One Was Bad Enough
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“Your server will be right with you,” said the hostess before leaving the group by themselves. They were in the corner of the seating area, and as it was Tuesday, there weren’t many others near them.

Ryan picked up a menu and began to browse. I can’t even remember the last time I had sushi. What do I like, again? Tuna? He nudged Simon, who sat to his left. “Hey, what’s good here?”

Simon shrugged. “Dude, this place just opened. How should I know?”

“As if it’s that different from any other sushi restaurant.,” Danny chimed in. “You’ve been to one, you’ve been to ‘em all.” He was sitting on the other side of the booth from Ryan.

Ryan laughed. “Yeah, see? Danny knows what’s up.”

Danny smiled and hid behind his menu.


I can’t believe how shy this guy is. Ryan thought as he perused the menu some more, not really reading anything. He’s really funny, and if he put himself out there, I’m sure he could get a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend! That would be cool, too. 

Ryan tried to think of friends he could potentially set Danny up with, but he was drawing a blank. Huh, I guess I’ve never heard him talk about what he likes in a partner. He’s pretty reserved, though, so that’s no surprise. Maybe I could ask him later.


“Yeah, I’ll have the tofu soup, and an order of the spicy crab.” Simon said. Ryan jerked his head toward his friend. The waitress appeared without him even noticing.

Danny followed up. “Uhm, the spicy tuna roll, please.”

Then all eyes were on Ryan. Did we even order drinks? It’s too late to ask for more time… “Uhh...Yeah...Same. I mean, also spicy tuna. Thank you.” Ryan handed over his menu as he stammered.

The waitress smiled and left, leaving Simon and Danny grinning at Ryan.


“What? Is something funny?” Ryan huffed, and then poured himself a glass of water from the pitcher that was left there.

His two roommates laughed.

“You good, man?” Simon laid his hand on Ryan’s shoulder as he feigned concern, smiling from ear to ear.

“Yeah, Ryan, you aren’t normally the one to choke up like that.” Danny said; a jab at himself.

Ryan swallowed the largest gulp of water he could muster before responding. “I’m fine. Just, the waitress was kinda cute, yeah?” He didn’t want to admit he was playing matchmaker in his head. Or at least trying to.

Danny’s smile disappeared, and Simon rolled his eyes.

“Wow, already trying to get back into it?” Simon fake-scolded his friend. “You broke up with Jess when? A few hours ago?”

“Okay, fine.” Ryan put his hands up. “Maybe my mind was on...relationships. Just because I’m a douchebag doesn’t mean I can’t feel vulnerable.” Ryan crossed his arms and gave Simon the smuggest look of his life. And I technically wasn’t lying...I just wasn’t thinking about my own relationships.

That seemed to quiet down the two. In fact, they were now completely silent.


Not wanting to sit in the awkward state he created until food arrived, Ryan spoke again. “So...heard you guys mention something going on after dinner. What’s that about?”

Simon and Danny both looked at each other in shock. Oh, was I not supposed to talk about that? Ryan wondered.

“Oh, that was just…” Danny said, scratching the back of his head.

“We were going about...a thing.” Simon said.

Ryan stared blankly at him. “A thing, huh? Well it sounds like it’s none of my business, so whatever. Perfect timing, anyway.” Ryan gestured to the food that was now being delivered to their table. And they made fun of me for stammering.


Simon seemed relieved, and Danny tied his hair back as the trays of rice and fish were placed in front of them. They sat and ate for nearly ten minutes without speaking.

One was bad enough, but I can’t believe I made two awkward situations in one dinner. Ryan thought. This is a new low for me. Maybe spending the day with Danny is making me act more like him.

Ryan looked across the table to his roommate, and thought back to how well they got along earlier. But maybe that isn’t a bad thing.