Chapter 1: The Person at the Hospital
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Tai Gong and Jian Yu have been friends for the longest of time now. 

This is due to their martial arts backgrounds and due to them liking to do so many of the same things.

They first met at a Muay Thai gym, where they both learned Muay Thai together and would spar with each others everyday. 

After awhile, they both moved on to joining a MMA gym too, in order to improve their martial arts skills even further by adding in grappling and ground fighting to their games. 

They feel a bit plain after this, so they decided to learn traditional martial arts from one of their friends who works as a martial arts choreographer. They were quite talented, so he allowed them to work at his workplace as stuntmen and martial arts actors.

After trying out traditional martial arts, they were quite fascinated by the different; more acrobatic and fantasy feel that it brings to their martial arts routines. Therefore, they decided to learn more acrobatic like skills like parkour and gymnastics and added them to their martial arts routines.

Tai Gong and Jian Yu have been training in these things together; every day for many years now.

Things have been going this same way in everyday of their lives; from ever since when they were small until now. 

They would wake up, eat breakfast, go to their jobs as stuntmen and martial arts actors, eat lunch there, go to their gym to train, come home, eat dinner, shower, sleep, and then repeat this same process for the next day.

This have been going on for years now and it have never changed at all.

Then, one day after lunch, Jian Yu said that he was going to go visit someone in the hospital.

Tai Gong was surprised by this and say, "You're not going to go to the gym with me today."

Jian Yu say, "Not this time. I have to go visit this person today, at this time; right now. Do you want to come along with me?"

Tai Gong say, "Other than sitting, you're not allowed to do anything else at all in a hospital. If I go, I'll just be bored to death. You can go by yourself. I'll go to the gym like how I usually do."

Jian Yu say, "In that case, I'll be heading out then."

Jian Yu left the room and Tai Gong left to his training gym.


The next two weeks, Jian Yu have been going to the hospital everyday after his job. Therefore, Tai Gong just went to the gym; by himself; everyday for the next two weeks.


Then, one day while Tai Gong was training in his gym, he tried doing a new flip and missed up on it. As a result he landed on his left arm and broke the bone inside of it.

The people in his gym saw this, so they sent him to the hospital immediately.


Later that day at the hospital, Jian Yu came to visit Tai Gong in his room.

The two talked to each other for awhile about what happened.

Then, Jian Yu told Tai Gong that the person he have been visiting in the hospital for these past two weeks is in the same hospital as Tai Gong is in right now too. 

He was going to go and visit this person again, so he asked Tai Gong to see if he wanted to go and visit this person too, since because they are both in the same hospital now.

Tai Gong doesn't like meeting new people and people who he is not familiar with, so he say no to Jian Yu's request.

Therefore, Jian Yu left to go visit the person on his own while Tai Gong stayed in his hospital room.

Jian Yu would come to visit Tai Gong many times after this and would keep on inviting Tai Gong to go with him to go and visit the person, but Tai Gong would always refuse to go.


Then, one day, Jian Yu came to visit Tai Gong and right when he was about to leave, Tai Gong say, "Hey, how come you're not inviting me to go and visit that person that you're visiting anymore?" 

Jian Yu say, "Well, every time I've asked you, you've always refused to go with me."

Tai Gong paused for a moment. Then, he say, "Are you going to go visit that person again?"

Jian Yu say, "I'm about to go right now."

Tai Gong say, "I'll come with you."

Jian Yu became confused and said in a confused tone, "You'll come with me?"

Tai Gong say, "I've been bored just staying in this room for the last few days. I'll go with you and see what this person is like."

Jian Yu say, "Alright then...follow me."

Tai Gong got up and followed Jian Yu to the room that the person was in.

They got to the person's room and went inside.

When, they got there, Tai Gong saw the most beautiful girl he have ever saw in his whole entire life; laying down beautifully on a hospital bed with her eyes closed. The girl was sleeping beautifully on the bed.

Tai Gong was aroused by the girl's beauty, so he just stared at her in aroused.

Jian Yu saw how Tai Gong was staring at the girl, so he say, "Tai Gong, are you alright?"

