Chapter 2: Sneaking Over to Mei Feng’s Room
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When Tai Gong got to Mei Feng's room that night, he looked around to see if Jian Yu was around before entering the room.

After he didn't see Jian Yu anywhere, he entered Mei Feng's room.

Then, after he entered Mei Feng's room, he closed the door and walked over to where Mei Feng was sleeping.

When he got to where Mei Feng was sleeping, he was aroused by how beautiful and clean she was.

Mei Feng was still sleeping beautifully on the hospital bed, just like how she was sleeping earlier during the day when Tai Gong and Jian Yu came to visit her.

Tai Gong just stared at Mei Feng in aroused; for a long time.

Then, after a while of staring at Mei Feng’s beauty, Tai Gong wanted to touch her due to how beautiful she was.

Therefore, he held one of her hands with his hand and was amazed by the texture of it.

Mei Feng's hand felt extremely soft and clean; as if it was a newborn child’s hand.

Tai Gong felt really excited inside of him, after he was able to hold Mei Feng's beautiful and soft hand in his hand; without anyone disturbing him.

Then, Tai Gong let go of Mei Feng's hand and used his hand to feel Mei Feng’s cheek.

When he was feeling Mei Feng’s cheek, he felt really great; due to how soft and clean it felt.

Mei Feng's cheek felt just as soft and as clean as how her hand felt.

Tai Gong was feeling really happy inside of him from all of this.

Along with the happiness that he felt, he also felt a feeling of affection towards Mei Feng too.

However, even though Tai Gong was having all of these strong feelings inside of him, he did not do anything bad to Mei Feng at all; due to how beautiful and innocent she was and also due to her being Jian Yu’s cousin.

Also, Mei Feng was so beautiful and innocent to the point that Tai Gong couldn't even think of doing anything bad to her and didn’t even want to do anything bad to her at all.

All he wanted to do was just stare at her beauty and just touch her where it was appropriate to touch.

Tai Gong continued to stare at Mei Feng for a while, while also holding her hand and touching her cheek too.

Then, after a while, he could see a bit of sunlight inside of the room, so he turned around to look at the window.

He was surprised that it was morning already.

Tai Gong has been staring at Mei Feng for the whole night and did not even feel tired at all.

After seeing that it was morning already, Tai Gong was afraid that Jian Yu may come to check on Mei Feng, so he decided to go back to his room and came back later during night time to come and look at Mei Feng again.

Then, before Tai Gong headed out of Mei Feng's room; back to his room, he stared at Mei Feng's beauty one last time and touched her hands and cheeks one last time before leaving.

After this, he left the room and went back to his room.


Later that day, Jian Yu came over to visit Tai Gong in his room.

Tai Gong was still laying in his bed when Jian Yu came over to visit him.

Then, Jian Yu handed Tai Gong some food and said, “Here, I bought these food for you.”

Tai Gong said, “Did you also buy some for Mei Feng too.”

Jian Yu said, “Silly, Mei Feng is still unconscious, how can she eat these food.”

After hearing this, Tai Gong took the food and thanked Jian Yu for it.

Then, he laid back down on his hospital bed.

After that, Jian Yu said to Tai Gong, “Tai Gong, I have good news for you.”

Tai Gong got up out of his hospital bed hastily and said in an anxious tone, “Did Mei Feng's family found a cure for her legs?”

Jian Yu looked at Tai Gong with a puzzled face and said, “No.”

Tai Gong laid back down on his bed disinterested in what Jian Yu was going to say next; after he had heard that it wasn't going to be about Mei Feng.

Then, Jian Yu said, “The good news that I have for you is about me. 

Chao Fan is going to give me my first leading role in the new martial arts film that we would be working on.

I would be the main character in this new movie. 

Aren't you excited for me?”

Tai Gong said, “Chao Fan was the one that taught us traditional martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour, so him picking you as the lead role for his next martial arts movie should be something that you should be proud of, but what about me?”

Jian Yu said, “You can be my stunt double.”

Tai Gong became annoyed by this and said, “You….”

Jian Yu said, “Just kidding, Chao Fan said he’ll let me be the main character in this movie because you got injured and you're at the hospital right now. 

He said that he’ll let you be the protagonist alongside me in the sequel of this movie, due to you being injured right now and can’t go to work yet.”

After Jian Yu said this, he said to Tai Gong, “Earlier you kept asking me about Mei Feng, tell me do you like my cousin.”

