Chapter 3: Confronting Mei Feng’s Parents
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Then, the man said to Tai Gong, “How are you related to Mei Feng and why are you visiting her in this hospital here so late at night?”

Tai Gong said, “Since because the two of you are Mei Feng's parents, you two should know who Jian Yu is.

I am Jian Yu’s friend and he was the one who told me to come and visit Mei Feng each night here in her room; since because I am also staying here in this hospital with her as well.”

After hearing Tai Gong say this, the man said, “Oh….So you're Jian Yu's friend.

In that case, you can come to visit Mei Feng as much as you like.

Jian Yu’s family is also like a family to our family too.

Therefore, we consider you a part of the family as well, since because you are Jian Yu's friend.”

Tai Gong said, “Thank you.”

Then, the man said to Tai Gong, “What’s your name?”

Tai Gong said, “I’m Tai Gong.”

Then, the man said, “I’m Tao Zhu and this is my wife Fan Lee.”

Tai Gong said, “It’s great to meet the both of you.”

Then, the three of them talked for a while.

After a while, Tai Gong told Mei Feng's parents that he would be going back to his room.

Tao Zhu said, “Alright, thank you for visiting Mei Feng here tonight.”

Tai Gong said, “No problem.”

Then, he left Mei Feng's room and went back to his room.


The next day, Jian Yu came to visit Mei Feng's parents at their house.

While he was visiting them, Tao Zhu said to him, “Jian Yu, you have such a good friend staying at that hospital.

That friend of yours would pay Mei Feng a visit every night to make sure that she is safe.

The next time you see him, can you thank him for me.”

Jian Yu felt a little bit uneasy after hearing this.

Then, he said to Tao Zhu, “Uncle, did he tell you what his name was?”

Tao Zhu said, “He said that his name was Tai Gong.”

Jian Yu clenched his fist and got mad after hearing this.


That night, Tai Gong went to visit Mei Feng in her hospital room like he does every night.

Then, later that night, he heard the door to Mei Feng's room open and thought that it was just Mei Feng's parents coming to visit her, so he said without looking at who it was, “Uncle Tao Zhu, you came to visit Mei Feng again. 

I’ve already watched over her for two hours now, it’s great that you came to visit her.

Did you bring anything with you too?”

Right after Tai Gong finished saying this, he felt someone grabbing his shoulder and turning him around.

Then, the next thing he knew, he was already punched on the cheek hard and was laying on the ground.

Right after this happened, Tai Gong said, “Uncle Tao Zhu, what did you hit me for?

I was just watching over Mei Feng like how I always do.

I didn't do anything bad to her at all.”

Then, after Tai Gong said this, a voice can be heard saying, “You were lucky that it was just me and it wasn't my uncle.

If it was my uncle, you would have been dead already if he found out that you have been coming to visit Mei Feng without my permission.”

Right after Tai Gong heard this, he became shocked and said, “Jian Yu.”

Then, he got up, turned around and saw Jian Yu standing right in front of him with an anger expression on his face.

Jian Yu said to him, “You bastard, how dare you not only lied to me, but you also lied to my uncle as well.

How long have you been coming here every night to come and watch over Mei Feng?

Have your perverted self done anything bad to her yet?”

Tai Gong got mad after he heard Jian Yu call him a pervert, so he said to Jian Yu, “Mei Feng is a pure innocent and beautiful girl, so I haven't done anything bad to her yet.

However, if you keep on calling me a pervert like that when I haven’t even done anything bad to her yet, then, I may change my mind.”

Jian Yu got mad and said, “What is that supposed to mean? 

Pervert, I’ll beat you up here tonight so that I can ensure my cousin’s safety.”

Tai Gong got mad and said, “Come on then, I’m not afraid of you.”

After saying this, they both started fighting in Mei Feng's room.

They fought for a while.

Then, after a while, they both were about to throw a punch at each other at the same time, but then, they heard a person inside the room coughing.

They both stopped fighting and turned over to look at Mei Feng who was sleeping on the hospital bed.

Both of them saw that Mei Feng had woken up, so they both stopped fighting and ran over to her.

Then, they both said at the same time in a happy tone, “Mei Feng, you're finally awake.”

Mei Feng continued coughing, so Jian Yu poured her some water and said, “Here Mei Feng, drink some water”, as he gave the cup of water to her.

