Chapter 19: The Beach at Night
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The scene shifts to Tai Gong.

Tai Gong had waited outside the changing room for Yuying and Mei Feng for a while now.

Then, after a while of waiting, Tai Gong saw Yuying pushing Mei Feng on her power wheelchair out of the changing room.

Mei Feng looked extremely beautiful.

She was wearing a beautiful all white beach outfit and she was also wearing a beautiful straw hat with flowers attached to it too.

Tai Gong was aroused by Mei Feng's beauty and just stared at her in aroused.

Mei Feng felt shy and embarrassed while Tai Gong was staring at her.

Then, Yuying said to Tai Gong, “I’m finished with helping your wife change her clothes.”

Tai Gong snapped out of his imaginations and said to Yuying, “Thank you….”

Then, Yuying said to Tai Gong and Mei Feng, “I’ll be going then.”

Mei Feng and Tai Gong said their farewell to Yuying.

Then, Yuying went to the cashier to pay for her clothes.

After she had paid for her clothes, she left the shop.

Then, after Yuying was gone, Tai Gong said to Mei Feng, “Let’s go and pay for our stuff.”

Mei Feng nodded lightly at Tai Gong.

Then, Tai Gong pushed Mei Feng on her power wheelchair over to the cashier to pay for the stuff.

After everything was paid, Tai Gong took Mei Feng outside, over to his car.

Then, he carried Mei Feng inside his car and placed all of the stuff they’ve bought and Mei Feng’s power wheelchair inside his car too.

After that, Tai Gong got inside the car and drove off to the beach.

While driving, Tai Gong said to Mei Feng, “You look so beautiful in that beach outfit.”

Mei Feng felt shy and content after hearing Tai Gong praised her for her beauty like this.

Then, Mei Feng said to Tai Gong in a soft beautiful voice, “Thank you….”

After Mei Feng had said this, Tai Gong just continued driving Mei Feng over to the beach.


The scene shifts to Chen Zhang and Jian Yu.

Chen Zhang had driven Jian Yu back to the filming studio.

When they arrived there, Jian Yu got out of Chen Zhang’s car and said to him, “Thank you for the ride and for you coming so late at night to drive me back here.

You can go back home now.

I’ll get in my car and go back to my house too.”

Chen Zhang said, “Alright….

See you tomorrow at work then.”

After saying this, Chen Zhang drove off.

Then, Jian Yu walked over to where his car was parked and got inside it.

After that, he drove home.


The scene shifts to Tai Gong and Mei Feng.

Tai Gong had driven Mei Feng to the beach.

When they arrived there, Tai Gong got out of his car and walked over to the passenger seat of his car.

Then, he opened the door of the passenger seat where Mei Feng was sitting at and bent down to take off Mei Feng’s shoes.

Mei Feng said in a soft, shy, anxious, and beautiful voice, “What are you doing?”

Tai Gong said to Mei Feng in a calm tone, “Your power wheelchair won't be able to move around on the sand of the beach, therefore, I’ll just carry you in my arms, while we head out to the beach.”

Mei Feng didn't know what to say and was just silent, so Tai Gong just picked her up in his arms and carried her upside down on one of his shoulders.

Mei Feng yelped in a soft beautiful voice and felt shy, scared and embarrassed when Tai Gong picked her up and carried her upside down on his shoulder like this.

Then, while Tai Gong was still carrying Mei Feng upside down on his shoulder, he used his other hand that was not carrying her to take her shoes off of her feet.

After that, he placed her shoes inside the car and closed the car door.

Then, Tai Gong opened the car door to the backseat where all of the clothings and accessories that he had bought for Mei Feng was at.

Tai Gong placed Mei Feng down on the backseat and searched for an anklet he had bought for Mei Feng.

After Tai Gong found the anklet that he had bought for Mei Feng, he held onto Mei Feng’s right ankle and tied the anklet onto Mei Feng’s right ankle.

Then, after Tai Gong was done tying the anklet onto Mei Feng's right ankle, he looked at her feet and said to her, “Your legs look so beautiful with that anklet tied to it.”

Mei Feng felt quite content and shy after hearing Tai Gong say this to her.

Then, Tai Gong felt Mei Feng's ankle and the anklet that was tied onto her ankle with his hands.

Mei Feng felt shy and embarrassed while Tai Gong was touching her ankle.

Then, Tai Gong lifted Mei Feng up and carried her by placing one hand behind her back and by placing his other hand below her thighs.

After He had carried her in his arms like this, he closed his car door and locked his car with his key.

Then, Tai Gong carried Mei Feng in his arms, as he walked her over to the cold night ocean on the beach.

Mei Feng was feeling really shy when Tai Gong was carrying her in his arms like this, since although Tai Gong had picked her up and carried her like this many times before, but this was the first time that he had ever made contact with her skin while carrying her.

Due to how short the skirt of Mei Feng's beach outfit was, when Tai Gong placed his hand below her thighs to pick her up and carry her, he made direct contact with her skin.

Therefore, Mei Feng was feeling really shy, embarrassed, and uncomfortable by this.

However, she was too shy to mention it to Tai Gong, so she just remained silent and just allowed him to carry her like this over to the shore of the beach.

Tai Gong carried Mei Feng over to the shore of the beach and just walked along the shore while carrying her.

Then, while walking along the shore, Tai Gong said to Mei Feng in a calm voice, “Do you want to touch the water?”

Mei Feng said in a soft beautiful voice, “It's alright….”

