Chapter 56: ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 55
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We kissed as we undressed each other.

Unlike our kiss the other day, this time, the kiss was full-blown passionate.

While kissing, we also did a lot of touching.

As if we want devour each other.

As if we couldn't get our hands off each other.

Ji Zhen Tian rubbed my breasts with one hand, and fingered my pussy with the other.

I traced his chest with one hand, and stroked his cock with the other.

As we continued pleasuring each other without breaking the kiss, our climax was building up.

We stop kissing for a short while to regain our breaths, but immediately after, our lips are once again drawn together like magnets.

It has been awhile for me to feel something like this. I think there may have been something pent up in me that I didn't know about. I'm feeling good. Way too good right now. I want release.

Both Ji Zhen Tian and I increased our paces in pleasuring the other, jerking each other off, and in no time, both of us were cumming.

I moaned into his mouth as I reached my peak, and he moaned to mine when he reached his at the same time.

When we were coming down from our high, our lips finally separated. Both of us were panting hard, trying to catch our breaths.


"Zhen Tian..."

Both of us called each other's name, still heaving.

And we're back to kissing again.

I wrapped both of my arms around his neck, while his one hand opened my legs, his other guiding himself to enter me.

I was so wet and he was so hard that he managed to enter himself fully into me in one full stroke.

Both of our lower bodies stayed still for awhile, lips still kissing.

Ji Zhen Tian then moved his hips back and immediately pushed forward.

The sudden hard thrust once again made me moan into his mouth.

Ji Zhen Tian's strokes this time are inconstant. Sometimes he thrusts in and out roughly, other times, he does gently.

But there's one thing that's constant about it - he never stopped moving.

I never did too. My hips were involuntarily moving on their own and always in time with Ji Zhen Tian's. I want release. I need release.

I came ahead of Ji Zhen Tian this time, but my hips still didn't stop moving.

Ji Zhen Tian immediately followed after me.

With the rush of his hot essence in me, I couldn't help but moan.

But again, my moan was swallowed in Ji Zhen Tians mouth. I equally swallowed his.

We once again separated from each other to catch our breaths.

He already came twice, but he's still hard.

I flipped him over and went on top of him.

This will be the first time I'm doing it in this position with Ji Zhen Tian.

Without even me saying anything, Ji Zhen Tian already brought his hands to my hips, as I pushed myself against his chest to go up before going down on his length. With his guidance, I was able to sit myself on him without missing.

Now that I think of it, sex with Ji Zhen Tian was always like this. I didn't have to tell him what to do, what I want him to do. For some reason, without telling him, he always knows what I want and where I want it.

And then I leaned down to him, while Ji Zhen Tian sat up to lean in to me.

And then we kissed again.

Why do we keep on kissing? That, I too don't know why.

Just that... I want to. Because... I need it. Yet another why? Yet another I don't know.

I need him.




We made love until dawn.

He said he's going to pleasure me for congratulations, and he surely did, but I think I didn't do a bad job of pleasuring him at the same time too. We only stopped going at it at the first hint of sunlight.

It was already the day after my coronation ceremony, but it seems Ji Zhen Tian planned to rest for the whole day, not even going to morning court. Or perhaps, he already made it so that there would be no morning court today? Probably so. Ji Zhen Tian is a responsible man, after all. Always plans and informs ahead of time.

Going at it the whole night, and with the recent happenings, he's probably very tired.

He fell asleep ahead of me.

And this time, he didn't go out of my palace and stayed there with me.

I watched him sleep for a while, not knowing why I feel at ease knowing he's there beside me.

After some time of watching him, I too fell asleep.

When I woke up, he was still there.

And we really stayed together the whole day. And the whole night. Unlike the previous time when he left.

And during this time, we once again talked about things. But unlike the last time we had a private talk, our topic this time isn't that serious, but lighthearted.