Chapter 12 – End of the Chase
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The whole city was illuminated. Bright yellows and golds glistened of off anything and everything. In this everyday scenery of this night in this city, one girl was running around in the paved streets.

She was running away from where the lights and crowds like she was hiding from someone. The girl was heading into the wet, desolate streets of the city rested in silence as the starry black wept over it where not a trace of lights can be seen from there.

The wood and concrete houses and buildings that she passed by while she is running have their windows and door locked up, making it looks like a ghost street at night.

There was not even a single trace of sound that can be heard nearby. The street was far away from the regular night that can be found in the city.

The mellow and radiant moonlight from the moon was the only thing that lightens the surroundings of the girl, making it possible for her to continue running in the street.

In this dark and cold street of the city, the only thing that you can see from distant was the projection of her shadow. And not far away from the distance of the mysterious girl, three shadows were moving very fast, trying to catch the girl.

Unlike the mysterious girl, the movements of the three shadows chasing her were very skilled. Every step they took, their positions and formation, all of it was very calculated.

You can say that their actions were very adept like this is what they are doing in their whole life. Sweat was starting to appear in her smooth and pale forehead as she continued to run against the street.

The girl was starting to gasp heavily due to having difficulty breathing. It was clear that the girl was starting to get tired of running continuously in the street.

Not only that, but even her continuous running was also put in to stop when she reached the end of the road. In her front was a two-story house made of wood.

The girl looked around while trying to figure out what will she do. After running for so long, she finally stopped and relaxed her body like she was waiting for something.

She looked above and saw the argent-silver moon hanging in the lonely sky. The rays of the moonlight coming from the moon reached the girl as she closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath.

The moonlight strikes her silver hair, making the color of it stand out more together with her crimson eyes that were glowing beneath the moon.

The figure of the mysterious girl basking beneath the moonlight was like a person that you can only find out of fairy tales.


After some time, the three assassins that were following Hana started to appear before her. All of them draw the sword from their hilt and pointed it out at Hana.

The one in the middle that looks like the leader of the group steps forward and threatens her.


"Miss, we don't want to hurt you or anything, so we can avoid some trouble here if you're just willing to go with us."


Surprisingly, Hana was still calm after the sudden declaration of the man. Her confident eyes didn't show any sign of hesitation at all.


"And I refuse?"


The man sighed and readied his stance before the girl in front of her.


"Then will do this the hard way."


He looked back at the other two for a second before he looked back again at Hana.


"Be careful, we still don't know if she has some hidden card so stayed in your guard until we figure it out."


The man who seemed to be the leader gave some advice to his companion. He devoted his life to killing and abducting many innocent and corrupt people to the point that he already stop counting his victims.

And from those experiences, he already learned that he should not underestimate her target at all. Even if the target has the appearance of a little girl or boy, young or old, he never always let his guard down.

The two in the back also put their guard up as they saw their leader being wary about Hana. Unlike their leader, the two looked at Hana's small figure and didn't even consider her as a threat.

Hana smiled wryly at the answer of the man.


"Sigh. Though I already expected your answer, I guess we can't really settle it peacefully, huh. Then tell me, is the name of the one who hired you... Wait a minute... What is his name again... Roland... Donut... Ahhh... It's Ronald!... I think...Let me repeat it. Is the name of the one who hired you, Ronald?"


The assassins were surprised at the current carefree attitude of Hana. It looks like the girl in front of them didn't even perceive them as a threat.

The man in the middle who is the leader of the group was slightly confused. Is the girl in front of her was trying to act tough? Is she not aware of her situation? Or she's just too strong to care about her surroundings.

He can't determine it as he doesn't have enough information about Hana.


"You're not answering? Should I take that as a yes? Well, we will know it later."


One month earlier, after Hana experienced that horrendous pain and suffering from the incident where she was involved, her skill awakened, and she got barely survived.

Though activating a skill requires mana, and that's what Hana is lacking. Hana can't perceive and gathered the mana around her, which means that she can't borrow power from them.

At first, she couldn't use it at all, let alone trigger it, but she didn't give up. She didn't mind if she doesn't have mana at all, and she always looks for another way to obtain power.

One time, she was searching a way on how to use mana in the library when she stumbled a rusty old book in the regular section of the library.

The book was tattered and had only one page. There were signs that the other page of the book was removed intentionally. She managed to read it once, as the book was gone on the shelves after the next day.

After reading and applying the knowledge that she learned in the old and rusty book, Hana was able to find a way on how to use her skill. Mana is a mysterious power that can be found everywhere and help us to manifest our own abilities while others defined mana as the life force or life energy produced by all living things.

But there is more than to it.

Some people revered the mana as a God, while other experiments and still searching for the concepts of it. A mad scholar named Aleister was known for his cruel human experimentation to unravel the truth of mana.

There were rumors that he was able to uncover the truth behind it, but before someone was able to catch or know the truth about him, Aleister disappeared without a trace.

Later on, a group of rank S adventurers were able to discover his old hideout after he vanished, and from there, a rusty old book was found written by him.

Yes, the book that Hana read was the book that was found in Aleister hideout written by himself.


"Indeed, mana is always in our surroundings, but that's not all. Some of us believe that mana was a life force produced by living beings. If we can use the mana in our surroundings, then we can also use the mana on our bodies. In other words, I can also use my life force as mana. I don't have time, so let's get started."