Tai Gong ignored her answer and just lowered himself down by bending his knees while he was carrying her, so that she could touch the water.

Then, Tai Gong said to Mei Feng after he had lowered himself down while carrying her by bending his knees, “There….

Touch the water….”

Mei Feng felt agitated as she touched the water in the ocean with her hand.

Tai Gong just continued to bend down, so that Mei Feng could touch the water.

Then, after a while, Tai Gong carried Mei Feng and walked along the shore of the beach again.

While walking, he looked down at Mei Feng who he was carrying in his arms and saw that she was already fast asleep beautifully on his chest, due to it being a long day already.

Tai Gong just smiled when he saw this and just continued to walk along the shore of the beach, while carrying Mei Feng in his arms and looking at her beauty, while she was asleep.

Then, after walking for a while, Tai Gong decided to take Mei Feng back to his car.

Since Mei Feng was asleep, Tai Gong decided to place her in the backseat of his car instead, as he drove them back to the hospital.


The scene shifts to Yuying.

Yuying had returned to her home.

When she had returned to her home, a man she lived with named Duyi said to her, “Yuying, where did you go?”

Yuying said in a soft beautiful voice, “I just went to buy some clothes and some groceries.

Duyi, when did you return?”

Duyi said, “I’ve already came back home half an hour ago and I realized that you were missing.

Me and your father were worried about you, so we were looking everywhere for you.

Yuying, don't go out by yourself like this anymore.

Even though Dian Liang had been captured and is locked up in jail right now, but he is not put in prison yet and he still has his men.

Only their boss is captured, therefore, they should still be causing trouble.

From now on, you can't go out anymore….

If you need something, just tell me and I’ll go out to buy it for you.”

Yuying said in a soft beautiful voice, “Alright, I will listen to you….

Is my father here?”

Duyi said, “Yeah….

He’s standing right here next to me….

He’s telling me to tell you to go to your bed and go to sleep and if you don’t listen to what I tell you, he said that he would come and haunt you.”

Yuying said in an anxious tone, “My father would never do that.”

Duyi said, “You want to try him?

If you really want to see if he would really come to haunt you, then just don't listen to what I’ve told you and see what happens.”

Yuying felt anxious as she went to her room.

Then, Duyi smiled as he said, “Li Dingxiang, it seems like even your own daughter is scared of you.

Tell me, did you ever hit Yuying or spank her when she was little.

She looks like she was so afraid of you when I told her that you would come to haunt her just now.”

It seems like Duyi was just talking to himself, since there was no one else in the room other than him, but in reality, he was actually talking to Yuying’s Father.

Yuying’s Father is called Li Dingxiang.

Li Dingxiang had passed away and is only a spirit now and the only man who can see or hear him is only Duyi.

Li Dingxiang who was standing next to Duyi said to him, “You….

Why did you lie to my daughter that I was going to come and haunt her?

I told you to tell her that I was glad to see her back home, therefore, why didn't you tell her that?”

Duyi said, “She already knows that you were glad to see her back home, so that was why I lied to her and told her that you said something else instead.

I wanted to know if she would really be afraid of her father, who is only a spirit now or not.

It seemed like she was afraid of you.”

Li Dingxiang said in an annoyed tone to Duyi, “Perhaps I should come and haunt you tonight when you go to bed instead.

Then, my daughter would know that you were lying to her from earlier.”

Duyi said, “Hey, Li Dingxiang….

I lied to Yuying because I wanted to keep her safe.

Don't you also want to keep Yuying safe too.”

Li Dingxiang said, “I am her father, of course I would want Yuying to stay safe.”

Duyi said, “It was pretty hard to get Dian Liang in jail….

I just hope that they quickly transfer him over to prison so that everything would all go well and we won't have to worry about him anymore.”

Li Dingxiang said, “I hope so too.

That pervert used his status as a Mafia Boss to get any girl he wants.

Last time, he tried to get Yuying to be his wife, but luckily, you saved her.

If he was to get out of jail, I’m pretty sure that he wouldn't stop his perverted acts at all.

He may even try to get Yuying to be his wife again.

Duyi, I would like to ask you to please protect my daughter for me.”

Duyi said, “You don't have to worry….

I’ll keep Yuying safe and protect her no matter what.”


The scene shifts to the jail that the four actors and the mafia boss was locked up in.

As a jail guard came into the room to deliver the food to the five of them, the mafia boss used his sleight of hand skills to grab the keys on the jail guard’s side without him noticing it.

The four actors were all shocked when they saw this, but they all just remained silent, as to not cause suspiciousness.

Then, after the guard was done delivering the food, he left the room.

After the jail guard had left the room, one of the actors said to the mafia boss, “Forgive us for being so rude from earlier….

We didn't know you were that skillful.”

The Mafia Boss grinned and said, “It's alright….

My name is Dian Liang….

Why don't the four of you tell me your names too?”

The first actor said, “I’m Chao Zhen.”

The second actor said, “I’m Chu Zhao.”

The third actor said, “I’m Fang Zhu.”

The fourth actor said, “I’m Zhan Ren.”

Then, Dian Liang said, “Good….

Let’s leave this jail then.”

The four actors agreed and left the jail with Dian Liang secretly.

After the five have left the jail, Dian Liang said to the four actors, “I’ll take you four to my place.

There, you would meet all of the men who work for me.”

The four actors said, “Alright….”

Then, Dian Liang and the four actors went to Dian Liang’s place.