Chapter 7: Inside the House
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Inside of the house, the four stuntmen that have carried Feng Ying there laid her on the bed there.

Feng Ying was still unconscious when they laid her on the bed.

Then, one of the stuntmen took off his shirt and said to the other three stuntmen, "I'll go first."

The other three stuntmen agreed to what he had said.

Then, as the stuntman who had taken off his shirt was about to touch Feng Ying who was lying unconscious on the bed, Feng Ying woke up and saw him, so she became scared and was about to move away from him, but then, she realized that her whole body felt weak and she couldn't move her body at all, as if her whole body was paralyzed.

When the stuntman that had taken his shirt off saw that Feng Ying had woken up, He said to Feng Ying while smiling, "You're finally awake, beautiful girl.

You look beautiful both while you're asleep and awake."

Feng Ying became scared and said in a weak beautiful frightened voice, "Who are you people and what are you doing to me?"

Then, one of the stuntmen said, "We were the ones that have taken you here.

You were unconscious while we were coming here because of the drug that we have given you.

This drug that we have given you would make your whole body feel weak and paralyzed, even after you've woken up.

Therefore, you don't have to waste the effort to try to move while we have fun with you.

Just stay still and be a good obedient girl, alright."

Feng Ying became extremely afraid after she heard this, so she started yelling for help, but she realized that her voice had become so weak to the point where it sounded like she was only whispering when she was calling for help.

Then, another stuntmen said, "You can stop calling for help....or should I say, whispering for help."

All of the four stuntmen laughed after hearing the stuntman say this.

Feng Ying was feeling extremely scared and uncomfortable by all of this.

Then, the stuntman that had taken off his shirt said to Feng Ying, "Do you know of how beautiful you are?

You are even more beautiful than all of those actresses that gets to star as the main girl in movies.

It always enraged me that someone as beautiful as you have never accepted to play the role as the main girl ever before.

Do you know of how many male actors out there who would want to star in a movie together with someone as beautiful as you.

Today I'll teach you a lesson for always declining to play the role as the main girl in movies."

After hearing the stuntman say this, Feng Ying became extremely scared and tears were falling from her face as she laid on the bed weakly unable to move.

Then, the stuntman got on the bed and was about to touch Feng Ying as she was feeling scared and tears were falling from her face, but right when he was about to touch her, he could hear a loud sound coming from the door of the room, so he and the other three stuntmen all turned around to see what it was.

The four stuntmen saw that Jian Yu had kicked the door open and he was standing by the doorway.

Feng Ying also looked over to the doorway and saw Jian Yu standing there too.

When she saw this, she was shocked by it, as tears continued to fall from her face.

The four stuntmen were all feeling scared and anxious when they saw Jian Yu.

Then, they could see that Jian Yu had an extremely angry expression on his face when he saw them, so one of them walked over to Jian Yu and said to Jian Yu, "Jian Yu what are you doing here...."

Before the stuntman could finish saying his sentence, he was already punched in the face hard by Jian Yu and had fallen down to the ground already.

All of the other three stuntmen and Feng Ying saw this and were all shocked by this.

Then, one of the stuntmen said to Jian Yu, "Who cares if you're the main actor of this movie that we are filming?

Right now we are trying to have some fun with this girl.

If you get in our way while we are trying to have some fun with this girl, we won't spare you too, even if you're the main actor of this movie that we're filming.

Everyone, attack him together!"

After saying this, the three stuntmen all dashed forward to attack Jian Yu, but Jian Yu easily defeated them all by kicking the first stuntman with a powerful stepping side kick, then, he dodged the punch from the second stuntman and countered with a devastating hook.

After that, he parried the third stuntman's punch.

Then, he launched a powerful straight punch at the third stuntman, knocking him down onto the floor.

All of the stuntmen were all on the floor after Jian Yu had beaten them up.

Feng Ying was shocked when she saw this.

Then, after Jian Yu had beaten all of the stuntmen up, he ran over to the bed that Feng Ying was laying on, to check on her, but as he was running over to the bed the Feng Ying was laying on, he could hear one of the stuntmen on the floor saying to him, "Stop right there or else I'll shoot."

Jian Yu stopped before he reached the bed that Feng Ying was laying on and turned back to see one of the stuntmen that was still conscious after getting beaten up by him pointing a gun at him.

Feng Ying and Jian Yu were both shocked when they saw this.

Then, the stuntman said to Jian Yu, "Put yours hands in the air if you don't want to die."

Jian Yu did as the stuntman told him to do.

Then, the stuntman got up and walked over to Jian Yu while still pointing his gun at Jian Yu.

Then, once he got closed enough to Jian Yu, he hit Jian Yu on the head hard with his hand gun.

Jian Yu fell down to the floor in pain and the side of his head that was hit by the hand gun started bleeding.

Feng Ying became worried when she saw this, so she said to Jian Yu worriedly, in a beautiful soft weak voice, "Jian Yu...."

The stuntman said to Jian Yu while Jian Yu was still on the floor, "Bastard, you should never have came here to disrupt our plan of raping that girl.

Due to your foolishness and due to you wanting to be a hero, you'll die here today.

You can die now!"

After the stuntman said this to Jian Yu, he was about to shoot Jian Yu with the gun in his hand, but then, his arm that was holding the gun got shot by someone.

The stuntman dropped his gun immediately after his hand got shot and he fell to the floor grunting in pain.

Both Jian Yu and Feng Ying were shocked when they saw what had just happened.