Chapter 63: ARC 2 – To Be Pampered by the School Boss Part 5
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When I opened my eyes,

"Baby!" My mother came rushing at me, seemingly wanting to hug me, but then got held back by father.

It seems I have slept very long as the two of them already arrived.

"Mia is still injured, honey. You need to be careful."

"U-un. You're right." Mother then instead went to my side and held my hand instead. "Baby, how are you feeling?"

"I-I'm okay now, mom." I can speak a little better now.

"Then that's good. Baby, you need to rest well, okay? Your daddy and I will do something about those crazy kids who made my baby suffer."

"...U-un." To be honest, I want to be the one to deal with them. But if somebody else is willing to do the job for me, then I think that's fine too.

"Do you need or want anything, Mia?" Father asked.

"I'm okay, dad."

"Then rest well. As your mom said, we'll take care of everything. Don't worry. This won't happen a second time." For sure. The look in father's eyes assures so.

"Mia, you need to eat something. The kitchen had already prepared some food easy to digest." A maid holding a tray then entered the room.

Father then sat me up carefully. As I was eating, I came to remember someone.

"Mom, dad, where's big brother?" I asked.

"That child is out somewhere again. Really. He's in his rebellious phase." Mother said, with one hand on her cheek, shaking her head.

Really now. Perhaps he's out partying again when I'm stuck in this situation because of him. Just how will I exactly accomplish my tasks... rather, how exactly will I have the enthusiasm to do so?

"Aren't I too old to be still in that phase?" A voice suddenly sounded from the doorway.

"Oh, baby! You're here!" Mom stood up and approached him as Lucas was equally approaching my bed. "I missed you." She said as she hugged him.

"I'm not a baby anymore, mom." Lucas reprimanded.

"You'll always be my baby, my little boy." Mother retorted.

Lucas could only shake his head and shrug helplessly.

"Where have you been Luc?" Father asked.

"I just went to settle things." Lucas said, looking into father's eyes. They seemed to be having a silent conversation with their eyes.

After a while, father nodded at him. "Good."

Then Lucas turned his attention to me. "You won't experience that kind of thing anymore." He assured.

I just stared at him without saying anything. He didn't say anything more either and only continued looking at me.

Everyone just keeps on reassuring me. Was Amelia really that helpless? Viewed as someone who couldn't really do anything by herself?

I resumed eating while thinking such.

Silence then reigned the room.

...It became a little awkward.

Lucas was the one who broke the silence.

"Mom, dad. I have something to talk to Amelia about."

At the call of my name, I raised my head and looked up at them.

...Did Lucas just call Amelia? Me?

From Amelia's memories, he had never called her. Rather, he had never initiated talk with her.

Albeit very trivial, is this still a good development, then?

"Hng... Why are you shooing us away, Lucas?" Mother pouted, understanding Lucas' intention when calling out to them.

"Honey, let's let them have a little privacy. It may be something only youngsters understand." Father said.

"Are you saying we're not young anymore?" Mother crossed her arms as she faced father.

Father then gulped visibly, and tried to appease mother while still convincing her to go.

"No. You're still young, honey. But we need to also let the kids talk by themselves, no? It'd be their bonding time to become closer." Father then uncrossed mother's arms and hugged her. "And, we also need our bonding time to get closer. I love you."

"Wil..." Mother looked up at father, hands rested on his chest, her eyes love-struck.

I could only look at them with my mouth half-open.

What's with this lovey-dovey couple?

I only snapped out of the drama that played in front of me when the door closed and everybody else left, leaving only me and Lucas inside the room.