The Girl Who is Loved by Mana (2)
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In the middle of despair, a single hope was born. It was not the hope that saves the heart of the girl. What born from her desperation was the power to control fate itself.

What she got was the power to destroy everything in her sight. The air was trembling around Sirin, giving pressure to any living beings nearby.

Well, that is if there is even one person who is alive. What is in front of her eyes, were dead bodies covered in blood. It was a horrific sight that can be described as hell.

The girl who was standing that giving the pressure was being embraced by a massive amount of mana. Upon seeing the sudden change on the girl in front of her, the Ogre composure suddenly changes.

Monsters were creatures who are very accustomed to dangers. Because humans tend to hunt them on sight, every time they survived, they adapt and grow stronger.

And now the Ogre was feeling the danger that the girl possesses in front of it. The Ogre swung its giant fist towards the girl with all its might making the whole area covered in dust from the impact of its fierce attack.

Not waiting for any seconds, the Ogre repeated its vicious attack, and again, and again, and again. Minutes have already passed after the Ogre stops attacking, and the smokescreen also started to disappear.

But the figure of the girl didn't move an inch away from her position. Not even a single trace of injury appeared from her body.


Sirin was able to block the consecutive attack of the Ogre. The mana was concentrating on a single point, creating a barrier to block it. Right now, Sirin was able to grasp the existence called mana.

It was her first time feeling it, but for some reason, it was very familiar. Like it was with her the moment she was born. How ironic, the cause of her awakening was the death of her loved ones.

But right now, it does not matter to her. She only wants to kill the monster in front of her. And after that, she was planning to follow her parents into the grave.

The Ogre again swung its fist at Sirin. But this time, she chooses to evade it instead of receiving it. Right now, Sirin's body was reinforced by mana, increasing her speed and strength a little.

That makes sense of how she was able to dodge the Ogre. Even so, it was not enough to defeat it, first and foremost, this is her first time using mana.

After dodging the attack, Sirin created two pairs of daggers out of mana.She focused on channeling her mana in her feet before kicking the ground and charged towards the Ogre.

It was fast, in a blink of an eye, she was able to shorten the distance between her and the Ogre. Sirin was aiming for its neck, but the Ogre was able to react on the last second and able to dodge it.

After her feet touched the ground for a second, she charged again from the back of it. But the Ogre already saw it before, and it was the same attack Sirin did, except now it was from its back.

Before Sirin was able to lessen the distance, it grabbed the dead body of her father in the ground with its hand and used it as a weapon like a bat.

Sirin was startled when she saw it, and she lost her composure.




Seeing the opportunity, the Ogre grabbed the dead body of her father with his two hands and swung it with all its might right through at Sirin, making her flew from the impact several meters away from it.

Sirin was able to get up, but blood was flowing from her mouth. The impact was so strong that the mana covering her was not enough to protect her.

Realizing that her power was still not enough, she relaxed her body and closed her eyes for a moment. Taking a deep breath, the mana that is covering her body expands and started to take shape.

Seeing the opportunity, the Ogre dashes forward, trying to crush Sirin with its heavy footsteps. But in the last second, Sirin instantly opens her eyes and evaded the Ogre by jumping beyond it and landing on its rear side.

The Ogre follows up its attack by swinging its weapon again on her. But this time the result was different, Sirin was barely able to dodge in the last second.

Guessing that it was a fluke, once again, it brandished its weapon at her, and just like the last time, she was barely able to dodge it. By expanding the mana that surrounds her, Sirin was able to gather the information in her surroundings outside of her rudimentary senses, making the mana as a sensor for every information before it made it contact with her.

It can be called, as the six sense. Even so, processing every information means that light, air, sound, and scent will go first in her mana to determine if they are harmful before letting it through at her.

Processing those pieces of information without practice and experienced takes a toll at her brains. The evidence of that was Sirin already feel the dizziness in her head.

She was only able to expand her mana a little bit enough to make her barely avoid the Ogre's attack. Not only that, but she was also able to cut the shoulder of the Ogre while evading.

It was a sudden turn of events. Blood was gushing from the shoulder of the Ogre, and its face twisted with pain. Losing its composure, it throws its human weapon, began to rampage, and charged towards her without a care in the world.

Not betraying the Ogre's expectation, Sirin kicked the ground and also charged towards it. When they were close enough to each other, the Ogre throws a right straight punch at her.

Sirin already saw it, and before it reaches her, she jumps right through the Ogre while twisting her body, making a three hundred sixty degrees turn.

Using the momentum of her action, she went for its right eye and impaled it with her mana daggers. The Ogre lost its self-possession didn't mind that its right eye was gone.

It was on berserk right now, as it didn't feel any pain. It was the true definition of a monster who is destroying everything on its sight.

The Ogre continued its attack, throwing punches at her while Sirin was evading it and also attacking. Sirin was able to inflict damage to the Ogre little by little while evading.

As the battle goes by, its shoulder, wrist, hand, abdomen, and heel were getting cut by Sirin steadily. She was like a fairy who is dancing on the battlefield.

Their exchanging of blows was getting to its end. Sirin was able to found an opening and was going for its head. Or it should be. Her right knee suddenly collapses as she coughs blood.

Instead of going for its head, she jumps backward, making a distance between her and the Ogre. Her vision was getting blurry, and her legs were shaking.

She was already on the verge of collapsing as she was barely supporting the weight of her body. Unleashing so much mana on her first attempt already takes a toll on her body.

Not only that, but her scale of power is also too great. It was hard to believe that one person can use that much mana. With that output, Sirin was using some kind of trick to do it.

And clearly, one that will come at a price. In her current mode, she was releasing a  massive amount mana greater than what she can.

That means muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic systems, and even nerves. In other words, the more she uses this kind of power, the more she wears out and damage all of them.

Using that much power will eventually entail more than pain. The overflowing ripples of mana that was flowing through Sirin reached to the point where her body can barely tolerate it.

Her body, which is new to the overflowing mana that she was emitting, was destroying every part of her body.


(I know... I can feel it... That wasn't still my full power yet. Either way, I don't have a reason to live anymore. So please... my muscles, my veins, my nerves... I'll use everything I have.)


Sirin was ready to throw everything away to achieve her revenge. She bit her lips, and blood flows from it. Because of the pain that she felt from biting her lips, she managed to hold her consciousness for a little longer.

However, it doesn't change the fact that her legs can't take any more steps, and the Ogre was already approaching her. Sirin was planning to end it with a big attack.

She focuses every mana she can muster in her hands and compressing it to its limit.


"<Mana Bomb>"


A big sphere of concentrated mana was formed right in front of her. The size of its width and length was three meters, and it was twice the size of the ten feet Ogre.

Sirin threw the Mana Bomb at the Ogre. She was betting everything on her last attack. If the Mana Bomb was not enough to kill the Ogre, then she guessed that it was also her fate to perish in the hands of the one who killed her parents.

Mana bomb made contact with the Ogre and explodes. Lights invade the whole surrounding from the impact of the Mana Bomb.

There was no trace of the Ogre that she fought before. What's left was a crater and an unconscious girl on the edge of it.