Chapter 55: ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 54
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Ji Zhen Tian made a mourning period for the fallen Empress, Li Zhen Zhen, albeit it being very short, only three days long.

Ji Zhen Tian didn't see any woman during that time.

When the third day passed, he immediately came to get me.

It seems even though it was the so-called mourning period, he prepared for the ceremony.

Many people were invited. The imperial palace became open to the public.

I dressed up in red ceremonial brocades for the ceremony. Everyone else wore celebratory colors and not white which symbolizes mourning.

When I arrived, everyone bowed down deeply.

In contrast to the public execution the other day, the people in today's event were more joyous, celebratory. The venue was also filled with red, and not white.

This ceremony. The coronation of a new Empress.

As I said before, Ji Zhen Tian does work fast. Everything needed for this ceremony was immediately prepared.

The ceremony started, went on, and ended, and I became Empress.

《Congratulations, host. World mission now completed.》 The system promoted as soon as the ceremony was over.

"What should I do now?" I asked the system.

《Does host wish to stay? Or does host want to go to the next world?》

"I..." Which should I choose?

"What would happen if I choose to go?"

《If host chooses so, Empress Ye would die. There's no soul to inhabit the body, after all.》

"...Is that so. But if that happens..." what will happen to Ji Zhen Tian?

I'm treading on dangerous territory again.

Why is it that even though I try to kill my emotions and not think of him, ...I still do?

"Then I shall stay." I answered the system who waited for my response. I shall find out the answer to that question during my stay here.

《Host request granted. Host shall live in this world until host dies naturally, or until host stays enough to be enabled to eject from your body.》

So I can't turn back now, huh. Then I shall live as Ye Ling for the rest of my life in this world. At least, until I could.

"What about my points evaluation?"

《Host's points will only be reported once host is back in the system space. Also, points collection is already over, as all tasks were already successfully done. No matter how much essence host gathers at this point, they will be null and won't be added to host's score.》

...So I don't need to be with many people now, huh. I see. Then, that's great.

"Ling-er... My Empress." Ji Zhen Tian called.

"Your Majesty." I called politely, as we were still in public.

"Let us go celebrate your coronation with a feast now."

I nodded at that.

And so we went to the coronation banquet and became merry until nightfall.

Ji Zhen Tian and I went ahead of the others, leaving them to continue talking and drinking.

When we reached the chambers of my new palace,

"I'm sorry for rushing you to this, Ling-er." Ji Zhen Tian said.

I shook my head.

"No, it's fine." I needed it to be done as early as possible, to finally complete my first world.

"This day was the closest day for good omen, the closest auspicious date, and that's why..."

"Un. I understand." I told him.

We both went silent for a while.

Then, "Ling-er..." Ji Zhen Tian's mood changed.

The whole atmosphere changed. It drifted to... something sexual.

"It's been so long." He said.

Come to think of it, yes. The last time we did it, it has really been quite a while.

"Zhen Tian... shall I... serve my Emperor again tonight?" I asked as I slowly opened his robes.

"No, this time it is I that shall serve my Empress. As congratulations, I'll make you feel good." He said as he slowly undressed me.