Tai Gong said, “And if my answer is yes….”

Jian Yu said, “It doesn't matter how much you tell me that you like her. I still won’t allow you to go and visit her when I’m not around.”

Tai Gong said, “Why not?

Wouldn't you want me to be your cousin in law instead of just some random people you don’t know.”

Jian Yu said in a shocked voice, “You're already thinking of marrying my cousin.”

Tai Gong said, “Is anything wrong with that?”

Jian Yu said, “Don’t tell me that you want to marry her just because of her beauty only. 

You’ve barely met her once, how can you’ve already fallen in love with her.”

Tai Gong said, “Although the main reason why I want to marry her is because of her beauty, however, that is not the only reason why I want to marry her. 

I also want her to be mine because of her innocence and the great and wonderful feeling that she makes me feel when I’m around her.”

After hearing this, Jian Yu became suspicious of Tai Gong; due to how clearly he was able to describe what Mei Feng was like to him; while only meeting her just once, so he said to Tai Gong, “You’ve barely met my cousin once, but why do you sound like you're so familiar with her already? 

Tell me, did you sneak over to her room yesterday when I was gone?” 

Tai Gong said, “Why would I do that? 

You told me to stay in my room, so I just stayed in my room for the whole day yesterday.”

After saying this, Tai Gong thought to himself, “It seems like by spending the whole night with Mei Feng last night, I’ve grown extremely close to her.

That was why I was able to describe what she was like so clearly to Jian Yu from earlier.”

Then, Jian Yu said, “Alright, I’ll believe you that you didn’t go to see my cousin yesterday when I was gone.

I’ll be leaving now.

Chao Fan said that we would start filming the first scene for our new movie right now.

Therefore, I’ll be going back over there right now then.”

After Jian Yu said this, Tai Gong chuckled a bit.

Jian Yu saw that Tai Gong was laughing at him, so he said, “What's so funny?

Do you think that I won’t fit playing as the main character in this new movie?”

Tai Gong said, “It’s not that, I was just chuckling because you seemed a bit busy lately.”

Jian Yu said, “And what's so funny about me being busy.

Are you laughing at me because I get to work while you just sleep here in this hospital all day long.”

Tai Gong said, “It’s not that either.

Earlier, I was just chuckling because it just came to my mind that just overnight, both of us have changed our roles with each other already. 

Before, it was you who would come here to visit Mei Feng at this hospital while I worked, but now it’s the other way around. 

Now it’s me who would go and visit Mei Feng while you are the one who goes to work instead. 

After realizing how quickly things have changed overnight, I just thought that it was funny, therefore, that was why I laughed at you from earlier.”

After hearing this, Jian Yu said in an annoyed tone, “What do you mean that we’ve changed our roles.

I still go to work like usual and would come here during the day to visit Mei Feng like usual.

There’s nothing different with me at all.

The only difference is you.

Instead of going to work, you are staying here sleeping in this hospital bed all day long.

Enough with your nonsense now. 

I’ll be leaving.

When I’m gone, you better not go and visit Mei Feng.

If I find out that you’ve been visiting Mei Feng this whole time while I was not around, I’ll skip work and come to this hospital immediately to come and teach you a lesson for lying to me.”

After saying this, Jian Yu left the room and went to work.

Then, after Jian Yu had left the room, Tai Gong said to himself in a joking tone, “I was just talking about Mei Feng and he already wants to beat me up.

I wonder what would happen if he actually saw me and Mei Feng together.

Perhaps by then, I would have been dead already.

Mei Feng is so pure and innocent, why would she have such a hotheaded cousin like that?

If he wasn’t my friend, I would have carried Mei Feng to my room, so that he would be annoyed to death.”

After saying this, Tai Gong smiled.

Then he took out the food that Jian Yu had brought him and ate them.


Tai Gong continued to sneak over to Mei Feng’s room every single night for the next few days.

Then, one morning after Tai Gong was done visiting Mei Feng and was about to leave, as he opened the door to Mei Feng’s room and was about to go out, he saw Jian Yu walking over towards Mei Feng's room from a corner.

Tai Gong quickly shut the door after he saw this and said to himself in a worried voice, “What is that rascal Jian Yu doing here in this hospital so early in the morning for?

Not good, if I go out now, he would definitely see me.

I must think of something quick.”

After saying this, Tai Gong tried to think of something before Jian Yu reaches Mei Feng's room.

