Chapter 61: ARC 2 – To Be Pampered by the School Boss Part 3
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I tried calling Lucas.

The phone rang.

And rang.

And rang.

...Of course he wouldn't answer, huh.

But when the call was just about to end, he miraculously picked up.

"What is it? I'm busy."

Busy partying by the sounds coming from his side.

"" Damn, I can't talk well.

"Who are you calling brother. If it's nothing I'm hanging up. Don't ever call me again."

"H-elp." I said softly.


"He...lp... bro...ther..." I repeated. Damn. Why do you have to make me repeat myself... It's taking up all my remaining energy just to let my voice out.

And Lucas remained silent for awhile.

Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have called you.

Haa. I hung up.

I then tried calling another number.

A task-related person. Jason Wang... Amelia's old friend.

Though I say friend, more like... an acquaintance?

They're not really close.

Rather, Amelia hadn't been that close to anyone.

She had her... circumstances, after all.

But it's in Jason Wang's personality to help others in trouble. That's how Amelia met him, after all.

The phone rang.

The call got cut off.

He must be busy.

Shit. What should I do now?

As I was contemplating that, my phone rang, receiving a call.


I answered the call. I need help, after all.

"Why did you end the call earlier?! Why are you only answering now?! Fuck"

Can you please not curse in a call with an injured person?

There's no more noise in the background on his side, so his shouts got through very clearly.

Still, I didn't answer his question. Rather, I couldn't. I could only speak in single words. Barely, even.

"He...lp..." I said instead.

He went silent again.

Damn it! Don't call if you just want to stay silent!

"You're not joking?" He said softly, perhaps only intending to say that to himself. "Fuck. Where are you?!" He shouted once again.

"S-sch...ool" I heavingly said.

"You're still there?! It's already 9! The fuck are you still doing there?!" He rushingly said, but I could hear him starting up his car. "Stay put! Don't move from there, I'm coming." The sound of his car's engine revved up, and I could tell he's rushing to here.

Even if you would tell me to move, I really couldn't.

Useless system and its scam of a store...


After perhaps 10 minutes, "Where are you?!" He shouted in the still on-going call.

"Shed" I managed to say. I'm really at my limit.

Just why the heck did I transmigrate in this state, system!


A few more minutes later, somebody opened the door to the storage room.

"What happened?! Why are you in this state?!" Lucas hurriedly approached me.

"" And I finally fainted, in his arms.