Mei Feng took the cup of water from Jian Yu and took a sip from it.

After that, she gave Jian Yu the cup of water back and said in a soft low beautiful voice, “Thank you Jian Yu.”

Then, she smiled weakly at him.

Jian Yu smiled back at her.

Then, Tai Gong, who was staring at Mei Feng during the whole time; was shocked by how beautiful Mei Feng was when she was awake.

He was also shocked; when he heard her voice.

Her voice sounded extremely soft and beautiful and is very soothing to listen to.

Just seeing Mei Feng's beauty while she was awake and just by listening to Mei Feng’s beautiful and soothing voice, was already enough to calm Tai Gong down from his anger from earlier when Jian Yu called him a pervert.

It also seems like Jian Yu has calmed down too after he saw that Mei Feng was awake again.

Then, Tai Gong just continued to stare at Mei Feng in aroused for a while.

While Tai Gong was staring at Mei Feng in this way, Mei Feng looked up innocently at him and saw how he was staring at her, so she became scared and felt uncomfortable by it.

Therefore, she said to Jian Yu in a soft beautiful scared voice, “Jian Yu, can you tell that man to go out.

I’m scared of him.”

Jian Yu looked over to Tai Gong and said in an annoyed voice, “Hey! Stop staring at my cousin in that way. 

You staring at her in that way makes you look even scarier than a ghost.

If you want to stay here in this room, you better get rid of all of those perverted thoughts in your mind.”

After saying this, Jian Yu turned back to Mei Feng and said to her, “Don’t be scared Mei Feng.

He won’t do anything bad to you.

These last few days while you were unconscious, he was the one that was watching over you for most of the nights.

If he really was going to do something bad to you; he would have already done something bad to you on those nights that he was watching over you.

Therefore, you don’t have to be scared of him.

He is also one of my best friend too.

Therefore, he won't do anything bad to you at all.

You don't have to be afraid of him.”

After Mei Feng heard Jian Yu say this, she nodded lightly at Jian Yu.

Then, Jian Yu turned to Tai Gong and said, “Tai Gong, why don't you come here and introduce yourself to my cousin?”

After Tai Gong heard Jian Yu say this, he walked over to Mei Feng.

As he got closer to Mei Feng, Mei Feng became more scared and felt more uncomfortable.

Then, when Tai Gong got close enough to Mei Feng, he said to her, “Hi Mei Feng, my name is Tai Gong.

I am one of Jian Yu’s friend.

You don’t have to be afraid of me, I won’t do anything bad to you at all.

Earlier, I was just staring at you because of how beautiful you were.

That was it.”

After Tai Gong said this, Mei Feng just remained quiet and looked at him while still feeling scared and uneasy towards him.

Then, Mei Feng tried to get up out of her bed, but then, she realized that she couldn't move her legs at all.

Therefore, she became shocked by this and said to Jian Yu in a shocked and scared voice, “Jian Yu, what happened to my legs?

Why can’t I move my legs at all?”

Jian Yu said in a sad voice, “Mei Feng, you have polio on your legs.

From now on, you’re going to need a wheelchair or someone carrying you if you want to get from place to place.

I’m sorry that this happened to you.”

After Mei Feng heard Jian Yu say this, a teardrop dripped down from her eyes.

Then she whimpered in a sad beautiful voice, “So you mean that I won't be able to walk or move my legs ever again.”

After saying this she began crying as tears fell from her face.

When Tai Gong saw Mei Feng crying, he was amazed by how beautiful she looked while she was crying, but he also felt sad for her too.

Then, Jian Yu said, “Mei Feng, I’m sorry that this happened to you.

As your cousin, I feel guilty that I wasn't able to prevent this from happening to you.”

Mei Feng just continued crying beautifully on her bed as Tai Gong and Jian Yu watched over her, feeling pity and sad for her.


Then, the next day, Tai Gong left the hospital early in the morning and went to a nearby store by the hospital.

He entered the store and asked one of the workers inside of the store, “Excuse me sir, do you know where the wheelchair section of this store is?”

The worker was an old man so he said to Tai Gong, “Young man, young people like you these days really aren't fit like us old generations. 

You are this young and you already need a wheelchair.”

Tai Gong got annoyed and said, “It’s not for me, it’s for my wife.”

Then, the old worker said, “Oh….in that case, follow me. 

I’ll take you to the wheelchair section.”

