Chapter 9 – Start of the Problem
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It's been already one month since that incident happened. They said that I was sleeping for almost two weeks after Risa saved me. Honestly, I don't remember much of what happened there, and I decided to bury those memories on the ground.

There are so many things that happened in a short amount of time. When I woke up, Risa and Lefina were already gone. They already went back to the Kingdom as their work here in the city is already done.

The one who stayed at my side while I was unconscious was Sirin. She said that she has no place left to return, and I decided to keep her with me.

At first, she was quiet as she didn't talk unless you ask her about something. She was also on her guard and always put her distance away from me.

Maybe it was part of her shyness as I decided to ignore it and approach her every day. And now, after that one month, my hard work finally came off.

She was slowly opening herself to me, and her complexion is getting better too. Not only I manage to get along with Sirin, but I also managed to get a job!

The gold coins that were given to me by Risa was still there, but I didn't want to spend it carelessly. From the moment I was summoned...or should I say, from the moment I was thrown here in this world, I already planned to travel the world experiencing new things before I settled down.

For this, I need to study and gather information as much as I can about this world. Becoming an adventurer is also good, but I will pass on that. I don't plan to live my life by killing monsters.


While sleeping, the sunlight started to crawl slowly from my feet to my face. Feeling the warm sensation of it while gently warming my body feels good, but after reaching my face, I started to open my eyes while feeling irritated.

Even when my eyes were closed, the sunlight was so strong that it reached me from the depth of my slumber. There was no other choice but to wake up. It was the start of another day.

Right now, we were staying in an inn with two beds in a single room. It was a good inn where they maintained the cleanliness and quality of it.

Food was also great, and there was a public bath in the back. The price was reasonable, and we decided to stay here. I stretched my arms and removed the blanket that was covering my body, and then I saw Sirin, who was sleeping beside me.


"Honestly... You have your own bed... Well, it can't be helped."


She was cute while sleeping as I stared at her face for at least a minute. I patted her head and decided to leave and put my clothes when she suddenly pulled me back from the bed.


"Kyaaaa!!!! W-w-w-w-what are you doing Sirin?!"


I was startled, and I tried to look at her. She was still sleeping like without a care in the world. She started to wrap her arms to my body like she was hugging a body pillow.

Her head was on my chest, and her hair smells like a flower that tickling my nose. My body was sensitive right now as I was only wearing my undergarments, and I can feel the warmth of her breath.


(N-not good. I need to get away from this position as soon as possible or else......)


I tried to move my body slowly away from her, right now, my face was burning hot in embarrassment. I put my hands on my chest and took a deep breath. After that, I calmed myself.

After folding the blankets, I went to her side and woke her up. We went down to the dining area and look for an empty table and chairs.

After eating meat pies and corn soup, we started to go out to start our day. It's not that far away from the inn where we were staying. After fifteen minutes of walking around the streets, we finally reached our destination.

It was a small restaurant, and because the front door was locked, we went in the back, and from there we entered. After opening the back door, we saw Ben and Lilia, who was preparing the kitchen utensils and ingredients.

Yes, upon opening the back door, what will you see was the kitchen. Ben was the first one to notice us.


"You're up early today. Did something happen?"


In his words, I suddenly remembered what happened earlier in the inn.  My face started to get red as I tried to forget it.


"N-no... Nothing happened... yes... nothing..."

"Onee-chan? Is something wrong? Your face was beet red. Does it hurt anywhere?"


Sirin's worried face was cute, but as I look at it, the more I remembered what happened earlier. I covered my face with my hands, trying to hide my embarrassment when Lilia intervened.


"Dad! You're making Hana uncomfortable. You should leave her alone."

"Eh, but I didn't do anything?! I just greeted her!"


Lilia, who was busying preparing the ingredients, finally noticed us.

(Good job Lilia!)


"Sorry about it, Hana. I will talk to my dad later."

"N-no, it was nothing. Ben-san just greeted us. It was my fault for overreacting."

"I see. By the way, Hana, can you unlock the front door now? It's time for us to open."

"Mmm. Leave it to me."


Lilia was Ben's daughter, and they are the ones who owned the restaurant. Even though the restaurant was not great and fancy, a lot of people enjoyed the foods that he made.

Not only because their food was delicious, but you can also afford it at a reasonable price. I left the kitchen together with Sirin and went to the main hall. After opening the lock, I put my apron and practiced my smile.

Our job was to serve food and drinks to the customers. I looked back at Sirin and saw that she was already wearing her apron.

While waiting for customers, I sit in one of the open chairs together with Sirin, and we chatted for a bit. And here it comes, after talking for thirty minutes, our first customer for today entered.

It was a man in his early thirties. Judging from his attire, he looks like an adventurer. After fixing my posture, I approached him and handed our table menu.

His face was full of scars, and it was a kind of scary. Even so, I put my poker face and tried to strike a conversation to lighten the mood.


"Good morning~ What can I help you?"

"Ah, yes. One order of skewered meat and a glass of wine."


As time goes by, the crowd started to increase and get noisy. I was busy moving around while serving food and drinks everywhere. One of the reasons I chose to work here is because  I can get information just from hearing gossips around the area.

From working here for one month, I already gathered a lot of information about this city. I was on my way to serve some water when a man in his forties entered together with the other two men.

The man in the center was fat, and judging from his clothes that contain accessories, he was not a random guy who wants to eat here, especially those two men who have a sword in their waist while walking beside that fat guy.

They were definitely up to something, and my expectation didn't betray me as the man walked straight at Lilia, and he grabbed her hands.

Lilia was surprised by the sudden turn of events, and before she could open her mouth to complain about the action of the man, the man started to speak in an arrogant tone.


"Girl, my name is Ronald, a famous merchant in another city. I came here to be your husband, so hand over this business of yours to me."


(Ahhh... I know where is this coming from... Here we go again.)