Chapter 8 – Risa in Shining Armor (Not Knight)
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Ahhhh, it was already past noon! It was a hard time. I didn't get enough sleep from drinking last night, and why just Lefina needed to drag me early in the morning to do some paper works?!

It isn't right! Isn't she just abusing her authority to make me do all the work?! Seriously, where can you find a guild master doing all the tasks while her secretary is just eating breakfast in the lounge? At least give me some breakfast too, seriously!

It was lucky that I finished it earlier, or else Lefina will not let me sleep for tonight! She's a demon for sure. Sigh. If Lefina managed to hear everything I said, I'm dead for sure! After taking a deep breath, I chose to forget my complaint from earlier.

Complaining will not change anything at all. Right now, I was walking near the southern area of the city to take a break. It feels like a long time since I came here.

I still remembered that I used to play in the northern area a lot when I was a child. Well, after all, I used to live in this city a long time ago. The familiar scent of the cafe entered my nostrils as it was bringing back the past and memories that I have spent here in the city.

The stalls, market, and plaza, they were in the same place from what I recalled. And I still remembered that during this hour, there are not many people who are passing by. 

The people were busy closing their own shop as the night here in the city was different from the morning. Some shops opened until noon only while other shops opened at night.

Mostly, those shops were brothels, bars, and black-market that please the adults. While I was on my way to eat my dinner at my favorite restaurant, I saw a girl covered in tattered clothes having wounds on her body.

Seeing how the girl is panicking, I chose to approach her, and as she felt my presence, her eyes made contact with me and started to run towards my direction.


"M-miss! please help me... M-my... big sister... big sister is in trouble... We need to call the guards or adventurers, or else she will die! Please!..."


Tears were flowing from her eyes, and anxiety can be seen from her face.  I tried to clear her uneasiness by patting her head and gave the best smile I can muster.

I grabbed one of my dagger from my waist and used it to cut my finger, and blood started to flow from it.

(Ouch... I still can't get used to it)


"<Blood Manipulation: Healing Blood>"


After putting back my dagger away, and using the healing blood, the wounds of her body started to disappear, and what's left to see was her stunning beauty.

The girl was startled for a moment by cutting my finger just like that, but I decided to ignore it.


"Don't worry. I am enough to save your big sister. Can I know your name?"


Judging from the looks of her face, she was hesitating to answer the question.


"... I-I'm... S-Sirin..."

"Mmm. I'm Risa. Let's go and save your big sister, show me the way."


She started to run, and I followed her from the back. It only takes a couple of minutes and not far away from where we came from before we reach the place.

What I see was a man standing in there covered in some shabby clothes, and on his back was a dead body without his head lying on the ground.

(Wait a minute, is it his companion or something?!)

The man was going to charge in the direction where he is looking. I also tried to look from where he is looking at, and what I saw was an unconscious girl lying on the ground.

An uncommon silver hair... pale white skin like snow... and the unique clothes which I saw for the first time last night...




Wait!! Isn't that Hana!

I hurriedly bit my hands, and I activated my blood manipulation. 


"<Blood Manipulation: Blood Wave Emission>"


I created a series wave of blood in an instant, and shoot it right through at the man.


"I'm glad I made it on time!"


Crevo, who was going for a kill, was repelled by a mass of blood coming at him. He was concentrated on killing Hana, that he didn't realize the presence of Risa and Sirin. 

He directed his gaze at the one who intervened him, which is Risa, and begun to recognize her.


"Tsk. What bad timing. And what does the famous「Crimson Princess」doing here?"

"Arara, Am I that popular? Well, I don't even plan to tell you, so why not just surrender? If you know who I am, then you should know that I am one of the five strongest people in this Kingdom."

"So what? Should I act scared just because you're the 「Crimson Princess」?"

"Now now. You should be polite when talking to a woman like me. Now I'm angry. You will tell me who are you, and what did you do to Hana.

<Blood Manipulation: Awakening: Blood Aura>"


Risa gathered the blood that was flowing from the man who is lying in the back of Crevo. In this state, Risa was surrounded by the blood that she can use for defensive and offensive purposes.

Not only that, but the aura also gave her enhanced physical capabilities such as speed, strength, and durability, which is the higher version of her Blood Empowerment.

Risa created spheres of blood and released a barrage of it at Crevo. She didn't give Crevo a chanced to move away from his position and plan to end it as soon as possible.


"Heh. Losing your cool from just like that. That's not very like you 「Crimson Princess」...

<Assassination Combat: Vanish>"


Crevo vanished just like a bubble before her attacks can reach him. Not only that, but he was able to erase his presence in the mana detection of Risa.

Risa can detect the mana from her surroundings and borrow some power from it, making it hard for anybody to ambush her. She was surprised for a moment by the skill that her opponent used.

It was different from the extra skill: Stealth that she knew. Stealth was able to erase the presence of the user, but it can never hide its presence at mana.

She judged that it was his opponent's ability, and he was not ordinary.


"Tsk. So he planned it after all. He's right, losing my patience was not me at all. He was lucky that he got away. Next time I see him, I will definitely go for his head!"


"Onee-chan! onee-chan! wake up! Please wake up!"


Hearing Sirin, who is crying while trying to wake Hana, she quickly went to Hana and checked her. She was worried at Hana while she started examining her, and she found out that Hana was in a grave situation.


"What in the world! She was fine physically, but her internal organs were ruptured! Don't tell me..."


She has a rough guess on what happened to Hana. She decided to ignore what she is thinking and started to heal the internal injuries of Hana.

On the other hand, the girl named Sirin knew what happened and the cause of Hana's internal injuries. Even so, she knew that she can't do anything to help the girl who tried to save her.

She chose to pray to the Goddess while tears were flowing from her eyes.