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should I say this every time?



                   Location: Capital of Ravaeyn Kingdom, Duke's Mansion                                                  Year: 1066 AD







- A Silent Hallway -



*Door Opens* *Crowd Laughing sounds*


"Look out for the rocks rolling!" *Further Laughter increases*


"UWAAHAA" A fat lady wearing a Luxurious dress Runs(walking Fastly) out of the ballroom with Tears and snouts making her Features more unpleasant,


*Door Closes* *Laughter dies down*


She couldn't run very far carrying her weight, so she stops at distance panting heavily before starting to cry like a Baby,


Her dress was made with a combination of scarlet red and Black indicating of her Royal status,


She took out her hand mirror, one of the luxurious items carried by every princess, which looked small on her bulky hand,


Looking at the reflection of the small mirror that couldn't even cover half of her broad face which was already unpleasant due to her tears, her cries only got worsened,


She was about to throw that thing which was constantly a reminder of her unsightliness away, but stopped herself from doing so, because it was too pretty and she didn't want to lose pretty things,



Yes, she is a Princess,


Among the numerous Princes and Princesses of Ravaeyn Kingdom, Only a few stand out, either because for their power or beauty or just for other unique traits,


She belongs to the last Category, Princess 'Pleu Von Raven' is also known in the entire capital as 'The Fat Princess',



"Why Thomas?" she mumbles slowly,



Yesterday she was courted by a handsome guy (for the first time in her life) who invited her to a small gathering in Duke's Mansion,


But only after arriving here did she came to know that it was all an act, A stage set by one of the princes to humiliate her with his gang for their entertainment,


She finally snapped and ran away from their mockings,


Remembering their condescending gazes she lost her confidence in life,"They want me dead Right?, fine I'll die!",


she claimed before climbing over, trying to push herself over the stone handrails to jump from the third floor,


"What?! No! AAAHAHAA" but after using all her strength, she pushed only one of her legs to the other side,


she got stuck in an awkward position not able to push further or retreat completely,


A few duke's guards came out along with the Duke himself to find her attempting Suicide, they immediately rescued her and sent her back to her Residence,






People have the general idea that all Royalties live in King's Palace, Well they are Right and also... wrong,


All kingdoms have their Royalties living in their Central Palace but in the Ravaeyn Kingdom things are complicated thanks to the current king,


The number Royalties of Ravaeyn Kingdom are enough to make a mini Village, because of this none other than the children of current Queens that King fuck with and Queen Regent Live within Grand Palace and all other Royalties live outside the King's Residense,


Like those many siblings, Pleu also lives away from the Grand Palace with her Old Mom who retired from being king's Fuckhole after giving her last birth(Pleu),


Pleu lived a sheltered life with her caring mom who spoiled her with food, other than that she has a heart that of a child who just wants to find a true love which was crushed recently making her Realize the cruel reality of fat people,


"It's okay don't cry, mommy is with you, *cough* can you get off me?, it's really getting hard to Breathe" the old woman patted her,


"Sorry Mom, *Sniff* I'm a Liability to everyone aren't I?"   "Just go back to your room and think this all like a crazy nightmare alright?",


She left after nodding but still cried all the way back,


Finally the old woman looked towards the Dark corner,


"If House Amber wants to show gratitude than give her what she wants even if it is not real",


"I may just have the right thing" the silhouette in the corner replied with a sly grin.








