Chapter 62: ARC 2 – To Be Pampered by the School Boss Part 4
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When I woke up, I was in an unfamiliar room.

It took some time to register to me that I'm actually in Amelia's room. Rather, my room now.

When I opened my eyes, somebody approached my bed, looming from above me.

"You're awake." Lucas said, stating the obvious.

"What-" I tried getting up, but Lucas held me back by pushing my shoulders.

What a rough treatment to an injured person.

"Don't talk anymore. I'll do something about this incident." He cut me off. "No need to thank me for saving you."

What's with your overbearing prideful attitude... Kind of pisses me off.

"Rest." Then he went away. "Damn how troublesome." He muttered as he was leaving my room, but perhaps he meant for me to hear as he said it a little loudly.

Then don't trouble yourself anymore.

Damn it. Is this person the one I need to increase my favorability in?

"System, what is Amelia's favorability with Lucas?"

《It is 30, host.》

...Way higher than I thought.

《But it's not of the favorability host needs to increase. That one’s for family and friendship.》


《Lucas Zhao's romantic favorability towards Amelia Zhao: 0.》


《They're family after all, host.》

...So he doesn't see Amelia as a woman at all, huh.

Makes sense, though.

After all, isn't it a little... icky... thinking about your lil sis like that?

But... that needs to be overcome. I need to do that to accomplish my task, after all.

Perhaps... I even have an advantage as Lucas at least sees Amelia as family a little.

Or so I would like to think.

The 'family' barrier to Lucas may not be that easy to break.

And, a favorability of 0?! Do you not see Amelia, a woman, a stranger who suddenly came into your life as a woman at all?! I thought you're a playboy who lets your lower half dictate your actions?!

In the last world, Ji Zhen Tian at least had little romantic favorability towards Ming Yi Fei even though they're cousins. But Lucas...

Haa. No use thinking about that.

No use comparing the last world to this one. The difference is too big. There's just too much of a gap.


Ah... No good. I should not stress myself out with those details.

I need to rest and gain my strength back. To first avenge my current state, and then to do my task.

But speaking of my tasks... isn't making Lucas acknowledge Amelia easier than reforming him? Why is the former a main mission while the latter only a side quest? Hmm...

《.....》 [This system didn't assign the missions!]

And reforming him... make him a good person? Is that what that meant?

《...Basically like that, host.》

"Hmm. I see." The system suddenly responded to that question in my head, breaking me out of my thoughts.

Then a knock sounded on the door, seeking permission to go in.

"Come in." I weakly said. I don't know if the other person heard my response, but the butler did come in.

"Young miss, the mistress is on the phone."

Mrs. Zhao... no, mother?

"Baby! What happened?! Lucas said you were injured real badly! How are you doing now?! We only just found out about this... Your father and I are rushing to go back right now! Baby! Tell mommy what happened, okay? Mommy will punish those bad guys immediately!"

I was suddenly bombarded with questions.

"Honey, Mia is still recovering. She may still have difficulty responding." Father said, understanding my predicament, seemingly holding back mother. But, "Don't worry. As soon as we land, no, starting right now, an investigation will be done." He said dangerously.

"Mom, dad, I'm fine." I said, still weak, but trying to reassure them.

"No, you're not! Baby, we'll be there immediately so just rest, okay? The plane is about to take off, so this call needs to be ended. But as soon as we can call you, we will, okay?"

"Un." I responded.

The call then ended.

"Does miss need anything?"

"No. Please leave me for awhile. I want to rest."

"Yes, miss." The butler then bowed and left.

I then closed my eyes and manage to immediately fall asleep again.