Chapter 25
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The day of the celebration was decided to be one week later after Yao Zi recover, because they wanted to have enough time to show their newfound wealth and power. Also because they wanted to make sure that this time, they would be prepare for any situation that rises up so the same mistake would not happen again. Yao guards were checking every single corner and area surrounding the clan, servants was always working diligently and on the lookout for any suspicious activities, and clansmen were working with extra effort in their work. Some of the clansmen would be handling the Yao clan businesses, the clan information gathering administration rework from the bottom up, and all of the fighting force not on duty would train extra hard. 

The formation given to the Yao Clan Matriarch had shown an immediate boon as the Ki energy in the area was enhance in both quantity and quality by three folds eclipsing even some of the peak middle size sect in the continent. As even the highest rank sect in the Solaris Kingdom which the Sunrise city was in was just a middle size sect. Though that was just the out area of the Yao clan complex that others were able to tell the change in Ki energy. What they don't know that inside the Yao complex builds, the formation was able to concentrate the amount of Ki to focus in a small size building. This application of the formation brought so much new ideas to the Yao Matriarch, as they could raise a new force that will be stronger than before. The only thing they needed was time, and one of her goal was to use the celebration. To build up her connection to those near and far, and maybe even have a few alliances made. 

Meanwhile after having a few days of Yao Bai greedily taking up Yao Zi times to play around. It was at Yao Shi suggestion that Yao Zi start learning about how to cultivate, as her recovery had delayed it long enough. Yao Shi proclaim that as the best way to protect your love ones, was making sure they had the strength to do so on their own. Shutting down her husband tearful eyes who was still trying to beg Yao Shi to let him spend more time with his granddaughter. Yao Shi could only relent after a full hour of seeing an old man on the ground grabbing onto her leg crying out loud as if he has been severely mistreated. Though she made him promise to prioritize focusing on his own cultivation level too when allowed to have some time to spend with her granddaughter within Yao Zi's learning schedules.

Yao Zi's learning schedule would then have a few tutor classes from Yao Shi for a few weeks to learn the basic of cultivating before being sent to the Yao Clan's training ground to learn with other children a few years older than her. As to give her both some experience of interacting with those not in her immediate clans only. A flower raised indoor in a safe environment would not survive long outside that is ever changing with no mercy shown to the weak. Yao Zi was then inform that her education would begin tomorrow, giving her the rest of the day off. Also her grandpa was apparently busy today and couldn't play with her, who was also seen dragged away by Grand Elder Yao Shi.

Yao Zi's Room

Though she does not mean to learn it, Yao Zi was able to hide some of the depression on her mind while smiling outside. As she was the little girl of the Yao Matriarch and granddaughter of the Grand Elders, there was not many places she could not go to. Because of that she would also go around exploring the new Yao Complex blessed by Shimmy, which cause her to overhear some servants talking. Yao Zi wandering around was to make her remember that she was no longer confine to a bedroom and be fed with all kinds of bitter concoctions to heal her. In the end lead her to hearing how the Chen Clan Alliance attacked the Yao Clan. Many people got hurt, many of them did not even survive. Few of the servants escaped death but were full of injuries while being chased like an animal. Yao Zi then heard some word that they were attack because the Clan strongest fighter Grand Elder Yao Bai was seen severely injured, missing half his arm, falling down after passing the flower that held Shimmy to her mom. Then also for her mom the Yao Matriarch always depress from seeing her ill, she was not able to do her job as a clan leader should. Not only that, the Yao clan resource was all being run down to make Yao Zi healthy again. She heard it not just once, but several times while exploring the complex.

A green blob then manifest itself with a green string attach to one of Yao Zi's finger. Soon two black slits appear on its jiggly green body turning towards to look at her.

"It’s not your fault" Shimmy was also listening there. He did not stop her from listening in on the servants because he knew that sooner or later, she would hear it anyway. Especially since the relationship between the two was not equal too, as Yao Zi was in the dominant one in it. Yao Zi could literally control or even see most of Shimmy's status, luckily, he was able to limit it to Symbiote status specific information only. Leaving his own gain skills and passive to his green glimmering gooey eyes. 

"Buh, isf mah falt sniff, every wahn got hurst sniff" Tears already dropping down on the swollen cheek on her face as she had ran back to her room. The realization that people got hurt because of her was guilt inducing, but even more was her family had been hurt squeeze her tiny heart more. The reason her grandpa Bai and grandma Shi was fighting with bloody faces was etched into her mind was because of her. The best mom in the world who would always show up to take care of her, her mom was beaten down into a blood pulp with a boot nearly crushing at her face was scarred into her young mind.