(POV : Me)




"What do you mean you want to go for a walk?, Wild Beasts are running Rampant out there!" Mom yelled at me,


Our Castle is currently at full defense mode against Rampant Wild Beasts attack,


"Didn't Kolin already killed that?" I asked since the story already spread to everyone in the Castle of my Luck,


"It was only a wolf pup, their parents will come for revenge, and its aim would be mostly against little kids like you" She Reasoned,


'We already met the whole pack and they are already dead, thanks to some Powerful White Cat Beast that saved us in time but I can't tell you that' I screamed in mind,


There is one other way to get out of Castle without anyone knowing which is asking for Sia's Dad's help,




So I asked Valter "You want to go out there in the middle of this situation?, have you perhaps gone crazy?" he was enraged,


"I know what I'm doing Father, trust me" I reassured him,


He immediately clutched his chest and started sweating all of a sudden when I said that,


"Don't... call me... that" he warned,


"Isn't it only natural to call you-" he immediately shut my mouth,


"Stop!, anything but that, I can even accept curses but not that" he pleaded,


"So, Can you help me?", He narrowed his eyes before nodding "You better not do something stupid and die",


'Well I'm gonna negotiate with a Ferocious Beast, which is totally not stupid', I gave him a thumbs-up for which he just snorted,









(POV : Taylor)





I came out of my Tent to look at the busy Campsite where John barks orders,


It looks like any other morning but still, there's an invisible tension and panic in their minds,


Just yesterday the First Young Master visited the camp and took most of our Archers including Eddie for Castle Defense against the Rampant Ferocious Beasts,


The news was a big shock to most of us since we are living just near the entrance of the forest without any walls as defenses,


We would surely be their first target and chewed up in no time,


But Soon later Kolin came with the same Beast's Materials telling that she slew it,


I never saw something which was bigger than a Horse in my life and this thing's head alone was big enough to swallow a whole person,


I didn't believe her at all, Others may believe her because she defeated John,


Eddie told me that the entire thing was a charade but I won't say it since the person who set it was master himself,


She immediately left for Castle leaving those materials for us to process,


And when she returned she told us that we can presume our daily activities,


'That's so absurd, He is hiding in his big castle while we become consumables for him',


She also said there's actually no threat of Ferocious beasts, 'like I would believe that',


We accepted that since if we show our insecurities then the entire chain of command will collapse,


while I was frowning on the thought a cart came towards our camp's direction loaded with few Barrels,


Kolin went ahead to see what it was about, one of the guards simply kicked a barrel out and of the cart and returned without saying anything,


The Barrel rolled towards camp's direction but Kolin stopped it,


She carefully carried the barrel back into the main tent as if it was a precious thing and also calling us while at it,


- Inside the Camp


"That Bastard!, I'm gonna stuff him into the very same barrel and kick him from the tallest cliff straight into the fucking ocean!",


We heard curses from a familiar voice even before entering the tent, it was Young Master 'What is he doing here?',


He checked the situation and gave a few briefing before leaving with Kolin and girls from the church towards the forest,


"What the?!" I was simply stumped by his insane actions.


It seems he smuggled himself out of Castle, 'So he was in that Barrel that the guardsman kicked?',


I noticed that Kolin was receiving the messenger eagle earlier, She must have received the information before me,


'How come we are not informed, Is he giving preference to that northerner bitch over us?' I am already feeling like the trust being shifted to those church girls but John doesn't complain saying 'Master must have his reasons',


'I never thought our bully would become a simple-minded loyal dog, Hell even my Eddie also reveres him' contemplating my thoughts I went train those newbies.








(POV : Aymar)



Castle relaxed the Defensive state after a week as no Ferocious Beast attacked or Sighted, so the Barony resumed back to its normalcy,


Even during the alert times when Castle was in a defensive state, I sneaked out a few times to introduce some new faces to the Beast,



I could see the Beast more properly in the bright daylight, It was a Huge white Cat with the same big Golden yellow eyes,


This Beast is just as huge as those Nightmare Direwolves being little over three meters, but its shape looks exactly like a domestic cat,


White fur, pink inner parts of ears, a mature lion-like face rather than a cute cat face,


This Beast lives in a Cavern deeper in the forbidden Area and thanks to the beast's presence we can venture without getting hunted by others Beasts,


On our subsequent meetings with the Beast, I implemented a communication system where if the beast wanted to say something it would touch wooden stumps with carved symbols each imply some meaning similar to the Doggo tablet System,


