Chapter 34: Last Smile
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Warning! Has gore descriptions and slight angst.

Han Jungsik blinked, trying to stop himself from from getting distracted by the dust. His horse vigorously galloped, his soldiers and the allied demons in tow as they sped to the human kingdom.

He received a letter from Wei Yun Gyeong, asking him to quickly go home. Why would the youth rold him to go home? Unless he is in danger. They were supposed to proceed with the plan of 'killing' the demon king but the most important thing is to save his lover.

The demon's crown prince, Wei Yun Gyeong's older brother, told him to leave the plan temporarily and save his youngest brother first, he hastened the worried figure to go back quickly and letting his demon army to follow, as the man hurriedly sped his way back.

His subordinates watched their prince's silent back and the anger in their hearts spread. They knew how important Wei Yun Gyeong is to their crown prince.

The scorching heat didn't let the battalion falter nor the dusts flying disturb them. They just knew that they should hurry up or else it would be too late.

The time for execution came nearer and nearer. Their anxiety reached the heavens and the heavens cried in return.

I promise you, I'll be there. Han Jungsik gritted his teeth as he gripled the reigns tighter causing his bloodied hands to drew more blood. Everyone was filled with killing intent.

Everyone who saw them described them later on as the Death god march in towards the imperial capital. In some ways, it is true. The death will infiltrate the palace walls and the blood shall flood the entire capital.

When they had reached the imperial capital's gate entrance. Han Jungsik heard the people's yells and cheers. He pushed everyone on his way, the soldiers following suit, as they reached the stage outside the palace.

The nobles sat in front, the empress and the emperor are sitting on top of the stage as if watching a great show. The people are clamoring and throwing insults to the one lone figure at the center of the stage.

On the stage is Wei Yun Gyeong, dressed on a wedding dress, but his head was laying on the guillotine. Han Jungsik felt his heart burst in anger. He shoved the nobles and the guards surrounding the stage.


Wei Yun Gyeong heard his shout. The beautiful face looked at him and smiled. The Emperor saw his son is going to disrupt the execution. If Han Jungsik declared his relationship with the demon, he would get involved and  get shamed by the people, his son might not succeed his throne if this continued. He quickly signalled the guards to restrain him and waved for the executor to continue.

Han Jungsik struggled furiously, he drew his sword and started fighting the imperial guards, the soldiers who had caught up, started to fight beside him.

His eyes didn't strayed on the youth's face. He felt himself unable to breath when the youth shook his head on him. Like a crazed man, he killed everyone on his sight.

The imperial guards are not allowed to hurt him because he is the crown prince and was unable to restrain him.

More and more soldiers eventually caught up and fought everyone. The citizens were escorted out, the nobles and officials were captured. The empress was like a crazy woman, shouting in horror as blood filled the entire place.

The emperor remained on his seat as the rain fell harsher. He looked at his son's unstable eyes and knew that his time has come. His eyes traveled at the red figure at the guillotine. The executor was already dead— shot by an arrow thus, didn't beheaded the youth.

Han Jungsik ran to the youth's side and embraced him. Both of them are wet from the rain. The youth was too light and was trembling in his arms.

Wei Yun Gyeong smiled and reached for his cheeks. The man leaned down to meet the cold hand and started crying. The youth tried to laugh but black blood came out. The poison already reached every bits of his body.

"W-welcome home." Han Jungsik called for an imperial physician and gently cradled his wife. The youth was obviously skinny and weak but his beauty didn't diminish a bit as he wore the red wedding dress.

"Y-your son is too naughty *cough" spank him i-if he doesn't listen to y-you." Han Jungsik nodded and held his lover's cold hands in attempt of warming it.

The imperial physician went to his side and felt the youth's pulse. He bowed down quickly but Han Jungsik already saw his frown, "The crown princess' poison had already entered his bone marrows. He...he will die within a minute."

Han Jungsik shook his head and yelled at the servant to diagnose the youth again. However, his hands are grabbed by a cold one.

Wei Yun Gyeong weakly rolled his eyes and whispered, "It's late. Don't bother anymore." Even in death, he is still acting sassy. Han Jungsik kissed the bloodied mouth and listened to the youth as he spoke softly. The rain accompanied the two of them and the demon soldiers dispersed with the captured emperor, empress, and nobles. The human soldiers didn't linger anymore and started to helped many injured passerby.

"Our son has no n-name because I want you t-to give him that." The youth caught his breath and struggled to continue, "H-he looks just like you b-but his smartness came f-from me." Han Jungsik didn't said a word and just agreed with what his wife says.

60 seconds feels like a long time. Wei Yun Gyeong told his complains and how childbirth hurts, that he should compensate him. When he felt that his time is about to stop, he paused and said, "The labor was too painful so I'm g-going to rest."

Han Jungsik started to cry again as he nodded. He moved the youth and carried him just like in old times. Using his last breath, he quietly whispered to the man, "I'm just...going to sleep for a long time..."

"I'm tired."


Han Jungsik entered the court and the people inside trembled. The empress kneeled beside the emperor whilst the nobles kneeled behind them.

"Father. I'm disappointed" The old man didn't say anything and he just closed his eyes.

His imperial soldiers are already exterminated, this is his dead end. To die in his only son's hands whom he loved dearly. Unfortunately, they walked different paths.

"Pei Yang, We* want all of them to be punished of death by thousand cuts. Not one less, if possible, I went them to be conscious and alive until the final cut." Pei Yang bowed and let the guards drag everyone to the torture hall.

The empress screamed and at the last moment said, "Too bad I didn't get to kill your bastard son!"

Han Jungsik moved quickly and grabbed the woman's mouth. This wretched slut killed his mother and older brother, only became an empress to compensate her infertile womb.

He fed something to the woman and the woman knew what she had swallowed. She thrashed around and yelled no but no one will save her as she left the court.

The empress prioritize her beauty the most. She was the most beautiful woman but now her skin would wrinkled and yellowed, her lips will melt and her delicate nose will be filled with pus. The parasite inside her body will let her live for 10 years as her insides slowly gets eaten and rot.

Han Jungsik cradled the baby who looked like him except for his mouth and hair color that resembled the youth's.

He poked the tiny nose and the child laugh happily. The man gave the baby to Pei Yang who was very eager to hold the little one. Pei Hang, his twin, grumbled at his twin as he didn't get to hold the baby first.

"I'll be back. Hold him first."

The twins watched the man's back as it disappeared at the hall, leading down to that bloodied place full of painful cries and rotting smell.

Han Jungsik looked at the row of mangled flesh. The flesh are moving and squirming, like ghosts they let out grunts and noises. The blood dripped continuously on the floor and the smell of death pungents everywhere.

He watched for a while as his men continued to cut the flesh. His eyes paused at the one in the middle, it's dead. The piece of flesh who was once the prime minister, was not moving.

The man snickered and poked the dead 'man' and said, "How's the taste of hell that you are eager to go to?"

"Don't provoke the devil."

Author: Did you know that Pei Yang amd Pei Hang are the two gang leaders that Lee Yun Gyeong 'recruited' in the early chapters? They were Han Jungsik's left and right hand in their past life. In their second life, they were found by Yun Gyeong and was 'trained' under Han Jungsik.

Did you know that Han Jungsik's dad was supposed to be the only one who dies in the accident because of the past life karma? But his mother chose to be stay so they died together.

Did you know that Baby's past life is the little son?

Now you know~