[NSFW] Extra (4)
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Feng Jiluo was nervous when he noticed that his man wasn't talking. When the other sat him on the bed again, he went away and took his phone.

Feng Jiluo watched quietly and didn't dare speak in case he provoke the man's anger. Although, he didn't need to be worried since the man never got angry and was very patient to him even if acted unreasonable in their fights.

He suddenly felt a pang of guilt when he realized how his lover tolerated his immaturity and always thought of him when he on the other hand, always selfishly think of himself.

While he was reflecting on his behavior, he didn't notice the man came back with a phone in tow.

Han Beiyan gave his phone and lay the man down when the other took it.

He took the man's thighs and spread it open. Taking the other leg on his shoulder as he positioned himself again to his lover's entrance, "Read it loudly for me."

Feng Jiluo gulped and looked at the article on the screen. He opened his mouth and loudly read, "Sex during pregnancy is good for you and...mmn...the b-baby."

The tip slowly entered his cum wet hole. The slow movement carried the man's usual gentleness. Feng Jiluo shookt his head and continued to read, "H-having sex will not hurt your baby. The baby can't kno— Ah! Ngh...deeper, deeper..."

Feng Jiluo started to get gibberish as the man started to pick up his pace. Han Beiyan intentionally started pulling out and then entering deeply inside his lover.

When he noticed that the other was not reading, he leaned down and whispered on the side of the other's ear, "Why did you stop reading? Hmm? Does it feel good? Tell me."

Feng Jiluo already forgot the phone in his grip, it slid down with a harsh thud as it collided with a hard surface. The both of them knew that the phone was now damaged.

Han Beiyan took advantage of it and hurriedly bended the man's legs until it reached the man's shoulders. His cock reached more deeply causing the other to unable to close his mouth, the saliva dripping out on the side of his face.

The delirious look of the deeply pleasured lover made him enthralled and his cock harden further.

When the other repeatedly said no more or stop, Han Beiyan would deliberately stop moving causing the man to get upset and would move by himself. This happened many times until Feng Jiluo cannot take it anymore.

"You fucker!" Flipping their position, he straddled the cock, leaned back, and started to move up and down. He glared at the man who was smirking at him, the other still didn't move and just supported his waist.

"Ngh! When I said...mmn...that I don't want anymore...ah...don't listen to me and just—" His legs suddenly trembled and gave out. Han Beiyan laughed at the helpless look the other gave him.

To Feng Jiluo's distaste, the man still didn't made a move and was just happily watching him. He growled and continued what he was saying before, "Don't listen to me and just fuck me like you want to kill me, Idiot!"

As if Han Beiyan was waiting for him to say this, the man's grip on his waist suddenly tightened and the body below made a huge upward movement causing the cock to enter until it's base.

A wave of electricity entered him and his body shivered in delight. His hole would meet the large cock in the middle, the precise and deep intrusion made him cum repeatedly.

His strength eventually went out and he fell down on the man's sweated body. Even with his weight, the man still move and was hardly restrained.

The amazing endurance and perfect bed performance of Han Beiyan did him completely until he can't even move an inch and just mindlessly uttered moans.

While he released multiple of times, his lover didn't even get to cum once. He was utterly defeated and grumbled at the beast.

The reason why they didn't actively had sex and just do it once in a while is because of the high endurance of the man. He really felt like he was going to die of they do it anymore than that.

Although, Han Beiyan wants to do it again, he knew that Feng Jiluo's body can't keep up with him.

In the next morning when they visited the newlywed couple to report what happened, Han Beiyan told his thoughts to his younger brother.

Han Jungsik thought for a while and said, "Didn't he drank the vial to stregthen his body? Why not drink another one?"

So when Han Beiyan pulled Feng Jiluo for their night exercise, he noticed that they can now do it longer and last for several rounds.

When Feng Jiluo found out that Han Beiyan secretly made him drink another vial, he lashed put completely and the two couple started another cold war.

Yun Gyeong sneered at his brother-in-law and said, "You got what you wished now you suffer from your wife's wrath."

Han Jungsik couldn't agree more so he didn't speak and just let his wife scold his older brother.