Chapter 20: Returning to the Hospital After a Long Night
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The scene shifts to Tai Gong and Mei Feng.

Tai Gong had driven Mei Feng back to the hospital.

Mei Feng was still asleep in the backseat of Tai Gong’s car, so Tai Gong carried her out of his car from the backseat and took her inside the hospital while carrying her in his arms.

Tai Gong carried Mei Feng in his arms back to her hospital room and laid her down softly on her hospital bed.

Then, he went back to his car to get her power wheelchair and blanket he had brought out from earlier during the day, so that he could bring them back to her room.

When Tai Gong had brought back Mei Feng’s power wheelchair and blanket to her room, he placed her power wheelchair on the side of the room and wrapped her blanket over her.

Mei Feng was still asleep after Tai Gong had wrapped her blanket over her, so Tai Gong just smiled and stared at her beauty and innocence, while she was asleep beautifully on her hospital bed.

While Tai Gong was staring at Mei Feng, he suddenly remembered something, so he thought to himself, “Wait….

Mei Feng is wearing her beach outfit that I’ve bought for her right now.

If Jian Yu or her parents come and see her in this outfit, they may question me, therefore, I think I should change her back into her regular outfit.”

Tai Gong thought to himself as he was about to change Mei Feng’s clothes for her, “Since she's asleep right now, she wouldn't be able to see me changing her clothes for her, therefore, I think I should just change her clothes for her while she's asleep.

However, what if she wakes up?

If she wakes up and sees me changing her clothes for her, she may think that I am a pervert who's trying to take advantage of her while she's asleep.


I would be her husband in the future, therefore, what's wrong with me changing her clothes for her now.

I should be the only one who's allowed to change her clothes for her anyways.

Therefore, I’ll just quietly change her clothes for her then.”

After thinking to himself about this, Tai Gong touched the shoulder strap of Mei Feng's beach outfit and removed it slowly and quietly from her shoulder.

While Tai Gong was doing this, Mei Feng woke up and saw him trying to remove the shoulder strap of her beach outfit.

She was shocked and felt shy, embarrassed, and anxious when she saw Tai Gong doing this to her.

Tai Gong also felt surprised and anxious too, when he saw that Mei Feng had woken up.

Then, Mei Feng quickly backed away from Tai Gong by scooting away from him and said to him in a shy, scared, anxious, and beautiful soft voice as she put her shoulder strap back on her shoulder, “What were you trying to do to me?”

Tai Gong said in an agitated and anxious tone, “I wasn't trying to do anything bad to you at all….

All I was going to do was just change your clothes for you, so that your parents and Jian Yu won't suspect about where I’ve taken you to tonight.”

Mei Feng said in a soft shy beautiful voice, “I’ll change my clothes myself….

You can leave the room….”

Tai Gong said, “How are you going to change your clothes yourself without someone helping you?

You can't even move your legs at all, therefore, how are you going to change your clothes by yourself?

Just let me stay inside the room and help you change your clothes for you….

I promise you that I won't do anything bad to you at all, while I change your clothes for you.

Also, if you don't want me to look at you while I change your clothes for you, then I’ll just cover your body with your blanket, so that I won't see your body while I change your clothes for you.”

Mei Feng said in a soft shy beautiful voice, “Even if you cover my body with the blanket, I still won't allow you to change my clothes for me.

Just go outside my room while I change.

Earlier at the clothing store, I wasn't able to change my clothes by myself, since I was forced to stand or sit on a bench in the changing room while I change, but now, I’m back on my hospital bed where I can lay down….

Therefore, I’m able to change my clothes by myself now.

You can go and wait outside my room until I am done changing or you can just go back to your room….

It’s already really late right now, therefore, you should go back to your room and go get some sleep.

Thank you for taking me out tonight.”

Tai Gong said in a calm voice, “I’ll wait for you outside your room then.

I won't go back to my room yet, in case you need some help.

If you need any help, just call me and I’ll come inside the room immediately.”

Mei Feng said in a soft beautiful voice, “Alright….”

Then, Tai Gong left the room and closed the door behind him.

After Tai Gong had closed the door to Mei Feng’s room, Mei Feng placed her blanket on her bed over her to cover her body and started changing her clothes on her bed, under her blanket.

