Chapter 60: ARC 2 – To Be Pampered by the School Boss Part 2
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《Transfer complete.》

"...What the..." Her life... was just too pitiful. Perhaps she really doesn't have any luck at all?

"System... so now I'm this... ugh... Amelia?" Damn my body hurts.

《That's right host.》

"How exactly did the rest of the story go after Amelia's death? She's just a disposable side character, a.k.a. a canon fodder, right?"

《That's right, host.》 The system swirled around me. 《As for the rest of the story... Amelia's step brother didn't know of the incident until the next day when the servants told him Amelia didn't come back for the whole night. He didn't like Amelia even more, thinking she's very troublesome. He was just about to start finding Amelia, when his phone rang. He came to know about Amelia's death through that call.》

"Then afterwards?"

《Amelia's parents came to know of the incident and immediately flew back home. When they came back, they seemed to be very angry, host. They sought revenge to those people who killed their finally-found daughter by taking over the companies of the parents of those girls, or by making their families go bankrupt. About Lucas... he completely regretted not paying attention to Amelia. Although his step parents didn't blame him, he still couldn't help but feel guilty about her death.》

Well, isn't it actually partly his fault?

《From there, Lucas became wary of his surroundings and came to not trust anyone, especially women.》

...How did he end up like that with what happened?

《That Maria girl is actually his friend's sister. They only got acquainted and hooked up because of that connection. But being the playboy character Lucas is, he only slept with that Maria girl once. Then that Maria girl noticed that even though Lucas doesn't bother with Amelia, he also doesn't shoo her away, unlike what he does with people he actually didn't like. Being the spoiled girl Maria is, she doesn't want anyone else other than her to be by Lucas' side, and so she always disposes of those she can easily dispose. But of course, with her dealing with Amelia, she ended up rotting away in prison. Lucas broke off all his connections to his friends.》

"And then? The story didn't end there, right?"

《Yes, host. Amelia's part of the plot is actually just the background story of the male lead of this world, Lucas. Amelia's role was only to be the reason why Lucas came to be wary of people, and especially untrusting of women. The female lead then would be the one to rescue him, and they lived happily ever after.》

"When does that happen?"

《In the still far away future, host. Around 8 years from now.》

...Wow. That far.

"I see. Then, about my mission?"

The system showed a holographic screen.

Main Quest 1: Make Lucas Zhao acknowledge Amelia.

Main Quest 2: Collect Lucas Zhao's essence.

Side Quest 1: Collect essence from Jason Wang and Oliver Chen.

Side Quest 2: Reform Lucas Zhao early.》

"Reform Lucas Zhao early? What does that mean?"

《The female lead of this world is the one who originally makes Lucas be more human. Because Lucas has been rich all his life and is the male lead having everything in this world revolve around him, he disregards others and thinks nothing of them. He doesn't care who he steps on, as long as he reaches his goal. That became especially true after his parents became a little cold and closed-off to outsiders when Amelia died, and when he started working in the Zhao conglomerate.》

"I see. Though I have no idea what that has got to do with me, I can't possibly question the system, so I won't. ...So basically, you want me to get ahead of the female lead?"

《.....Something like that, host.》


I wonder what should I do... Haa. My body hurts like hell.

"System, don't you have anything that could heal this body? Or at least make the pain go away. ...Why am I not being shielded from pain?"

《If host is willing to sacrifice points, then... And about the shielding, it is weak at the beginning of each world. As host gets closer to the end of the mission, then shielding will become stronger.》

"Points again? How much is it?"

《500,000 points.》

"So expensive!" This system is basically telling me to bear with the pain and do something on my own. "Haa. I'm still in the negative... I don't think I could waste that much points."

What should I do right now? I can't move that much. Those girls really did it. I'm definitely seeking revenge soon. Just why did I have to transmigrate in such a state... Haa.

《It's because this' the time the original Amelia left, host.》


"Why not go back in the past... like in the case of Ye Ling?"

["She needs to experience pain too." That person said. But I definitely couldn't relay that to host, so...]

《...That's because Amelia is too much of a good girl, host. The system couldn't just eject her without any reason.》

[That much is also true. But it's more because of the earlier reason...]

Haa. I should not ask about that anymore since I'm already in this situation and couldn't change anything just by asking.

What should I do...