But the plan failed miserably, unlike Doggo, this beast can't remember those symbols,


so we are back to our flawed awkward communication where only one party can talk while the other party can only use affirm or deny using its head movements, although it understands our language it can't speak its mind, so we have to play a guessing game to know its intentions which we mostly got wrong,


At one point this guessing deviated so badly that both parties fed up with it, and stopped guessing altogether and just continued our normal daily lives,


It's not like we can't communicate at all, we can understand a few things and that's it,


From then on it has been watching us training our magic every day,


Our relationship with this Beast is weirdly peaceful, it justs chills out there while watching us,



- One month later



*Struggling sounds*


"Argh" Unable to withstand the force, I was thrown out of the circle,


"Damn it!" I shouted in rage against my Furry opponent,


I left the spot for John to continue doing the same,


During my First actual battle where my life was in real danger, I was pushed to play a passive role, relying on Kolin's superior ranged Ice attacks,


It showed major flaws that we both lacked, 'That we're still Weak and Slow,


and I forgot the important commonsense, On most of RPG shit Mages are usually Backseaters,


'maybe I shouldn't push too much considering that we're only kids and no one normally survives a wild confrontation like that',


I should be glad that I survived and thankfully no other hunting parties died due to these Beasts since we were the only idiots who venture that far to test our powers,


'But that excuse is not enough to stop us, especially Kolin as she had been progressing much faster with her Frost control and improved speed on forming attacks, which also motivates me to push myself as well,


But unlike her, my magic is kind of not on the bright side so I'm training physically,


Sumo wrestling with the tail of the White Kitty, (That's what I'm calling it nowadays)


While the tail is standing firmly without trembling, john is struggling to push with all his strength, to the point he is shivering as his cheeks are inflated,


but his efforts are gone in vain when he was thrown away within a few moments, and another subordinate came to take his place,


This is what we're doing, some amateur Sparta style training with this Kitty's tail since its paws can kill us easily if we tried to wrestle with it,


While this was  happening continuously like a cycle, the owner of the tail was looking at this lazily, as two of my slaves are scratching the beast on its familiar g-spots, One of them scratching its belly while the other scratching the back of its ears, the cat was dropping its tongue out, I'm pretty sure it would be heavenly if someone scratches my back but not the point where I'd be going Ahegao like this kitty,


This training method may seem barbaric but without proper knowledge or technique on how to increase our strengths, we can only adopt this method and it actually worked as one point in my Strength went up but I'm not sure if it is due to training or passive increase,


As for food, We would never be able to feed this Beast with our poor Barony, the Beast brings its own Direboar prey that it had hunted, my slaves will remove waste Parts carefully leaving pure bloody meat for it to feast on, It's a win-win scenario, the beast gets the clean meat while we get free money,


So now, I have a stable supply of Direboar Furs and bones, but I can't sell them openly so I'm simply stockpiling them for now, and the bones are just piling up since no one have the expertise in making bone tools or armour for the time being,


Speaking of Furs, Dad sold the Nightmare Direwolf Fur, they were definitely pricey but could never be compared to that of Golden Maneboar worn by Royals,


I also have three more adult Nightmare Direwolf Furs in the stockpile, 'I seriously need to find a way to sell these goods secretly where no one can backtrack the source'


One day the Castle Guard came to our Campsite to call for me,


"A Letter?" I was surprised as to who would write a letter for me,


when entering the Study, I could see that Mom was reading the said letter, After I entered she closed the letter and looked at me suspiciously,


Her suspicious expression soon lightened as she started smiling getting out of her chair and crouched at my level "Sorry Aymar, so many things were going on and Mom was too busy with them, so I couldn't talk with you much,... can you tell me what happened during our Capital Visit?" her eyes completely trained me to hear my response,


"I made friend with a Princess..." "AND?"


