Chapter 11 – Start of the Chase
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It was already late at noon, and the sun was starting to disappear below the horizon. After cleaning the main hall and helping Ben and Lilia in the kitchen, Hana and Sirin went to the changing room to change their clothes.

While Hana was undressing, she let out a big sigh as she imagined everything that happened today. Sirin, on her side, can't say anything to make her better because she already knows the reason.

For Hana, it was a hell of a day. Some random guy went to the restaurant where they worked and caused a ruckus. Not only that, he even demanded Hana as the price for some silly competition.

It was really a stupid thing and Hana decided to leave the issue for tomorrow. After changing back to their usual attires, Hana and Sirin walked to the kitchen where Ben and Lilia are.

They said goodbye to the father and daughter, went out of the restaurant, and started to walk away.


"Sirin, do you want to stroll a bit for a change of mood?"

"Sure, I don't mind!"


After asking Sirin, Hana decided to change the route, and they went where you can find many stalls and people. They bought some grilled meat and grape juices and chatted for a bit before they continued walking in the streets.

It was already night after they finished strolling around the city, and the argent silver moon was already out in the sky that illuminates the night.

As they walk farther, the street that was full of crowd earlier was now starting to get quite. The crowd in the street started to fade as they went to their home.

While Hana and Sirin are walking in the streets, lights from different houses started to turn on and off. Just a few minutes more and they should be able to reach the inn where they are staying, but there is one problem.

From the moment they left the restaurant, a group of three men started to follow them. The reason why Hana went to the crowded area together with Sirin was to lose them there, but it looks like her plan failed.

Right now, they are walking in wide, and quite narrow main street and not far away from their position, three men were also following them. In this part of the street, it is normal that you can't see a single trace of a person at this time.

Of course, Hana already knew it, and just like what she expected, those three suspicious men started their move and trying to close the distance between them.

As the group of suspicious men steadily closed the gap, Hana was able to catch a glimpse at their appearances. One, two, three... No, there were four of them, not three.

Hana was startled as she was only able to identify three of them earlier. She didn't expect that there were four of them at all. The four of them were wearing black and shabby cloaks that cover their body and sword in their waist.

Hana grabbed the hands of Sirin, and she looked at her, but before Hana was able to say a word, Sirin smiled at Hana and said some words in a low voice.


"I already know it onee-chan"


Hana didn't say anymore and just nodded at the sudden statement of Sirin. She didn't have much time to think about how did Sirin manage to learn about those men.

Hana and Sirin were about to reach the end of the street in a few more steps. At the end of the street, the road split into two directions from left to right.

If you go in the right direction, the path will lead you to the central square district of the city. The area was always crowded from day to night because most shops are here like brothels, stalls, inns, and many more.

The inn where Hana and Sirin were staying was also in this area, and if they managed to get there, their pursuers can't do anything at them anymore as they will get the attention of everyone.

On the other side, the left direction will lead you far away from the central square district, meaning that the place will be less crowded because it was already night.

Hana was hesitating if she will go in the right direction so they can escape from their pursuers or turn in the other direction. Even though she was in danger, it was also an opportunity to gain more information about the enemy.

If Hana let them get away now, who knows when and where she will get attacked by them. If she will going to strike, now was the right time where she knows where and how many her enemy was.

Luck was on Hana's side as she was also able to secure a safe place for Sirin. Before they reach the end of the street, Hana already decided what she will do.


"Sirin, do you trust me?"

"Mmm. I trust you."


At Hana's word, Sirin's heart began to beat faster as she began to get nervous. Sirin was relaxed and managed to smile earlier because she was sure that both of them will be able to escape from the men that were following them if they will go to the central district.

She put more power on holding Hana's hand as she already guessed what will happen next.


"Listen to me. I want you to stay at our inn until I came back."


Those words that Hana said were the words that she didn't want to hear at all.


"Don't tell me your—"

"Trust me. I promise this time will be different."


Sirin was defeated. She wasn't able to speak more at Hana's statement. Seeing Hana's confident smile from her beautiful face, Sirin took a deep breath and steeled her resolve.


"Please, be careful."


Hana and Sirin started to run, and the men that were following them were surprised when they saw it. They thought that they were able to conceal their identities as those two girls didn't do anything from the beginning when they started following them.

They didn't expect that Hana and Sirin were going to make their move now of all times.


"Shit! Go after them! Don't let them pass this street! They planned to go to the central district to disrupt us!"


The assassins started to run and tried to prevent Hana and Sirin from reaching the central district. They only have one chance. If they didn't manage to catch Hana right now, it will be hard for them to capture her in the future since Hana will become more careful and wary.

At first, they want to catch them without trouble, so they decided to close their distance little by little and captured Hana and Sirin, but now the situation didn't allow them to do that at all.

They already don't care about the methods. Even if they needed to get a little rough, they will do anything to catch their target. Though it was already too late as Hana and Sirin were able to get to the end of the street before them.

The assassins thought that their mission already failed while watching Hana and Sirin run into the central district.

Or it should be.

After reaching the end of the street, Hana released her hands from Sirin, and she runs away through the left direction. Sirin also started to move her feet and run to the central square district.

The assassins were confused by the sudden turn of the events. They didn't know what happened, but it looks like it was their lucky day.


"Those girls split into two directions. What should we do?"

"Are they idiot? They could run together at the central district."

"I don't care about it. Let's go to the target, the one with the unusual silver hair. One of you will go for the other girl, capture her alive, but if there is some unwanted situation, go and kill her."

"Kukuku, boss, if I managed to capture her, will you let me do anything I want at her?"

"As long as you manage to capture her without a problem, then it's good."

"Now that you said that, they were both beauties. Let me play with that girl after you are done with her."

"You already have that girl with that silver hair of her. That one was the real trophy."

"You can't, that one was for our client. Enough talking and Go!"


After their little conversation, the assassins split into two. The three of them started to chase Hana while the other one went for Sirin.

In a split of a second, the assassins vanished in the dark and started to move.

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