Tai Gong came up with some ideas, so he said to himself in a panicked voice, “I got it, I’ll hide in the bathroom.

Wait, what if he uses the bathroom. 

The morning is when most people use the bathroom.

No, I can’t hide in the bathroom, I must hide somewhere else.

What about the kitchen?

Mei Feng won’t eat anything so it’s highly unlikely that he would go there.

No, the kitchen won’t do too, Mei Feng won’t eat, but what if he eats.

I’ve got to find a better place to hide.

How about behind the curtains?

No, that won’t do also, it’s early in the morning right now, of course he would open up the curtains.

In that case how about behind the door?

That way after he comes in, I can quickly sneak out.

No, that’s a horrible idea, what if he opened the door all the way and hit me with it.

Then, I would be discovered immediately.

He would get here any time now.

Where should I hide….Where should I hide?”

While Tai Gong was trying to find a place to hide, Jian Yu was already very close to Mei Feng's room.

After a few more steps, Jian Yu reached Mei Feng's room and opened the door to it.

Then, he entered the room.

Jian Yu saw no one in the room other than him and Mei Feng, so he went over to watch over Mei Feng.

He watched over Mei Feng for a while, then, after a while, he went to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

After he was done eating, he went to use the bathroom.

Then, he came out of the bathroom and went back to watch over Mei Feng for a while.

Then, after watching over Mei Feng for a while now, he was about to leave, but then, he decided to open the window curtains for Mei Feng before he leaves.

Therefore, he walked over to the window in Mei Feng's room and opened the window curtains there.

Then, after he had opened the window curtains, he stared at Mei Feng one last time and smiled at her.

Then, he said to Mei Feng while she was still unconscious, “Rest well my little cousin. 

I’ll come and visit you again later today.”

After saying this, Jian Yu left the room.

Then, a few moments after Jian Yu left the room, sounds can be heard coming from outside of the windows in Mei Feng's room as if someone was climbing up from it.

As the person was climbing up the window, he opened the window and climbed inside of the room.

The person was Tai Gong.

Tai Gong was hiding by standing on a small platform underneath the outside of the window of Mei Feng's room.

Jian Yu didn't see Tai Gong when he opened the window curtains from earlier because he didn’t look down.

He just quickly opened the window curtains and left the room afterwards.

Therefore, Tai Gong was not spotted by Jian Yu.

While Tai Gong was standing on the small platform below the outside of the window of Mei Feng’s room, he thought to himself that if there were just a small gust of wind blowing past him, he would have fallen down from the tall hospital building to his death already.

Tai Gong thought to himself that it was also a good thing that he learned parkour from Chao Fan, otherwise he would have been discovered by Jian Yu already.

After thinking about all of this, he walked over to Mei Feng and said to her while she was still laying on her hospital bed unconsciously, “Mei Feng, I’ve already risked my life for you today, therefore, that already shows how confident I am in making you my wife. 

Otherwise, why else would I do something as risky and as foolish as standing below that small platform outside of that window today just for you. 

This alone is already enough to prove my love for you and my dedication in making you my wife. 

I love you Mei Feng. 

Once you’ve woken up, I’ll make you my wife immediately, so that you can be mine forever.”

Then, after Tai Gong had said this to Mei Feng, he felt her cheek softly with his hand as he smiled at her.


Tai Gong continued to go visit Mei Feng in her hospital room every single night like he always does, but the only difference now is that he would try to leave before morning, so that the incident like when Jian Yu came over to visit Mei Feng in the morning won’t happen ever again.

He would also sleep during the daytime too, so that he could spend every night with Mei Feng without getting tired at all.

Tai Gong continued visiting Mei Feng in her hospital room like this for many more nights.

Then, one night while he was watching over Mei Feng in her room, he could hear the door opening.

He was thinking of hiding, but it was too late to hide now.

Therefore, he just stayed next to Mei Feng’s bed and was ready to face any consequences that would happen.

Then, as the door was opening, a man and a woman entered the room.

They walked over to Mei Feng's bed and saw Tai Gong there, so the man said to Tai Gong, “Who are you and why are you here in Mei Feng’s room?”

Tai Gong said, “I am only here to visit Mei Feng.

Who are the two of you and why are the two of you here?”

The man said, “We are Mei Feng's parents and we are also here to visit her.”

Tai Gong was surprised and felt his heart beating fast inside of him after he heard this.