"She forced me to learn dancing, " I said with an expression of hurt animal,


"and she also told me to learn it next time I see her",


"Dancing?" She frowned "What type?",


Since I wasn't told the name, I showed it in practice but it made my mother's eyes to twitch,


"That dance was meant only for woman but sometimes commoner males would teach it to a noblewoman, So either she misunderstood or",


"Made a fool out of me" I finished, "let's not conclude like that, it could be former as well" she tried to reassure me but I'm not reassured,


She passed the letter to me whose seal was broken, "You read the letter that was meant for me?" She nodded for my question as if it was normal,


I wanted to retort but after thinking twice I gave up, 'Maybe I should just accept that I'm just a dumb eight-year-old who knows nothing',


"...From Princess Chloe Von Raven", 'Wait isn't she like five or something, how could she write something like this?',


The letter looks so beautiful, it was made with the finest parchment, written with special ink and mostly filled with long Pleasantries, the main Subject was to ensure that I was fine and demanding a follow up as soon as I finished reading this,


"Aww" she cares about me,


"Mom, can you help me writing a letter to her?" she made a mischievous face "Don't worry just tell me what you want to say to her?",


"Uhh I'm still alive, thank you for caring for me and I'll meet you in this year's Gathering," I wrote the subject in a paper,


"Is that it?" Mom asked with disappointment, "Should there be more?" I asked,


"Nevermind, but you are not going to Capital this year"   "Why?"   "For Safety",


'Oh come on, I bet Capital would be much safer but I didn't speak out my mind because mom had a serious face, I wonder what's wrong', 


Mom helped me writing the follow-up letter along with the message that I won't be meeting her in this year's celebration,


after a few weeks, I received another letter in which she demanded me to meet her, I can easily imagine her pouting or disappointed in me for not being with her during her siblings bullying her, for which I can only promise to meet her next year,



- Few more months passed



I was looking at the Carriages shrinking at the distance, Dad and bro are leaving for Capital for King's Birthday Celebration of course,


During these days I focused on my baking skills as a diversion and guess what? I finally made a proper Cake (or maybe just reinvented sweet bread?),


Previously on all my biscuits, I had been using the baker's raising agent(Yeast) which I guess became standard practice after years of usage and with no further research it stayed the same,


So I found an alternative for this from an old hag in our Barony who makes the sourest Buttermilk,


The hag looks suspicious like a witch, with a strong stench of sourness and death?,


It's not hard to get buttermilk from our Castle itself, but her buttermilk was known for its weird sourness, It may probably comes from her unwashed tools,


'I kind of understand, like who would want to drag their asses to wash their tools in the river at their end of days when the milk tastes great even without washing it, hell I wouldn't',


And that was my key ingredient plus few techniques like mixing the egg whites and yellow separately which I experimented with different methods,


That's how I made this plain cake, but Sia didn't like it at all, she was more interested in crunchy cookies and honestly, I also wanted to make cookies that last longer than cakes


So I tried making cookies with the sour butter from the hag, and it turned out really well with good taste, Sia finished the entire batch and also paid the price for her gluttony the very next day by vomiting,


This had a different reaction from her dad, "You did that bastard haven't you?" he shouted at me of course not publicly,


It took me almost an entire day to explain to him on what actually happened, thankfully he didn't talk to Sia about it or it would have been a great pain to bring back Sia from her imaginary child and ending up in some kind of trauma,


while I was going through correcting his misunderstood dad, Sia was oblivious to all of this,



- after another few weeks



Dad and bro returned from Capital and it seems they were all smiles, dad even patted my back when he came back which feels weird since he had never treated me like this before,


But I was concerned with more important matters, like how to bring out these exotic Furs into the market, what is my future if my brother becomes the Lord?, and most important of all how do I add more mages to my arsenal?,


