogre!"


Upon hearing the man's warning, the villagers started to panic and pushed against others to run away from the village. Because of the stampede, some of the villagers fell on the ground while the others were injured.

Most of them were children, elders, and women. Torches also fell on the ground causes the fire to scatter and crawl towards Sirin's house.


"Sirin! Elyn!"


The fire was so fast and covered the whole house while Sirin and Elyn were still inside.


"Papa!""Dear, run away!"

"What are you saying! I will not leave you two alone here! We are getting out of here!"


The time was running while the whole house was already on fire, and it was impossible to save her wife and daughter while on his back is the sight of the fearsome Ogre approaching their way.

Even so, Ewin was not afraid in the slightest in the Ogre that approaching from his back. The thing that terrified him the most is to see his family getting killed by the Ogre.

The roof, doors, and windows were already on fire. The fire was even coming out of the house through various openings, looking like a fire-breathing dragon was inside the house, puffing away vicariously.

The ceiling and roofs engulfed from all sides and burning with such intensity, and the house started to collapse little by little. Inside the burning house was Elyn hugging Sirin tightly.


"Sirin, my dear, don't worry. After the ceiling and roof collapse, I'll protect you with my whole body and use that opportunity to get away from here."


Elyn was caressing the head of her daughter while showing a brave but gentle smile towards her daughter while her lips trembled as she cries.


"No! *sob* No... If you do that, then mama will... *sob*"


Sirin's chin trembled, and a flood of tears gushed down her ashen cheeks. On the other side, Ewin was grabbing any burned woods from the house and putting it away to create a path for his wife and daughter.

His hands were already bleeding, and he can not feel the pain any longer. Fresh burned flesh displayed in both of his hands, but even so, he didn't stop and still removing the molten woods in front of him.

While Ewin was busy saving his family, the Ogre was slowly walking in their direction. The Ogre was stomping the elders while slowly eating the children who can't move because of fear or injuries.

Anyone who can see the face that the Ogre is making knows that the Ogre was enjoying itself from the taste of the raw human flesh. Ewin, who continue grabbing and throwing away the burned woods, was finally able to create a path for his family before the house collapsed.


"Elyn! Sirin!"


There was still a faint hope for the family.

Seeing his family, Ewin slowly reached his hands to them while maintaining his balanced.


"Papa!" *sob*



Their family reunion stopped when Elyn and Sirin saw the Ogre in the back of Ewin. Before Elyn was able to reach the hands of her loved one, fear paralyzed her stopping her hands in the middle.




But it was too late. Seeing the reaction of the girl who fell in despair in front of it, the Ogre grins and lifts Ewin before it broke his arms by squeezing them little by little.

Elyn hugged and covered the eyes and ears of Sirin immediately, while her body went cold with dread. Tears escaped her eyes while hearing her husband screamed and getting killed.

After breaking his bones, the Ogre slowly pulled his arm from his body, making Ewin scream in pain and grabbed the end of his head and feet then finally it breaks his body like a stick.

At that same time, the house finally gave in and collapsed. Burning woods were falling from above, and just as Elyn said, she protected Sirin into the end.

When Sirin realized that the warm hands of her mother were gone, she opened her eyes, and what she saw was her mother's body lying on the ground covered in blood and woods.

And then upon looking back, what she saw was the hand of the Ogre and figure of her father who is not moving anymore. Sadness, anger, anxiety, despair, all of these emotions were now swirling inside her.

She couldn't accept all of it. She wants to reject all of it. How did this happen to her? She was a good child. Toys, dress, jewelry? She doesn't even ask anything from her parents.

She doesn't care even if they were only commoners. She doesn't care if she needs to work every day. Her only selfish request is to be with her family, nothing more.

But fate is cruel. It robs the only thing that Sirin's desire. And right now, the Ogre in front of her was laughing and mocking her. The sadness and despair swirling in her chest were gone and replaced by anger.

Just like the anger that she was feeling right now, the mana in the surrounding begins to tremble as it was sympathizing with Sirin.