Tai Gong didn't hear him and just continued to stare at the girl's beauty.

Then, Jian Yu shouted, "Tai Gong!"

Tai Gong snapped out of his imagination. 

Then, Jian Yu say, "Is something wrong?"

Tai Gong say, "How dare you Jian Yu, you've been coming here to watch such a beautiful girl for such a long time all by yourself and you didn't even tell me about it."

Jian Yu say in a confused tone, "I've told you so many times that I was coming to visit a person in the hospital. You were the one who have always refused to come."

Tai Gong say, "All you've said was just; you were coming to visit a person in the hospital. You didn't even say that it was a girl...And such a beautiful girl too."

Tai Gong was looking at the girl in an aroused expression while saying this.

Jian Yu saw how Tai Gong was staring at the girl, so he say to Tai Gong, "Hey...enough with all of your perverted thoughts. The girl sleeping on that bed right there is my cousin. You better not think of doing anything bad to her or else you would be dealing with me."

Tai Gong became shocked by what he have just heard and said, "This girl is your cousin!?"

Jian Yu say, "That's right," while folding his arms.

Tai Gong say, "You never told me that you have such a beautiful cousin," while staring at the girl in aroused.

Jian Yu saw how Tai Gong was staring at the girl, so he became furious and annoyed by it. Then, he say in a furious and annoyed voice,"Hey! Stop staring at my cousin like that! My cousin is the most kind and the most innocent person that I know. If you think of doing anything bad to her, I would make you stay in this hospital for another month."

Tai Gong say, "Huh...You're rough...I was just complimenting your cousin for her beauty and you want to beat me up for it. Come on then, let's fight. Even with just one hand, I can still beat you." 

Jian Yu got annoyed and said, "Quit with all of your nonsense. If you're just going to create a fuss, then, just go back to your room. Stop disturbing my cousin's sleep."

Tai Gong remained silent after this and just watched over the girl with Jian Yu.

Both of them watched over the girl for awhile.

Then, Tai Gong say, "What's your cousin's name?"

Jian Yu say, "You don't need to know."

Tai Gong say, "Come on, we're friends. You won't even tell your friend; your cousin's name."

Jian Yu became annoyed by Tai Gong, so he say, "Her name is Mei Feng."

Tai Gong say, "Mei Feng, what a beautiful name."

Jian Yu remained silent as he watched over Mei Feng.

Then, Tai Gong say, "Why is she staying here in this hospital?"

Jian Yu say, "A few weeks ago, she was sent here because her family discovered that she have polio on her legs."

Tai Gong became shocked and say in a shocked voice, "She have polio on her legs!"

Jian Yu say, "That's right...My family found out about this after her family told my father about it. After we found out about this, my father told me to stop by the hospital daily to check on her. When I found out about this, I was so sad to find out that my beloved sweet and innocent little cousin may never be able to walk again."

Tai Gong looked at Mei Feng in a pitiful expression and said, "What a pitiful girl?"

Jian Yu and Tai Gong watched over Mei Feng for about an hour. Then, after that, they both returned to Tai Gong's room.

When they got there, Jian Yu say, "I'm leaving now."

Tai Gong say, "Alright."

Jian Yu was about to leave, but then, he turned back to Tai Gong and said, "Hey...Remember...While I'm gone, you're not allow to go and visit my cousin in her room while I am not there. The only time you can visit her is when I take you there with me, you understand."

Tai Gong say, "Only my hand is injured, my legs are still fine. Therefore, I'll go where ever I want. You can't stop me."

Jian Yu say, "In that case, how about I break both of your legs before I leave. That way I can ensure that you won't be going anywhere while I'm gone."

Tai Gong say, "Jian Yu, I was just joking with you. Don't worry, I won't go and see your cousin without your permission at all. You can leave now. I'm going to head back to bed."

Jian Yu left the room. 

Then, Tai Gong laid down on his bed and thought back to when he saw Mei Feng sleeping so innocently, sweetly, and beautifully on the hospital bed; that she was on. While thinking about this, he felt a great feeling coming from inside of him, so he smiled.


That night, Tai Gong sneaked over to Mei Feng's room again.