So far what I've known is that, magic is not something that could be learned,


it is more like an affinity someone get naturally without the owner's consent,


It must be a rare phenomenon, only a few gems shining out of thousand pebbles,


The mages need to awaken their affinity by feeling those specific elements,


Like for example, Kolin and I awakened the moment we had felt our affinity element which is Ice,


but hold on a minute! she was living in the north which is more of a cold hell than this place, So she must have come across more freezing temperature and more chances to awaken her ability but she didn't,


I can tell that the north is worse without going there, because Kolin had a typical Northener's body where her temperature is always boiling as if she is suffering a permanent fever or something which might be their racial trait to survive their harsh weather,


I should also consider this thing : does my presence has any part to play with 'Awakening' (That's what I'm gonna call from now on),  


As an otherworlder, do I have some extra powers like [Info Processor] Skill to help these people awaken?,


But I have to know whether any of my minions have affinities,


To Test this, I made all my minions take 'the element feeling test' where they touch each element just like I did with John at the beginning, but they all failed this and none of them awakened,


maybe none of them had affinities for any magic, to begin with,


this brings me another question what if their affinity was different, like what if it is Nature or lightning or Holy or even Dark,


Since I learned magic is real there is a high possibility that Holy or Light magic could exist as well,


So in theory there must be other people out there having affinities and not using or knowing it for their entire lives,


There should also be few people out thesre who have awakened, and if they did, they would be labeled as witches or evil powers by the masses which makes it easy for the church to find and kill them,


what if Churches antagonize these mages but also secretly recruits them to serve the church in the name of repenting their sinful existence?,


To find any possible pieces of evidence I visited our local Church, Unlike the last time the Priest guy was there at the public Prayer Hall talking with two young girls,


he immediately greeted me and asked "May I know what would be your occasion, Young Master? and for your kind information, there are New Servants arrived from Capital only IF you are interested" He said to me indicating two silver-haired beauties and notifying that the church has stocked the goods(Slaves/Servants) which I bought out last year,


Ignoring them, I asked the Priest "I want to hear Church Stories",


With a disappointed face, Priest called the Old Nun who started telling a bunch of church stories not included in the Church Books of our Study,


Most of it was stupid but one of them caught my attention because it implied a possible Resurrection Spell which may sound cool but the actual story was kind of... lame,


It was about a guy who decapitated his own Mother and Wife to prove the god of his deep faith towards him, after decapitating the god told him to ask for any wish, so this guy asked to revive his Mother and Wife, So God gave him two Special Items, two vials each containing one drop of his blood, and instructed to him that he has to join the severed parts before using God's blood, This guy joined the bodies and used the special Items to revive them and they revived, so everyone should be happy, Right?, That's where the twist comes in, This Idiot put his mom's head in wife's body and vice versa So now he faces a big fucking problem, So he goes to God for a solution but god was like 'Just Live with your mistakes',


After hearing the story I laughed like a maniac,


Its like No Safety, Smoking First instead of No Smoking, Safety First,


I wonder who'd he fuck during nights? his Wife in mom's body or his mom in his wife's body, 


wiping my tears I said "damn, I love Religion",


In the end, I found nothing useful and left to my own devices in the subject of Magic.








(POV : Payn aka Father)





- During King's Birthday gathering in the Capital


"There's no way I could send away my daughter to such remote territory of the Kingdom" A middle-aged nobleman with frilly dress protested, although it is clear as a day that he only did so for the sake of tradition, in truth he'd be more than happy to marry off his daughter but at the same time He can't just simply agree to it without proper decorum,


I'm now in a Private hall of one of Marquisses, At first I was surprised when I learned that the Queen Regent invited me for a private meeting, Ofcourse The Queen herself would not come to this trivial meeting so only a fraction of her Faction nobles are here, We were immediately arranged with a Viscount's third daughter who was not married off due to being less beautiful as per Noble standards,


At this point I don't care if it's some Viscount's daughter or not, I'm more keener to join Queen Karen's faction,


