Chapter 58 : In Between
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When I opened my eyes again, I was back in that pure white space.

《Host 069, world mission complete.》 The system announced as soon as I woke up.

I sat up and nodded.

《Does host want to view your stats now?》

Oh, yes. I almost forgot about that. I have lived an extra 40 years in that world. More time than I spent doing my mission. I... almost forgot who I really am. Almost. But not entirely.

What always made me remember who I was... was the fact that ever since the shielding started, I also started to see people in there as dollsMoving dolls. Perhaps because I came from a greater world than that, that I see people in there as mere marionettes for playing. Dolls with personality. As if... they were made to entertain. But of course, I never treated them like such. Still, I can't help but see them that way.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I asked the system to show me my progress.

"Then system, please show me."

《System initializing points...》

A screen appeared in front of me.

《Host status:

Host Code: 069

Name: Alina

Appearance: Max

Intercourse Skills: 85/100

Intelligence: 98/100

Shielding: 20/80

Points Earned: 1,002,852

Points Total: -1,997,148

Does host have any questions, remaining perhaps about your first world?》

I have... lots of questions. I think I'll have to ask them one by one to be clarified of this ordeal.

But what struck me the most just now... is the fact that shielding max is only 80. I see. I totally won't become a doll myself.

Hearing my thoughts, the system responded.

《Yes, host. In order not to lose host's self entirely, the max for shielding is only capped at 80. So host, please be rest assured, and rather try your best to increase shielding. This... may be beneficial to host some time later.》

"I see. But to increase shielding, the only way to do so is by completing world tasks, right?"

《Yes, host. There's no shortcut for it.》


《Any other questions, host?》 The system asked amidst my speechlessness.

"Why did I see Ji Zhen Tian differently from the rest of the people in that world?"

[Master! Host is on to us!!!]

《Replying to host, perhaps it's only host's imagination? Or perhaps... host came to see Ji Zhen Tian as someone special...》

"I do see him as someone special. Why am I not being shielded from him?"

[Master!! Help!!!]

《That may just be host's feeling. I'll go check the system for some glitches.》

"Okay. Do check thoroughly."

《In the meantime, does host wish to enter the next world? Checking the system may take quite awhile.》

I thought for a moment.

If I could only stay here and do nothing while wait for that system to check itself, then I'd rather earn more points to use my time more wisely.

"Then I'll do just that. Please send me the next world's data."

[Phew. This system managed to fool host and avoid that topic.]

《Then host, please brace yourself again.》

"Un." I nodded. I think I'm more ready right now, as I have already experienced this before.

《Initializing transfer sequence...》