The old worker took Tai Gong to the wheelchair section of the store.

Then, Tai Gong and the old worker both looked at all of the wheelchairs there.

After looking at all of the wheelchairs, Tai Gong didn't see the one that he was looking for, so he said to the old worker, “Sir, do you guys have a wheelchair that can be moved with a small stick.”

The old worker said, “Oh, you mean a power wheelchair.”

Tai Gong said, “Is that what it’s called?”

The old worker said, “That's right, we have one in the back of the store.

I’ll bring it out for you.”

Tai Gong thanked the old worker.

Then, the old worker went to get the power wheelchair for Tai Gong.

After awhile, the old worker returned with the power wheelchair and gave it to Tai Gong.

Then, Tai Gong thanked him and paid him for the power wheelchair.

After that, he left the store and went back to the hospital that Mei Feng was in, bringing the new power wheelchair that he had just bought with him there too.

Then, when he entered the hospital, he went to Mei Feng's room to give her the new power wheelchair that he had just bought for her.

When he got to Mei Feng's room, Mei Feng's parents were also there with her and were watching over her by her bedside.

Then, Tai Gong pushed the power wheelchair that he had just bought, over to Mei Feng and her parents.

Mei Feng and her parents were all surprised to see Tai Gong bringing a power wheelchair with him into Mei Feng's room.

Then, when Tai Gong got close enough to Mei Feng and her parents, he said to Tao Zhu, “Uncle Tao Zhu, I bought this wheelchair for Mei Feng.

Here, you can take it.”

Tao Zhu took the wheel chair and thanked Tai Gong for it.

Then, Fan Lee(Mei Feng's mother) said, “Tai Gong, you are a great young man.

We really can't thank you enough for all you have done for Mei Feng.”

Then, Fan Lee turned to Mei Feng and said to her, “Mei Feng, quickly thank Tai Gong for buying you a brand new power wheelchair and for him watching over you for these past few nights while you were still unconscious.”

Mei Feng said to Tai Gong in a soft beautiful voice, “Thank you.”

After hearing Mei Feng say this, Tai Gong’s whole body was filled with a great and wonderful feeling that made him feel really happy.

Then, Fan Lee said to Mei Feng, “Mei Feng, Tai Gong bought you a brand new power wheelchair and was watching over you while you were unconscious for all of these nights and all you said to him was just ‘thank you’.

Come on, thank him for the new power wheelchair that he had just bought for you and for him coming so late at night each night while he could have been sleeping just to come and watch over you in your room too.”

After hearing this, Mei Feng said to Tai Gong, “Thank you….”

Fan Lee interrupted Mei Feng by saying, “Say his name too.”

Then, Mei Feng said to Tai Gong again, “Thank you Tai Gong, for buying me a brand new power wheelchair and for watching over me for these past few nights while I was still unconscious.”

After hearing Mei Feng say this, Tai Gong felt an even greater feeling inside of him.

Then, Tao Zhu said to Tai Gong, “Why didn't you just buy a regular wheelchair?

This power wheelchair must have cost you a lot.”

Tai Gong said, “Since because this is my gift for Mei Feng, of course I would give her the best quality gift that I could find, no matter how much it would cost me.

Also, Mei Feng's hands are so clean and soft, I don't want her to get her hands dirty by rolling the two wheels on a regular wheelchair all day long.

Therefore, that was why I bought her a power wheelchair instead.”

Mei Feng, who was sitting on her hospital bed, was feeling content and happy when she heard Tai Gong said this.

She was also touched by his feelings for her too.

Therefore, she smiled at Tai Gong lightly after she heard Tai Gong say this to her.

Tai Gong was feeling extremely great inside of him when he saw Mei Feng smiling at him, so he smiled back at her showing how much he loves her.

Then, Tao Zhu said to Tai Gong, “You have barely met Mei Feng for these last few days, but why are you treating her so well already?”

Tai Gong said, “It’s because she’s Jian Yu's cousin.

Since because I am Jian Yu's friend, of course I would treat his cousin well too.

Also, it is because I feel pity for Mei Feng.

Therefore, that is why I am treating her so well.”

After hearing this, Tao Zhu and Fan Lee both thanked Tai Gong for how well he had treated Mei Feng.

Then, Tai Gong, Tao Zhu, and Fan Lee just watched over Mei Feng in her hospital room for the rest of the day.