After some initial exchange of words, he eventually agreed for engagement and everything went smoothly, in fact too smoothly that I'm sweating bullets in suspicion now,


Because everything comes with a cost, and I have no idea what she would demand from me,


I was waiting for them to ask, 'or am I supposed to ask it myself?', All the etiquette teachings seem to have flown away from my mind, and to increase my tension the Queen's represantative Left the place along with the rest,


Flabbergasted by their sudden exit, I stood there like a statue,


Finally, I recovered my senses when I noticed someone coming out of the shadows,


"Assassin?" I was about to unsheath my weapon but stopped when I realized it was just another noblewoman,


"Oh My~ Do I look that scary, Lord D'kman?" the seductive woman teased me making me pause again,


- Fifteen minutes later


I came out grinning widely as I patted nervous Gale's back "It's our Lucky day, Enjoy", He gave a suspicious look back for which I just went ahead signifying him to follow,


That night I made the Best Deal ever, getting my son a proper engagement from upper noble and most importantly D'kman House is once again joining the big Faction Games at the cost of almost nothing.









(POV : Unknown)




"You almost sold us to him! that was not our deal" I was furious at this Priest's shamelessness,


"Listen Young Lady I actually made you a favor by making you less suspicious and I would have said some excuses to prevent him buying you" he tried to justify his actions but I'm no fool,


'we would lose our free will and be owner's toy for the rest of our lives' the thought alone shook my soul,


"Do you think we would believe that?, we also know how slave contract works don't take us for those dumb masses"  the priest's expression changed a little but he recovered quickly, 


"Slave contract? are you trying to slander the Holy church's Servitude for something that we totally are not part of?" there he goes again shielding himself with the veil of the church,


*Tongue Clicks*   "Fine I'll leave it now Oldman, but remember our deal" I calmed myself as my priority is completing the Mission",


"Of course I don't go back on my words" he replied in a merchant like a tone, unbecoming of his priest position,


I turned to look for my Partner, she is already enquiring a Nun I was proud for a moment but the contents of their conversation made me frown,


"So he bought all servants, like all of those young girls" she asked while blushing, "Yes I could finally be free for few months only to be before overwhelmed by another batch",


"What happened to them afterward?"   "He said to have made them into maids" Nun then lowered her voice before saying this "but there are rumors that second young master likes to physically abuse them on a daily basis", which made my partner fantasize more with sparkling eyes,


 I facepalmed before dragging her away 'Why the hell did they send me this retard as my partner?'.






                                                       [Full Status]


                    General                                                           Attributes

        Name     : Aymar D'kman                       HP   : 8             STM : (11->12)

        Gender  : Male                                          MP   : 10           STR : 8

        Age         : 8                                                SPD : 9             WIS : 9

                                                                             DEX : (8->9)   INT : (9->10)



        Passive : (Inherent) - [Info Processor] Lvl 5 ~ Features [System], [Status], [Memory Replay], [Mini-map], [Data Management], [Autopilot] & [Simulater]


       Active : [Ice Magic]  Lvl ?? ~  [Small Projectiles] & [Grenade] (Optional : Suicide)






                       [Social Management]


Family List

- Annabelle D'kman (Mother)

- Payn D'kman (Father)

- Galeron D'kman (Brother)


Love Interests

- Annabelle D'kman



- Chelecsia - (Race : Shapeshifter)

- Kolin



- Gloria

- Dorothy

- Helen



- Jill

- See (5) others


Personal Servants/Minions

- John

- Eddie

- Taylor

- Kolin

- See (55) 


Trained Animals

- Doggo - (White-Tailed Eagle)



- Boris (merchant's Son)

- Chloe (Princess)

- White Kitty (Big Cat Beast)


House Servants

- Sauze (House keeper)

- Valter (head Butler) - {Race : Shapeshifter}

- See more house Servants


D'kman barony Townspeople

- See the List