Chapter 10 – Cooking Competition? I Can’t Even Cook!
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I didn't have much time to edit or paraphrase some words, so please bear it with me. <3

The man who called himself Ronald was getting a lot of attention from the crowd. Even though the customers want to help Lilia, the two men who were guarding Ronald were preventing them from making a move.

The hands of those two men were on the hilt of their swords that gives a warning to everyone to not interfere. But it was different for Hana as she was not scared in a bit with those two hooligans at all.

If she wants to take action, this is a good chance to help Lilia, where everyone's eyes were focused on them. But before Hana was able to step up, Ben came out from the kitchen because of the commotion and saw that a fat man was forcefully grabbing the hands of her daughter.

Ben lost his composure and charged towards him a knife in his right hands.


"You son of a ****!! What do you think you are doing to my daugh—"


But before he could finish his words, one of the men who was guarding Ronald gave Ben a solid blow in his stomach. Ben fell on the ground while his hands were on his stomach.




Hana helped Ben to stand up, and she looked at Sirin, and she gave her a gentle smile. From the one month that they were together, they were able to understand each other's personality in a short amount of time.

And right now, Sirin already knew the looks on Hana's face. Sirin gave a nod to Hana, telling her to don't mind her and do what she wants. At that moment, Hana walked straight towards the man who called himself Ronald, while not paying attention to those two men who were guarding him.


"And what do you think you're doing, you fat guy! Leave now if you don't want a commotion!"


Ronald knitted his eyebrow at the sudden appearance of Hana.


"Ho little girl, do you know who are you talking right now? I am a famous merchant from other cities, and I have a connection even here in this city."

"You just stated your name earlier, right?, of course, I know who you are. Are you an idiot?! Sigh. Let's forget it, D-Donald, right? leave now, or else I will call the guards."

"It's Ronald!, not Donald!"


Everyone who was able to hear the confrontation of Hana and the guy who called himself Ronald was able to contain themselves from laughing hard.


Donald *cough* I mean Ronald narrowed his eyes while glaring at Hana. Judging from the looks on his face, he was offended. Ronald looked at Hana, starting from her feet to her face.

He was busy taking Lilia for himself to take over their business that he was not able to realize until now the exceptional beauty of Hana. He licked his lips while imagining Hana giving him a service at night, and that's when he was able to come up with a plan.


"Tcchhh... Fine then, how about we settled this fair and square?"

"And what do we get from agreeing with it? We can just ignore it and call the guards, you know?'

"Oh please, even if you manage to get away now, I will still come back until I get what I want."


Hana was still hesitating, but they didn't have much a choice. She looked at Lilia, who was scared while her tears were flowing her eyes.


"S-so? What do you want?"


At the sudden reply of Hana, Ronald thought that he already won the game, and he let a wicked smile showed from his face.


"It's simple. I challenged you all to a cooking competition. It's not bad, right? As for me, I didn't know how to cook, so I will hire someone to cook for me. The judge will be the best three gourmets that we can find here in the city. What do you think?"


Hana looked at Ben and Lilia. She wants to confirm their decision because their future was at stake here, not her. She wants to respect their decisions no matter what they are. Ben, who was able to guess what Hana is thinking, nods at her.


"Deal... If we win, don't ever come back to this city! Don't ever show your face here! We don't want to see even your shadow here in the city!"

"Ho... What an extraordinary girl you are. Then If I win, I want you to give this small restaurant of yours to me... And also you... If I win, I want you to be my slave forever."



At the sudden statement of Ronald, everyone in the main hall was surprised. But the people who were surprised the most were Ben, Lilia, and Hana herself.

While everyone in the main hall was shocked, a girl in the corner of the main hall was holding a knife while releasing a killing intent towards Ronald.

Her bloodlust that directed to Ronald alone was so intense and dangerous. Only the veteran adventurers were the only ones who were able to notice it.

Even if the bloodlust was not directed at them, it was enough to send a chill down to their spines. Every veteran adventurer in the room reached for the hilt of their sword out of fear.

Sirin realized that she was releasing too much killing intent and reflected from her mistake. She calmed herself, and in the next moment, the bloodlust that was coming out from her disappeared in an instant.

Even though the intense air in the room disappeared, those who were able to experienced it become warier about the identity of the one who could release such bloodlust and make it vanish like it was nothing. While some extraordinary happened in the room, the majority of people were still waiting for Hana's answer.


"Okay. I accept your condition. How can I ensure you will not back in your word?"

"Don't worry about it. My position alone won't let me break a promise, as it will ruin my reputation as a merchant. The competition will start in three days. I expect you to pack all of your things by then. Kukuku"


And just like that, Ronald left together with his sidekicks or whatsoever they called. It was already late at noon, and the restaurant is already closed. Right now, there are four people in the kitchen.


"Hana, are you sure about it? You didn't need to go this far for us."

"It's okay. I didn't do it because of you, so there's no need to apologize. I do it for myself."


Ben and Lilia have a worried look showing from their face. Otherside, Sirin didn't speak up and just observing the situation while sitting in the corner.




Those are the words that she can't forget. Every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. Most people try to copy other people and try to become like them, which is impossible, and why should anybody try to be someone else. You can't be some other person.

Yes, it was the same for Hana! Since she was a child, Hana can't cook at all. It's not because she was lazy or she didn't like to cook. It was because of her mother, who spoiled her too much.

The one who always cooked her food was her mother. Of course, Hana was not that ignorant as she also tried to help her mother sometimes. She can make fried rice, fried egg, and boiled egg, but she couldn't make an extravagant dish.

Making a revolution through foods in another world? Spreading cakes, chocolates, pudding, and other extravagant dishes?Well, I don't think Hana can do such a thing.

(Well, at least I know how to cook an egg! Sigh)