Chapter 10: The Piece of Cloth
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While Jian Yu was driving, Feng Ying saw that the wound on the side of his head from earlier was bleeding even worse now, so she said to him, "You really need to treat your wound.

It's bleeding so badly now."

Jian Yu said to Feng Ying, "I don't have a piece of cloth to wipe off the blood."

Then, Feng Ying said, "I have a piece of cloth inside my dress that you can use."

Jian Yu said, "That's good, can you hand me it then."

After Jian Yu said this, he realized that Feng Ying wasn't answering him, so he took his eyes off of the roads and looked over at Feng Ying.

Then, he saw Feng Ying having an embarrassed expression on her face, so he said to her, "What's wrong?"

Feng Ying said to Jian Yu in a low soft voice, "I still can't move my body yet." 

After Feng Ying had said this, Jian Yu suddenly thought to himself, "That's right, she still can't move her body yet.

Therefore, if she wanted to give me her piece of cloth for me to wipe my blood with, then, I'll have to get it myself.

That would mean that I would have to get it from inside of her dress.

No wonder she looked so embarrassed."

After thinking to himself about this, Jian Yu just said to Feng Ying, "It's alright then.

I'll just wait until I get home.

Then, I'll treat my wound myself there."

After Jian Yu had said this, Feng Ying said to him in a soft worried tone, " can't wait until you get home and then you'll treat your wound.

By then, your wound may worsen by a handful already.

You got hurt because of me.

Therefore, I would feel guilty seeing you injured like this and you not treating your wounds like this.

The piece of cloth that I wanted to give you to wipe your blood with is inside of my dress.

Since I can't move my body now, then, you can just get it from inside of my dress by yourself."

Feng Ying felt shocked, shy, and anxious when she realized what she had just said.

She didn't mean to say what she had just said to Jian Yu, but when she saw how badly injured Jian Yu was because he was trying to protect her and due to him refusing to treat his wound, she felt guiltful, so those words just came out of her without her realizing that she have said them.

She tried to take back what she had just said, but then, Jian Yu said to her, "Alright, I'll accept this kind offering of your's."

Feng Ying felt exceedingly shy and embarrassed when she heard Jian Yu say this.

Then, Jian Yu stopped his car by the side of the road.

After that, he turned towards Feng Ying.

Jian Yu saw that Feng Ying was feeling extremely shy and embarrassed after she have said those things to him from earlier, but he just thought to himself, "I know that someone as chaste and as innocent as Feng Ying would never tell a man to check inside her dress for a piece of cloth to treat his wound with.

The only way she could have told me that was because she didn't realize that she was saying it.

Her kind heartedness and innocence was what took over her when she saw me bleeding so badly on the side of my head.

Therefore, she being a kind hearted girl wanted to help me.

That was why she accidentally said those things that she didn't mean to say to me from earlier.

However, even though I know that she didn't mean what she said, I still won't let this chance slip.

Feng Ying is so beautiful.

Ever since the first day that I saw her in the cast of our film that we were filming, I've already fallen in love with her and wanted to make her mine already.

Therefore, since she was the one that allowed me to check inside her dress for the piece of cloth right now.

Then, I'll just take this kind offering of her's."

After thinking to himself about this, Jian Yu unclothed the top of Feng Ying's dress a little to find her piece of cloth that she was going to give him to wipe his blood with.

Feng Ying felt extremely shy and embarrassed when Jian Yu unclothed the top of her dress.

Then, Jian Yu found the piece of cloth that Feng Ying was going to give him inside of her dress.

Therefore, he took it out from inside of her dress.

Then, Jian Yu placed Feng Ying's dress back on her and smiled at her.

After that he said to Feng Ying, "Thank you."

Feng Ying was feeling extremely shy and embarrassed during the whole time that all of this was happening, but she just answered to Jian Yu in a low soft beautiful voice, "No problem."

After Jian Yu heard Feng Ying say this, he smiled and felt a great and wonderful feeling building up inside of him, since he thanked Feng Ying for letting him check inside her dress for the piece of cloth and she answered him by saying, "No problem."

However, Feng Ying didn't say "no problem" because of what Jian Yu thanked her for, but because she thought that Jian Yu thanked her for giving him a piece of cloth instead.

Not for her allowing him to check inside of her dress for the piece of cloth.

Then, once Jian Yu had taken the piece of cloth out of Feng Ying's dress, he used it to wipe his blood on the side of his head away.

After he was done wiping away his blood with the piece of cloth, he powered his car on again and got back on the road.

Then, he started driving his car forward on the road that he was driving on.

While Jian Yu was driving his car, he would talk with Feng Ying to learn more about her.

Feng Ying also talked with Jian Yu while he was driving to learn more about him too.

Then, after awhile, Feng Ying said to Jian Yu, "Where are we going?"

Jian Yu said, "We're going to go to a park that I always go to train at.

It's called Wei Shan Park.

I know that you'll like it there when we get there."

After saying this, Jian Yu just continued driving to Wei Shan Park while he and Feng Ying continued to talk about each other on the way there.