Tai Gong just waited outside for Mei Feng, while she was changing her clothes on her bed.


After a while, Mei Feng was done changing, so she said to Tai Gong in a beautiful voice, “You can come inside now.”

Tai Gong opened the door and went inside Mei Feng’s room.

After he had gone inside the room, he looked at Mei Feng and saw that she had changed back to her regular outfit from earlier during the day.

Mei Feng said to Tai Gong in a soft beautiful voice, “What should I do with all of the clothes and accessories that you've bought for me?”

Tai Gong said, “Just keep them in this room with you.”

Mei Feng said, “Wouldn't Jian Yu and my parents find it weird, as to why you're buying me so much stuff?”

After Mei Feng had said this, Tai Gong walked closer to Mei Feng and held her hands with his hands.

Mei Feng felt shy and embarrassed when Tai Gong held her hands.

Then, Tai Gong said to Mei Feng, “Mei Feng….

Don't pretend like you don't know….

You already know why I’m buying you all of these stuff, why I come to watch over you in your room everyday, why I took you out to so many places today, why I was about to change your clothes for you earlier while you were asleep, and why I told the people we met today that you were my wife.

You already know about how much I love you and you also know too that today when I was referring to you as my wife to the people that we met, I actually meant it.

Since you already know that I love you and want you to be my wife, would you be willing to be my wife?

I know that it may be a little early on you, since you've barely woken up from your coma, but now is also the best time for us to get married too.

You can't move your legs anymore from now on, therefore, you staying with your parents after you leave this hospital would be quite hard for them.

Instead, why not marry me right after we leave this hospital, so that I would be the one to take care of you instead.

This way, there would be someone who loves you taking care of you everyday and your parents also won't be troubled.”

Mei Feng felt quite content and shy, after hearing everything Tai Gong had just said to her.

Then, she said to Tai Gong in a soft shy beautiful voice, “Do you really love me?”

Tai Gong said, “Why would I express my feelings for you just now and confess to you just now if I don't love you?

Of course I love you.”

Mei Feng said in a soft beautiful voice, “The reason why I ask you that, even after hearing you tell me about your feelings for me and after you’ve confessed to me, is because I’m just a disabled girl now.

If we do get married, I won't be able to help you that much in your life.

Perhaps, I may even become a burden to you instead.

Therefore, you might want to reconsider this.

If you're marrying me for my beauty only….”

Tai Gong grabbed onto Mei Feng’s upper arms hastily and said to her in a determined tone, before she could finish her sentence, “If I were just to marry you for your beauty only, then I would've just done something bad to you while you were asleep on all of these nights that I came over to your room to watch over you.

The reason why I haven't done anything to you yet, is because I am waiting for our wedding night.

I am waiting for us to get married, so that I can have your whole self.

Your body, your heart, your mind, your spirit, and everything that makes you you.

Mei Feng, I want to marry you because I love everything about you.

Of course your beauty is one of the main reasons why I love you and want to marry you so much, but there are just so many other things that I love about you too.

I love everything about you and I want your whole self.

That's why I want to marry you.”

Mei Feng was feeling really content and a bit shy after hearing Tai Gong say this to her.

Tai Gong could see this, so he said to Mei Feng, “Now that you've understood my feelings for you, would you be willing to be my wife?”

Mei Feng felt shy and embarrassed as she remained silent.

Tai Gong just stared at Mei Feng and waited for an answer from her.

Then, Mei Feng said to Tai Gong in a soft beautiful voice, “Give me some time to think about this….”

Tai Gong said in a calm tone, “Alright….

I’ll allow you some time to think about this, while I go back to my room.

Have a good night and rest well.”

Mei Feng said in a soft beautiful voice, “Alright, you too….”

Tai Gong smiled at Mei Feng and walked to the door of Mei Feng’s room.

Then, he said to her, “I’ll turn off the lights for you, so that you can sleep.”

Mei Feng said in a soft beautiful voice, “Alright, thanks….”

Tai Gong turned the light switch off and left the room to go to his room.

After Tai Gong had left the room, Mei Feng just laid down on her bed and thought back to everything Tai Gong had told her.

Mei Feng couldn't put everything together just yet, so she just went to sleep on her bed beautifully and rested for the night.